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Silver Moon: Book 1...Prologue (standard:fantasy, 1013 words)
Author: StriderAdded: Jan 25 2002Views/Reads: 2550/1735Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The Silver Moon Legacy: Prologue An introduction to the story of Wildern the half-elf, running from his inescapable destiny.


‘And as the rain fell, faster and harder, the people could see that the
raindrops were changing. The drops became thicker, changing colour. As 
the rain fell upon flesh the people could see, drops of blood were 
falling from the sky. The sky grew dark and storms arose as if hell 
itself was drawing upon the world. From the storm chaos grew and as the 
tides grew and the lightning struck, fire rose and spread with the 
winds across the land. But amidst the chaos and fields of fire stood a 
man, a challenger to the evil that was enveloping the world. The 
nameless hero unsheathed his sword, it glistened, the tiny light 
unhindered by the oppressing darkness. He then held it up high, 
thrusting the tiny light into the air. He offered his challenge to the 
darkness and his call was answered. The dragon Nudék ridden by Sálvert, 
servant to the Darkness landed before him. Nudék’s fiery breath 
surrounded the two men and battle commenced, heedless to the confusion 
around them blows were landed and blood was spilled. Time seemed 
suspended. The battle continued and the blows continued to land, until 
finally it came, the end attack, the final strike. Sálvert fell to his 
knees, the chaos receded and the light came...’ 

An exert from the Book of Light, discovered by the Priestess Nayoya in

Small ribbons of light began to drift beneath the trees upon the
sleeping figure. His breathing was slow as he lay upon the soft grass. 
He stirred gently as a nearby bird swooped overhead. A warm, morning 
breeze causing the figure’s long, brown hair to sway very gently. The 
figure opened an eye, returning from sleep, peaceful sleep. 

'Wildern! WILDERN!' 

'I'm here,' Replied the figure. He slowly arose from the surrounding
foliage, his hair falling over his face. He shielded his eyes from the 
piercing rays of sunlight as he watched a small, beautiful woman 
gracefully stride over to where he stood. 

'You slept outside again.' Started the woman. The man stretched his arms
above him as the woman smiled, the morning breeze seeming to have more 
of a effect on her long, silver hair. Her face glistened in the 

‘I like it out here,’ answered Wildern, ‘I feel safe out here.’ The
woman nodded, she turned to leave Wildern and headed away from him into 
the endless surroundings of trees and forest life. He was alone again, 
pondering a dream that had occurred during his slumber. A rustling from 
the foliage behind him disturbed him from his thoughts. With no weapon 
at hand Wildern cautiously backed away from the source of the sound. 
His first instincts were to investigate, discover what was causing the 
noise, but a silent voice inside his head prompted him not to. He had 
no weapon, and whilst a formidable opponent unarmed, the silent warning 
made him think otherwise. 

‘WILDERN!’ Called the woman’s voice from afar. ‘Are you hungry or not?!’

As Wildern turned to answer the voice there was a sudden movement from
within the bushes. Wildern braced himself as suddenly a small creature 
sprang before him. A fox. Harmless, unthreatening and taking no notice 
of the motionless figure before it. The fox scurried away and Wildern 
suddenly realised he had been holding his breath. He sighed, he should 
have known better to doubt these pleasant surroundings he had so safely 
slept in the night previously. Then he almost smiled to himself before 
feeling a sudden blow to the back of his head, lights began to explode 
inside his mind as his balance became unsteady. His legs began to 
buckle beneath him and then he felt himself tumbling into darkness once 
more... ************************* 

Wildern awoke to the sound of fighting. Small lights were still
exploding inside his mind as he groggily opened his eyes and checked 
his surroundings.  He was in a small room, darkly lit by a candle on a 
small table towards the back wall he was facing. The shouts and grunts 
of men could be heard from the next room along with the clashing of 
swords, two Wildern made out. Wildern slowly rose to his feet; the 
amulet he wore around his neck was tingling slightly. He clasped his 

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