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Mage Vs. Ranger (Graphic) (standard:fantasy, 972 words)
Author: IkandoAdded: Sep 28 2000Views/Reads: 3109/1938Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A battle between an older mage and a young ranger. Only one shall survive...

The roar of thunder echoed through the massive trees of the dark forest.
Triangluar green leaves shimmered with dew, shaking with the violent 
wind to send tiny droplets onto the forest floor below. A bolt of 
jagged white light tore through the sky, boring holes in the pale grey 
clouds that covered the darkness. 

Rain crashed down, the sound of millions of droplets drown out by the
thunder of the raging storm. In a small clearing, drenched with rain 
the two  fighters stood, facing each other. A huge oak tree towered 
above a dark figure, sleek and agile looking, even through the dense 
fog. A flash of lightning revealed the young man that stood motionless. 

No trace of emotion could be seen on the firm, yet handsome face of the
young man. His tanned skin glimmered as water slowly rolled across his 
smooth cheek and onto his clean shaven chin, where it paused for a 
moment, before falling to the ocean of grass below. Piercing crystal 
green eyes stared forth, raging with the power of nature and strength. 
Silk-like dark brown hair cascaded down to his broad shoulders, which 
were covered by tight-fitting leather armor. 

The leather armor, dyed in a earthly shade of green with streaks of
light brown, was worn by the ranger. Plates of hardened leather were 
perfectly attached to his shoulders, forearms and shins. The large 
figure seemed to be wearing the armor of nature itself, allowing him to 
blend into the surroundings with a blink of an eye. The ranger's form 
was not human, though it looked almost exactly like it. The difference, 
his height of nearly seven feet, and advances muscle structure, that 
was hidden by his armor. 

Across the small clearing stood a second figure, this one human. A
large, flowing cloak concealed everything about the man, the oversized 
hood keeping his features hidden. Again, lightning crashed to uncover 
only a black cloak; which seemed as if the shadows themselves had 
chosen the mysterious figure. 

A wrinkled hand slowly moved close to the edge of the hood, pulling it
back with a slow, fluid motion. Dim light revealed the old, 
expressionless face. Dark brown eyes held great power and knowledge, 
framed by an aged face that was dark, and lined with a rough carpet of 
white stubble. A mane of pure white hair flowed down to the center of 
the older man's back, while his eyes focused on the ranger... 

A sudden bolt of lightning stuck a nearby feild, sending a wave of
bright white light across the area, quickly sending everything into 
silence. Normal eyes would have never seen it. Both fighters moved with 
incredible speed, easily out doing the fastest runners on earth. The 
ground beneath them trembled with the lightning as it struck, though it 
was unnoticed. 

Moving with such great ease and agiltly, the young ranger leaped in
closer to the old man. Without hesistanting a mere second, a boot tip 
touched the ground and was gone so quickly only the impression could be 
seen. A thick ebony wood staff ripped through the air, the tip a 
hardened portion of the gnarled branch, curled into a strong ball-shape 
that could easily deal bone-crushing blows. 

The ranger paused, lifting his right arm into the air, turning his
forearm slightly to move the harden portion at the soaring staff. The 
sound of a thousand bolts of lightning shattered the complete silence 
as the balled end of the staff connected with the ranger's forearm. 
Light exploded from the enchanted staff, sorching the leather as the 
ranger's arm held steady. 

A shocked expression captured the mage's face, watching as the boy
deflected the powerful attack with ease. Within a heartbeat the ranger 
shifted, turning the staff to the side carelessly. His oppisite hand 
was reared back, and completely ready. Surpassing the speed of a 
striking cobra, the boy's hand soared through the air, smashing into 
the hard wood of the staff. There was a second moment of silence. 

Instantly the staff shattered into thousands of pieces, the wood
exploding the glass with the extreme force. The mage could not even 
move as he watched with sheer terror as his weapon was broken in two. A 
blur of dark green betrayed the ranger's position as he swiftly engaged 

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