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My Life As a Sock Puppet (standard:other, 348 words)
Author: BlackCatAdded: Oct 20 2001Views/Reads: 3356/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Wandering thought of a Childhood gone wrong.

Life starts out very simple, doesn't it? I am going to talk to you as if
I've known you for a long time. I've loved you for awhile, but it seems 
to never be returned. 

I am everything I don't want to be. I am a mimic, and alot of the time
it seems that someone always has thier hand up my ass. It's quite 

I used to have a job. Yep. It's seems strange coming from me, but for
along time I was a Child's Public Icon. Due to unfortunate reasons 
required by law I cannot state my name. But I was the one who taught 
your children about physical touch; The Difference Betweeen Good and 

"What is good touching? or What is bad?" I'd ask. Is there such a thing
in society? 

I had bad feelings for along time. I was quite envious of the Muppets
for awhile. I'd sit in front of the Television scowling at them while 
drinking a rum and coke after telling children the difference between 
good and bad. It's quite a contraversial topic. 

One day a young girl had actually took me home after class while teacher
was gone. She had rammed me into her bag as soon as there was no one in 
sight. I suffered minor injuries, but I never complained. It was good 
to get out. 

Freedom like this was never explained well. 

As soon as she had left the building, she gave me the chance to see
everything outside the box. It was as if she knew what I needed. She 
took me to an older wisdom that day. I met her friend. 

Her friend's house consisted of a room full of dolls and a mini
trampoline. And Premium Plus Crackers with Peanut Butter. 

She said goodbye to her friend as I endlessly marvelled at the

She walked up a porch of which I assumed that she lived. I had guessed
correctly. She pounded on the window of the house and shouted. The door 
opened slowly to emptiness. 

==================== PART 2 COMING SOON ====================


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