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WONDER WHY WE CALLED YOU (standard:humor, 2080 words)
Author: EUGENEAdded: Oct 24 2001Views/Reads: 3642/2397Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This is three short stories about the differences between women and men, and how nasty men can be, and how nasty women can be.

Da Trip 

This is definitely a relative term for the word woman. 

No fellas, don't think that a Da Trip is a nude beach 

on the shores of Italy, or a nice mixed drink on the islands of 

Hawaii. No, Da Trip is more like a night out with the guys, or a 

word that you said that made someone have the least bit of a better 

personality than her. Da Trip is rarely a phenomenon that happens 

without a blast from the past. 

An example of Da Trip is definitely relevant: 

You and your wife or girl friend is having a simple conversation about 

sex. Everything is okay. She's telling you about how she lost her

and this doesn't bother you that much; I mean, yea, she was in the back

her dads car with two girls and tree other guys when this happened, but 

everybody has to lose their virginity. It happens. Maybe not quite the

that I explained it above, but the truth is the truth. Anyway, she

that you should give her your story about how you lost your virginity. 

"Yea baby, that was really freaky of you to have an orgy the first time 

you had sex; and toys and shit." You tell her after hearing her freaky

"Why don't you tell me about your first time baby?" She says staring you

in the eyes. 

"Well baby, it's just the regular thing." You say trying to avoid
telling her. 

"Well, at least tell me how old you were." 

"Baby, it doesn't matter; but if you really want to know I was 15." 

You say, lying, because you know you were only thirteen. 

"YOU WERE WHAT!!!" She looks at you like you just committed a crime. 

"See, I knew you would trip, that's why I wouldn't tell you." 

"Okay, okay, I really won't trip." She says softening her voice. 

"Okay, I'll tell you." You take a breath. "Um, well, like I said before,

I was fifteen and....." She interrupts. 

"How could you have sex that young." 

Finally you decide to tell the true story, because she done pissed you

" I was actually 13, and here's what happened. I was in Germany; I just

there, you know. I must have been there for about three weeks, and

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