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A Spoiled Life (standard:mystery, 2738 words)
Author: DurkAdded: May 06 2002Views/Reads: 3487/2492Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
An innocent man tell his story on Death Row. Sentenced to die for a crime he did not commmit. In the remaining hours of his life the man finally gets the chance to see through all the lies and comes face to face with the person responsible for EVERYTHING.

On January 16th 1995 a vicious earthquake struck the city of Kobe Japan
leaving over a quarter of a million people homeless and killing over 
four thousand. A mixture of men, women and children, all belonging to 
families. To lose your family like that is a pain that few of us could 
cope with and one would question whether there is a God if he stands 
back and allows such things to happen in life. That event will always 
stand out in my mind, as that was the day when I was charged with the 
brutal murder of my wife Sarah. 

As I sit here and write I wonder just how long do I have to live? I look
around me and I see many people like myself, we are complete strangers 
to one another. However our one similarity, we lie here waiting to be 
told when our lives are over. 

Last week an execution was authorised by the courts and one man, charged
with the brutal murder of his two children was killed by lethal 
injection. This man was guilty and was a well know paedophile. His own 
wife caught him at the scene of the crime. A blood soaked knife was 
found in his hands, the man simply stood there with a large smile 
across his face as the bodies of his kid's lay on the ground, their 
throats had been slit open. 

These types of people (if you could call them that) have no feeling
towards anybody or anything. How this man could butcher his own flesh 
and blood like that is beyond any sane person's comprehension. He will 
not be missed on this earth. This type of punishment can only be deemed 
suitable based on the severity of the crime committed, but the system 
can get it wrong. How you may ask, well I am one such example. 
Sentenced to death for a crime I did not commit. Ironically I lie here 
writing this because of attempting to intervene and save my wife from 
her attacker. 

The 31st of December 1994 was the night it happened. It was the day of
my bosses 50th Birthday and he had decided to have a Company 
celebration. We had achieved record profits for that particular year 
and had now made the top twenty lists of the richest firms in America. 

My wife Sarah had accompanied me to the party though everyone there bar
me would have been a total stranger to her. We had just come through a 
rough patch in our marriage and were weeks from filing for a divorce 
agreement but then had a dramatic change and we chose to try again for 
sake of our two children, James and Anna. 

While I tried my best to stay by her side throughout the night it was
becoming increasingly difficult due to Paul, my assistant from the 
production floor. I do not believe that this man knew the meaning of 
the word relaxation. He spent the whole night discussing the future of 
the company at this exciting time as he put it. 

Possibilities of new management, which could mean promotions for the two
of us, were on his mind. I could tell. The company had wanted to hold 
talks with us last week but due to unforeseeable circumstances decided 
to cancel them at the 11th hour. Instead, they would hold them at a 
later date, possibly after the party, which would give the two of us a 
chance to prepare a presentation, increasing our chances of that 

As the night commenced I continued to be distracted by Paul and lost
track of Sarah. Excusing myself from his company I decided to go and 
look for my wife whom I knew would not be happy that I left her by 
herself for so long. Unable to locate her I asked my secretary Julie 
whom I had spotted talking to her earlier on. To my amazement she told 
me that she had become fed up and gone home. Apparently I had spent 
over an hour and a half discussing the promotion with Paul. This had 
infuriated her so much that she left the party. 

Using my cell phone I tried to contact her, there was no answer. I
presumed that she had not got her phone with her that night. I tried 
calling the landline number, still no answer. She probably knew it was 
me calling her and I guessed she was not in the mood for listening to 
my excuses. I had promised not to leave her alone and I broke it so 
maybe I did deserve the silent treatment. But we were starting our 
relationship off again and I had to go back to the house to sort things 
out quickly before whatever relationship we had left was gone forever. 

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