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Man and Boot (standard:poetry, 184 words)
Author: XoqzAdded: Nov 01 2000Views/Reads: 2884/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A strange poem written while under the influence of....... nothing

* Because of formatting limitations i have decided to add square
brackets to the beginning and end of each stanza. 


[A man in a suit 

Fights with a boot 

Under the bright shiny moon] 

[Says the man to the boot 

"Are you a newt?" 

As the bright moon slowly moves by] 

[Says the boot to the man 

"A newt not I am" 

While the bright moon sets in the sky] 

[The man then replies 

"Are you one that can fly?" 

As the sun comes up in the sky] 

[The boot then goes blank 

"You're as thick as a plank" 

As the sun moves up through the sky] 

[The man changed faces 

Grabbed the boot by the laces 

And shook him as the sun left the sky] 

[Then out shouts the boot 

"Hey man I'm a boot" 

As the bright moon returns to the sky] 

[The man pulls out a gun 

"Oh god I'm so dumb" 

And shoots his head into the sky] 

[The boot and the man 

Will fight again on the land 

When the sun and the moon become one] 


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