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Raymonda's Big Problem (youngsters:fairy tales, 869 words)
Author: Julia McGintyAdded: Oct 04 2001Views/Reads: 5555/2883Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A tale about a beautiful fairy with a BIG problem...

Once upon a time, there was a fairy called Raymonda. Raymonda was a very
beautiful fairy.She had long, mellifluent, honey-coloured hair, full 
pink lips, a little round nose, sparkling emerald-green eyes, and 
slender fingers with long, marshmallow-pink fingernails. Raymonda's 
only problem was that her beautiful emerald green (to match her eyes) 
and marshmallow-pink (to match her fingernails) dress cascaded down to 
meet - Raymonda's Colossal Feet. Poor Raymonda had the biggest feet in 
all of Enchanting Village. The shoemaker had to work all day and all 
night until Raymonda's shoes were ready. This was worth it, though, 
because, as a very rich fairy, Raymonda could afford to pay him a lot 
of money. 

One day, Raymonda decided to do something about her Colossal Feet, so
she looked in the phonebook under 'sorceress'. She found a small ad in 
the corner of the very last page that read: 

Sorceress Stephanie 

For potions, spells, and crazy concoctions 

9am - 5pm 

Mon - Fri 

Call 81748 65 

Raymonda picked up her crystal telephone and dialled 81748 65. A crackly
voice answered. "Who is it NOW?!" Sorceress Stephanie growled into the 
crystal receiver. 

"Ah, um, th-th-this is, um R-Raymonda B-Bluberry," stammered the fairy
nervously, "Are you, um, S-S-Sorceress, ah, Stephanie?" 

"That's me, are you looking for a spell?" Stephanie's voice had softened
now and Raymonda began to relax a little. 

"Well, yes, you see, I have a big problem." She giggled at her own joke.

"You see, my feet are too big!" She giggled self-consciously again. 

"Stop giggling, I cannot stand gigglers!" snarled Stephanie. 

Raymonda giggled in spite of herself. 


Raymonda's crystal receiver nearly shattered into pieces as Stephanie's
voice rumbled through like thunder. Raymonda collected herself and 
murmured timidly. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Can you please help me with my problem?" 

Stephanie cooled down a bit, but she proclaimed, sniffing, "I don't do
feet, the rotten things, but I have a friend who does. Josephina 
Stinklebottom will fix your problem, the unfortunate old girl, so I'll 
give you her number and you can leave me alone." 

Raymonda rang the number she had been given. A nice voice answered and
asked her what she wanted. The fairy explained her problems and was 
told to come in tomorrow, 9:00 on the dot. 

The next day, Raymonda drove to the location given and stared in awe at
Ankletoe Palace. It was huge. No, it was massive, Raymonda decided. She 
tiptoed up the diamond pathway and rang the bell. Inside, a 'diiiiiing, 
doooooong, daaaaaang, duuuuuung, deeeeeeeeng' was heard. The door was 
lugged open by three small elves. 

"We're Purple, Red and Pink 

Our feet positively stink 

We soak them in brine and even in wine 

But we can make your feet shrink!" 

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