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BAD THINGS ALWAYS COME TO AN END (standard:other, 639 words)
Author: EUGENEAdded: Oct 25 2001Views/Reads: 3212/2186Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Rap about one persons struggle to leave the ghetto to join the military, and change an unfortunate life to a better one.

Troubles growing, my whole life has been destroyed. 

I never thought that it would be like this when I was a little boy. 

Predicaments, are steady rolling in my brain, I stay in my lane though
it's driving me insane. 

thought I was standing high, with money in the sky then I got a DUI on
my record, 

lost the feel of pleasure, I never knew what kind of trouble that this
could measure, 

maybe change will take forever, "cause now I'm lost having trouble in
the army, 

never had a chance to be all that I could be, I got married, now I can't
sleep at night, 

So I went to the Lord to try and find a light, but it was off, I
couldn't stay, I couldn't pray 

Shit was getting rougher every mother fucking day, I'm doing it my way,
the way it used to be, 

I know you disagree, but this ain't abuse to me, this nigga broke, but I
still move forward 

on my two front wheels, no matter what anyone feels, and that's for
real, so go ahead, 

with your life, do things right and be respectful to your wife, don't be
too wild, with the 

Lord raise your child, or you will find him in the streets with a blunt,
or in jail with a 

file to get out, don't want to feel your head with doubt though
sometimes I feel I've 

lost a bought with the devil now I'm digging deeper with my shovel, I
feel as if though 

I'm on a lower level but all in all, I don't feel cursed, cause it could
have been worse. 

So you need to get your life together, start thinking about your future
cause you know 

it won't last forever, all the money and pleasure is yours, long as you
just stay on your feet, 

and never close the doors, on opportunity, the lord paved the way for
me, you know that He's 

the lead, he can stop catastrophe, then you will see that my story is
true, he's done it for 

me and he'll do it for you too. 

I grew up in the lower west side of Chi-town, this is my town, where we
ain't afraid to beat you 

down I know it sounds a little rough but i didn't have enough stuff to
keep my ass out of 

handcuffs it was tough rolling with my niggas everyday, dodging all of
the bullets that 

were headed my way, but I had to stay, my parents never really had a say
in where we 

lived, we were working odd jobs to get a pay, and it was hard, but I
never let down my guard 

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