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So Many Years (standard:poetry, 312 words)
Author: LonelyDarkStarAdded: Aug 10 2002Views/Reads: 2840/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
just a poem about me saying goodbye after twelve years

We have been the best of friends for twelve years 

You know all my dreams, secrets, doubts and fears 

And yet it is you that caused me to cry all these tears 

Over the years we have been apart a time or two 

But no matter how long we were apart I was always there for you 

And I always wished that just once you would be there for me too 

You would forget me till you were locked up with nothing to do 

And then expected me to drop everything for you 

And of course like a puppet I did what you expected me to 

I was always told that you would only break my heart 

But I just couldnt imagine what life would be like if we were to part 

Now I know I was a fool to trust you with my heart 

Two years ago you came back into my life by chance 

Saying you had changed...all I could do is wonder how long it would last

Because I remember all the lies and broken promises of the past 

You have said you dont want to lose my friendship ever 

And even though I have so much love for you I cant go on like this

Because I know that no matter what we will never have what we once had

Throughout all these years it has always been you who walked away 

I never thought that I could walk away from you but I will today 

You have caused me so much pain that there is no longer a reason for me
to stay 

I never thought there would be a time when we wouldnt be friends 

But the time has come for our journey through life together to end 

It is time for me to forget you and let my new life begin 

GoodBye Joseph 


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