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NELLY'S BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!! (standard:other, 332 words)
Author: beautifulAdded: Aug 18 2002Views/Reads: 3456/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
It's the birthday bash of the century for rapstar Nelly.

It was right after the Hip Hop Source Awards. Everbody was getting ready
for the after party. After Party was the keyword for Nelly's birthday 
bash thrown by his secret admire Ashley (aka) Beautiful. Everbody was 
supposed to be there . The whole Murder Inc. family was supposed to be 
there SoSo Def ,arista records an everbody else that had made it big. 
The partywas supposed to be held at Beautifuls club Chocolate City. 

Beautiful couldn't wait till Nelly arrived so they could all yell
suprise. Beautiful and his dirty's the Tics were the first one to see. 
They were hiding at the door . She jumped out and gave him a big hug 
and a kiss she couldn't believe Nelly was accuatully there but she had 
to keep it on the proffesional note so she  walked him to the vip room. 
where his birthday cake. they didn't sing the traditional song the all 
helped out with his song #1. After the cake Nelly took Beautiful out on 
the dance floor and they was juking and dancing the night away. He went 
home with so much stuff it filled up his 2003 Navigator. 

Beautiful and Nelly rode home togehter . He invited her in to watch some
movies. They up all night talking and laughing and finding out what 
they had in comin. They both ende up fallin asleep in each others arms 
. The next moring when they woke up she fixed him a big breakfast then 
went home and fixed a big breakfast . Then she had to leave and go hame 
and call her girls and tell them what had went on. They were so excited 
they had to come over and see in person in fact that night thay were 
all invited to the TRL TOUR. 

They went to the Tour unexpecting for Nelly to propose to Beautiful and
she excepted with a loud yes later that year they got got married and 
had two beautiful twin daughters.


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