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Ghost Stories (standard:poetry, 311 words)
Author: AshlandAdded: Oct 17 2000Views/Reads: 3221/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
NOT a Halloween tale.. a poem about a woman who tried to scare me away with her past. It didn't work but unfortunately she later decided to run from me and her past instead.

Ghost Stories 

Late night jazz shared in a dark booth.  Gin-tonic cigar smoke and
mercuric notes jostle along my mind as rum warms my throat and the body 
behind heat sways to her own melancholic melody.  Smooth music and 
light strokes pass hand to hand above the vinyl landscape. 

Passions avoided in deflection previously for various reasons which may
be chance ethos or guidance, situation variables determine more than 
location and space.  Space is the concern by boundary lines merge and 
blur comment to commentary.  Palpably the ghost story guides it all. 

Hovering expired memories expressed daily effect the beat while the
relationship of the two involved determine the future.  Past stays 
present as the ghost is carried person to person, in their own atypical 
fashion.  What did it take to expose this present specter.  Nothing but 
the mention of someones love. 

Panic results as the premature progression of the relationships loses a
stanza.  While tales of fright have been told the muted diatribe lays 
the rest of the situation bare.  A breaker of the night may be the 
destroyer of two potential lives as the ghost becomes an ever-prevalent 
member of the two.  And yet no horror lies here. 

Blue eyes sparkle while a tense nervous smile is expressed and contact
is made again.  The weight is transferred one to the other to see if 
the expressed enthusiasm stands beneath the new charge.  Ghost story or 
not, the answer remains the same as it should according to the quality 
of the female involved. 

What kind of answer or person would it be to state an affection and then
with draw because of one person's ghost story.  Inappropriate pasts 
plague us all as typical matching carry-on baggage each person has 
their set.  Baggage is my specialty and the mantra stays the same... 
you're not going to scare me away. 

AJ 10/2/99


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