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Investigator part one (standard:other, 79677 words)
Author: AnonymousAdded: Apr 18 2014Views/Reads: 2995/3117Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Part one of a continuing story... This story is not pornographic. It does however contain adult situations and language nothing worse than you would see or bBritish TV

Day 1 

There was a soft rain falling on his five acre mini farm.  Edward
Alexander had worked for twenty five years to scrape together the money 
to buy the small piece of dirt in rural Virginia.  The house was old 
and needed a lot of work, but that had always been his retirement plan. 

For most of his twenty five years on the job, he had lived in a cheap
studio apartment in one town or another.  He had worked on the local 
Police Department for the first ten years.  In that Department he 
worked himself up to Detective First Grade.  There was quite a turnover 
in a town of 200k, so advancement wasn't all that hard for a stay at 
home cop. 

Edward (Eddie) was a straight arrow, by the book cop.  It was probably
the reason that when the State Police took over small town departments, 
his assessment read like a boring text book.  He was however deemed a 
competent and necessary part of the department. 

With the take over his pay jumped a few percentage points, so like the
others he didn't complain too loudly.  The take over also meant huge 
improvements in the work.  They were at least touted as huge 
improvements, there were surly huge investments in new technology and 

The new structure lasted the next ten years.  The powers that be,
whoever the hell they were, one day deemed it necessary for all Police 
have the ability to communicate with each other.  Not only would they 
be more efficient but by combining the management there would be a huge 
saving to the taxpayers. 

So after twenty years Eddie became a Federal Police Inspector for his
last five years.  The title meant absolutely nothing except another 
small raise to make it all more palatable.  Which explained why after 
twenty five years on his last day people had gathered in the conference 
room.  They were there to say goodbye to a Deputy Chief Inspector with 
the Homicide Division of the Federal Police.  As a final joke on the 
humorless guest of honor, they chose coffee and donuts to send him on 
his way. 

The people who gathered in the small crowded room were other Detectives,
Office Personnel, and Criminalists.  Eddie Alexander had no friends or 
family to invite.  The Chief inspector of the Homicide Unit had spoke 
to his assembled worker bees. 

Chief:  You all know Eddie Alexander.  He is probably the steadiest of
all my detectives.  Which is not to say he is unimaginative.  He is 
simply relentless in his attention to detail.  He is one of those rare 
men who can see the small picture and doesn't give a damn for the big 

You know we call you Steady Eddie.  Sometimes it sounds derogatory but
it isn't at all.  Other people run around screaming the sky is 
falling but he just finds a brace to hold it up.  So here is to you 
Eddie, may you find a soft place to land after your fall from great 

The Chief handed Eddie the coffee in a disposable plastic cup.  Had he
been given a choice, he would have called in sick on his last day and 
avoided the stupid farewell completely. 

Eddie:  Thanks boss. 

Eddie took the cup and went back to his seat. 

Chief:  Talk about a man of few words. 

The others assembled giggled like school kids.  Eddie had never been an
exciting guy in his personal life.  Eddie had never thought much about 
any of them.  Eddie was in fact a confirmed bachelor with no true 
friends.  He had lots of people who liked and respected him, but no 
close friends at all. 

Eddie had cleaned out his desk and turned his case files over to his

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