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that road called life (standard:poetry, 309 words)
Author: AdrienneAdded: May 13 2001Views/Reads: 3046/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The turns on this road can lead to where you go in the after life. What will you say?

Everyone is in over their heads 

That's why every morning we dread getting out of our beds. 

The bitterness dampens our hair, 

makes everyone glace at us and sometimes stare. 

Why do you look at me so? 

Havn't you a place you could go? 

Yes i know, I've been there. 

If you are talking about that road called life. 

It's the one that has brought us all tears and strife. 

If you can ever avoid that path, take it. 

If you have an apointment you could have, make it. 

No one agrees with turns on this road called life, 

and when there is no lamps to brighten your way, 

people try to turn and crawl away. 

But when they do, the bridge that they crossed caves in 

and they are left in a damp puddle of sin. 

The water seeps onto their dry and flaking skin, 

and infects them with its sickness. 

Horror and shame, with no claim to fame 

is how most people present themselves 

when they walk up to the rusty gates of hell. 

What will you say when it comes times for Judgement Day? 

What will you do when asked who? 

There will be no friends by your side 

in which you can duck behide their shoulder and hide. 

And even if there were, what could they do? 

They might pretend they don't know you. 

What will you do then? 

Give yourself a break, and stop all of this heartache! 

I know, i was there once too. 

I can relate to what you're going through. 

But look up above. 

Do you see all that love? 

Reach for it! 

And when you do, all you troubles will be lifted off your shoulders. 

Yes, I know they were heavier than boulders. 

He can help you on that road called life; 

dry those tears, and relieve all your strife. 


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