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Cold Heart (standard:other, 1525 words)
Author: Jordan LockeAdded: Nov 09 2000Views/Reads: 2859/1839Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A man that has lost faith in the world and himself is visited by strange beings

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closed, but not before he caught a glimpse of someone outside standing 
looking at him.  He pulled open the curtain to get a good look, but 
there was again nothing.  Now James was feeling fear, and panic.  This 
was to bizarre, and his mind raced to find a simple logical 
explanation.  His mind could not find one, he went to the front door 
and locked it, again the wind howled, this time it was clear,  he heard 
his name being spoken on the wind, Jaaaammmeess over and over.  Now 
James decided that the only thing to do was escape.  He grabbed his 
jacket and boots, got dressed up for the run to his vehicle.  Then he 
realized, he needed a weapon.  He pulled open the drawer and pulled out 
a large butcher knife.  He got his keys ready.  James took a few deep 
breaths and flung the door open.  He got 4 steps out when he saw them. 

James froze in fear as he stared into the unknown, the bizarre.  Three
small men, at least he assumed them to be.  They stood only about, 3 
feet tall, they all had long white beards and were as pale as the snow. 
 Their eyes were devoid of color, they seemed to have clothes on, but 
it looked more like robes and wraps. "Who are you!" James screamed.  
One of the little men stepped forward and spoke in a very soothing 
tone, his voice seemed to flow, to sound almost like music as he spoke. 

"We are winters servants, winters messengers and caretakers." James was
now beyond all rational thought, he couldn't move.  The strange thing 
was he wasn't feeling cold.  His face was very comfortable in this cold 
and wind. 

"What do you want" The small man looked at James with no expression 

"We came for you James, your heart has turned cold and we are here to
take you into winters arms" James looked puzzled 

"What do you mean" The little man took another few steps forward 

"Love, faith in others keeps your heart warm.  With a warm heart you can
love others, yourself, with faith in others you will be rewarded.  Once 
you lose those your heart becomes cold,  only the ones with cold hearts 
can see us.  With us standing here talking is proof that the love in 
you, your faith has perished and your heart is a cold shell"  James 
looked around as he began to see more and more of the strange little 
men.  Then he noticed females as well.  Soon his yard had hundreds of 
them standing there. 

"So you are going to kill me" James said as he looked at the virtual
army of the little men 

"No, of course not, you will be reborn into one of us.  You will not be
harmed. You must be transformed or you will never be able to survive 
where you will be going" James looked around 

"Well what if  I don't want to come" He said challengingly.  The small
dwarf just smiled 

"I am sorry you have no choice, try to think of us as angels.  We give
peace and comfort to those like you who have had the warm world turn 
it's back.  We have great sights to show you.  Do not be afraid...come" 
The little man reached his hand out.  It was strange, James was feeling 
less afraid now.  He felt a kind of comfort as he walked to the little 
man.  As he walked he dropped the knife in the snow.  James took the 
little man's hand then another took his other one.  He felt very good 
and somewhat content as they began to walk into the snow.  It was if 
the snow was getting deeper, but James realized that they were sinking 
as he walked.  There was no cold, the snow felt inviting and comforting 
as James and all the others slipped below the blanket of snow.  He now 
realized that he had a new home and life to start over again. 



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