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Her Cure (standard:poetry, 167 words)
Author: BCAdded: Nov 03 2000Views/Reads: 3055/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
For anyone who has ever loved and lost.

She knows she's unhappy, 

And she knows just why, 

She's where she once stood, 

Where she said goodbye, 

The moment is gone now, 

But the feeling hasn't left, 

The pain's still inside her, 

In her heart it is kept, 

She knows she's to blame, 

For what still not sure, 

Questions go unanswered, 

All she needs is a cure, 

What she's always wanted, 

Is something unknown, 

You can't call a place, 

Where there is no phone, 

She stands here and thinks, 

Where most people pray, 

She stands here and ponders, 

Where one day she'll lay, 

She knows she was right, 

On this she would vow, 

But she was just a girl, 

And she's still just one now, 

What she's always needed, 

Is just a good friend, 

Someone she can count on, 

To stay with 'til the end, 

I know that I'll be there, 

Why I'm not sure, 

But if she ever needs me, 

I will be her cure. 


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