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THE FIRST TIME (standard:poetry, 580 words)
Author: EUGENEAdded: Oct 24 2001Views/Reads: 3463/2218Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)

The First Time 

It was the first time-and yet I still remember 

That sweet look in your eyes that made my heart surrender, 

You're the kind of woman I never thought I would meet 

Now we're hand in hand, walking down the street. 

We're in love-and I never thought it could be, 

We're thinking up plan to build a family. 

I dug deep in my heart and now I finally see-that Italy's the place for

The rest of my life in a land shaped like a boot 

Our love is true 

And my love is for you and only you so what should I do 

With this girl in my life, with pain and strife 

I'll still make you my wife. 

My heart tells me everyday not to resist, 

as we drive back and forth through the streets of Venice, 

Mestre, I look forward to it everyday, a rings on your finger 

Now you're here to stay. 

With this ring my lady you the wed, 

Now lets go to the Holiday Inn, and jump in the bed, 

Switch on the tunes to our favorite slow songs, dim the lights 

And make love all night long. 

Wake up, whenever we say so, walk on the beautiful sands in Jesolo 

Sipping on vino, it's a beautiful scene to know that you'll always be

But I'll never forget the first time 

You looked in to my eyes, 

I knew that you would be mine in time, it was something about the way 

You walked and talked, it was something about the 

Way you looked at me, you looked so damned fine, 

It's a crime for someone with your potential to be lonely 

But I won't press a charge, cuz I want you for me only, 

And we'll do the things that we have never done, 

We'll travel the world in the future years to come and have a lot of

I'm not the same man, in fact I'm a changed man, 

Falling in love was the last thing in my game plan 

Thought I would be single forever, now the love I have will never sever,

Cuz you give me pleasure, nothing measures 

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