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when 2 people grow apart (standard:poetry, 198 words)
Author: AdrienneAdded: Apr 23 2001Views/Reads: 3183/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
please read this free verse poem and tell me what you think! This was written from my experiances with the loss of the love of my life.

When 2 people grow apart, 

lonliness burrows its way through their hearts. 

They settle in 

to a life they never thought they'd be in. 

They try to dull the pain 

by seaching through their brain 

to see where it went wrong. 

Hell raps on the door to their hearts, 

Inflicting pain of the worst kind. 

Living seems impossible 

almost out of the question. 

And the sun doesn't shine on their faces 

for what seems like years to come. 

Their eyes sting from the tears they shed 

and they can't bring themselves to lift 

their feet out of their bed. 

Their souls have unrest 

and their bodies are dwindling 

from the lack of sane morality 

in their minds. 

Walking on the street 

They are not looking for anyone to meet 

for they feel so alone 

so helpless 

and their bodies feel stoned. 

The coldness sets in 

and seeps its way out from within. 

Involentary trembling, 

with no way to stop. 

They are helpless for so long 

and life gives them no song. 

Blackness sets into their eyes 

the whole world they learn to dispise. 

Hardness hosts itself in their hearts. 

This is what happens when 2 people grow apart.


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