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On The Edge - Chapter 1 (standard:fantasy, 1068 words) [1/3] show all parts
Author: Scott NeelanUpdated: Jan 04 2003Views/Reads: 2791/1791Part vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
The story of a boy who uses magic in a world where magic is forbidden and the girl who will save him from madness...

The lush, serene landscape of the forest stood, undisturbed. The flora
and fauna seemed to blend in with their surroundings, oblivious to the 
existence of an outside world. The chirps of various birds and the 
trickle of the nearby creek were all that was to be heard. But, at the 
eastern edge, all was not peaceful. One man ran for his life, while 
five others were in pursuit. 

Annonak held his breath as he ran, his pulse pounding in his chest. He
was constantly on the verge of collapse, his body deserting him long 
ago. Fear was all that kept him from falling into the underbrush or 
crashing into a tree. The powerful footsteps of the Hunters were always 
echoing around him, a cruel reminder of the opinion of the world toward 
him. He was what they hated most. He and the others like him called 
themselves channellers, the unenabled people called him a menace, but 
to the Hunters he was prey. 

Annonak's mind, avoiding the imminent shutdown, began to wander over
memories long hidden in the recesses. He wondered when exactly he had 
found this curse of magic. For some reason, he had placed this day deep 
into his memories, yet the memory, now needed, suddenly popped into the 
forefront. It fought its way into Annonak's conscious thought, where it 
began to play. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The village was quiet this morning. The usual sounds of children's
laughter were strangely absent. One young boy found it oddly 
disconcerting. This young boy, Annonak (or Anno for short), had been 
designated as the target for every cruel prank, every hurtful insult, 
and all laughter years ago. At 13 years of age, Annonak was scrawny. 
Barely making 5' 3" and weighing just over 90 lbs., he had a 
less-than-intimidating presence, and the bullies took advantage. One 
bully in particular, a brutish young man named Naris, absolutely 
enjoyed mocking Annonak, laughing at him when he chose to read rather 
than play sports, tripping him as he walked to and from classes, and 
always cracking an insult at him. Naris was always waiting for him on 
his way to the school building, so his absence was confusing. However, 
if Annonak would have known what Naris and the other bullies were 
planning, he wouldn't have been surprised. 

Naris and 2 other boys were waiting for Anno to approach the school.
When he would, the boys were prepared to jump at him and pin him to the 
ground. Once this was accomplished, Naris was to put his newest 
discovery, poison oak leaves, into Annonak's clothing, causing him to 
itch and burn all over for a few weeks. It would have been the biggest 
prank he had EVER pulled off. Except there was one thing he didn't plan 

Annonak cautiously began his morning trip to school, ready for his
lessons in alchemy, healing, and swordsmanship. He walked, as usual, 
with his head in a book. Today he was studying for his combined 
healing-alchemy test. He had to create an elixir that would cure 
bug-fever. It was an advanced lesson, one that only he was receiving 
due to his mental aptitude. This studying was the reason that he didn't 
notice Naris's gang headed toward his location. One moment, Annonak was 
trying to memorize the chemical formula for his cure-all, the next he 
felt hands grabbing him. 

The two boys, seeing their chance, had ran toward Anno and, when in
reach, had jumped toward and grabbed him, trying to pull him to the 
ground. Annonak, while frightened, attempted to fight them off with 
what little adrenaline was in his system, but failed. He wasn't nearly 
a match for the two boys, and was pulled to the ground. Once he was 
pinned securely to the cool dirt, Naris headed over, his hands covered 
with leather gloves and holding the poison oak. 

Annonak, fearing for his life, began to think. He tried and tried to
find a way out of his predicament, but to no avail, as there was no way 
humanly possible for a 90 lb. weakling to fight off two muscle-bound 
bullies. Absolutely terrified, he began to wish that Naris and the boys 
would just leave him alone, or that he was having a bad nightmare. 
Unfortunately, Naris kept advancing. 

Naris began to chuckle. "Hey, Bookworm! You look a little scared! I'm
not gonna hurt you! I just want to find out what happens when I put 

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