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THE GIRL WHO HATED EVERYTHING (youngsters:humor, 512 words)
Author: Jennifer GreenAdded: Jun 04 2002Views/Reads: 9390/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A children's story about a little girl who is the world's pickiest eater!


A Children's Story 

Copyright 2002 Jennifer Green 

There was once a little girl who hated everything she was offered to
eat.  She hated turkey, she complained it was too dry.  She hated corn, 
she said it was too chewy, and the pieces stuck between her teeth.  She 
hated potatoes, they were too mushy.  She hated peas, they rolled right 
off her fork.  She hated carrots, she couldn't even get them on her 
fork.  She hated beef, hated hot dogs, hated chicken and hated fish.  
She hated all the major food groups, and even hated some of the minor 

She hated pizza, she said it was too cold.  She hated soup, that was
always too hot.  She hated pretzels, they were too hard, and hated 
pudding, that was too soft.  She hated potato chips, she said they were 
too loud when she bit down on them.  But she also hated ice cream, that 
was too cold and hurt her teeth! 

Well, the little girl got skinnier and skinner.  She hardly ate
anything!   The days went by and finally, in desperation, one day her 
mom told her she couldn't eat anything.  Not the steaming piles of 
scrambled eggs and delicious, crispy bacon for breakfast.  Not the 
turkey sandwiches, piled high with tomatoes and cheese for lunch.  Not 
the chicken and mashed potatoes her mother made for dinner.  Her mom 
wouldn't let her eat any of it.  She got skinnier and skinnier, and the 
very next day it was Thanksgiving! 

The next morning the little girl got up and watched her mom and family
get ready for Thanksgiving dinner.  By that afternoon the table was all 
set.  There was a beautiful turkey, all golden brown and ready to eat.  
There were bowls and bowls of vegetables, potatoes and carrots and peas 
and broccoli.  There were three kinds of salads, and rolls and butter 
and jelly, and homemade, delicious smelling apple pies and pumpkin 
pies, with vanilla ice cream to put on top. 

But her mother wouldn't let her have one bite.  The little girl had to
go sit in her room until all the rest of the family was finished.  
Finally they all ate their huge Thanksgiving dinner, and all the dishes 
were finally washed up and everything was put away, and everyone went 
to sleep, all full of delicious food and wonderful memories. 

When the house was all still and quiet, and everybody was in bed, the
little girl crept slowly down the staircase.  She quietly took the 
leftover turkey out of its wrapping, and piled a big plate high with 
the leftover potatoes, turkey, and vegetables.  She took three heaping 
scoops of two different salads, and three or four rolls and butter. 

She sat down and hungrily ate every single bite.  Then she helped
herself to the leftover pumpkin pie, since the apple pie was long gone. 
 She savored every bite, and filled herself to the brim.  Then she 
quietly cleaned everything up, put everything away, went to bed, and 
never, ever complained about her food again. 


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