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Bluebird (standard:poetry, 168 words)
Author: Mark BaileyAdded: Dec 08 2001Views/Reads: 3175/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A poem describing the effects of lost love.


The bluebird soared through open doors and saw so many sights, 

but now he rests his head on breast and cries throughout the nights. 

His nose beheld the sugar smell of love inside the air, 

and now he stands with tired wings and lives without a care. 

The pride he had is broken bad and never shall be healed. 

His wings are worn, his heart is torn from things he can't fulfill. 

He'll never share the open air and never say he loves, 

or never fly across the sky to smell the scent above. 

For that smell is sure to tell a story of his years, 

of how he lost the love he crossed and why he sheds these tears. 

He'll never sing a saintly song that floats throughout the air, 

His love is gone, he won't move on, he'll always feel despair. 

The bluebird rests his head on breast and cries throughout the night. 

And hides his beauty from the world and never shall take flight.


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