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Oops there it is, or just another excuse (standard:poetry, 184 words)
Author: cerda mamaAdded: Dec 03 2019Views/Reads: 995/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This poem is about a persons inabilty to deal with daily life

Oops there it is, or just another excuse 

I can't get out of bed this morning Its ok it doesn't matter My bed is
really comfortable anyway 

Can't get out of the house today Its ok it doesn't matter I really don't
want to go to work anyway 

Can't feel the sunlight on my face Its ok it doesn't matter The sun will
probably be too hot anyway 

Can't get back to sleep, my mind won't let me Its ok it doesn't matter I
don't need that much sleep anyway 

Missed celebrating another anniversary Its ok it doesn't matter My wife
is used to it anyway 

Missed celebrating another birthday Its ok it doesn't matter No one
expects me to go with them anyway 

Damn sometimes I miss the old me, The used to be me, The could of,
should of, would of, me Sometimes I just want to be the old me 

So when will I stop making excuses For my friends, depression and
anxiety When will all my excuses end? Can it be today, tomorrow or 
maybe never? 

Who knows, I don't


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