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Free (standard:poetry, 194 words)
Author: StriderAdded: Feb 04 2002Views/Reads: 2521/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Inspired by Sting's 'Fields Of God'.


A blue sky, pale, vast, empty. 

A golden sun, spraying its golden ribbons down, down, upon the grass. 

A blanket of green, slowly waving to the sky in the light spring breeze.

Then voices. 

Laughter, screaming, shouts of joy, 

Two people are running. 

A man, a woman. Their minds entwined. 


To what conclusion? They do not know. 


The screams fill the air, like the songs of birds, 

Drifting in the wind. 

The two people run faster. 


A bird glides overhead, an eagle. 


The sun’s delight echoing amongst the waving of the grass. 

The people are falling now, tumbling carelessly into each other’s arms. 

Screaming, shouting, running, falling. 

Enveloped in joy, in passion. 

Then they stop. 

They have reached the conclusion. 


The blanket of green ends. 

The light breeze roars through their hair as they stand. 

‘Look...’ starts the woman. 

But he wind disperses her voice, 

And the man puts his finger to his lips. 

He falls to his knees. 


His pulse is racing, but his breathing stops. 


A tear comes to his eye as he gazes. 


As he kneels in wonder, he smiles. 




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