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Melinae's Anchor of Hope (standard:fantasy, 8330 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 08 2003Views/Reads: 3462/2260Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a young girl ship wrecked on a deserted island.She is terrified of being alone. Than she finds out she is not.

Melanie's Anchor of Hope 

The early morning sun streamed through the window above Melanie's desk. 
She held in her hand a letter that could affect the rest of her life.  
She was afraid to open it.  Melanie now held a degree in business and 
with the help of her uncle she had a chance at a position with an 
import-export company.  They had offices in Florida and California.  
She requested Florida since she lived in Atlanta and was terrified of 
flying.  The only thing that scared her more was boats and water.  She 
smiled as she thought, “I am trying for a job in imports and exports 
and I cannot stand the thought of a boat no matter how large it is”.  
She knew big boats sink just like little ones. 

Her Uncle Bob said, “You don't have to drive the boat you will work out
of the office.  Jim Kelly promised me you would work in Florida.  I 
didn't tell him your fear of the water but I think he knows”.  Suddenly 
she grasps the phone and dials Uncle Bob's number.  When he said hello 
she was in tears. Uncle Bob's heart almost stopped. 

“What's wrong darling,” He asked? 

“I'm afraid to open my letter from I & E,” she sobbed. 

“You scared me sugar,” Uncle Bob softly spoke.  “I was there the day Jim
had the letter mailed.  It is good news I promise,” he replied. 

“I want you to box up and pack all your personal things.  You're Aunt
Kay & I will be there in a few hours.  Put the letter away until we get 
there and open it then,” he asked?” “You are all the family we have now 
and we would like to be with you and share the news with you.  There is 
one little part I need to tell you about but it will be fine.  Jim 
understands, he knows we lost your Mom & Dad a few years ago,” softly 
Uncle Bob replied 

“You have every right to be afraid of ships.  Melanie you will be living
in Florida in a few days.  You're Aunt Kay & I will help you find an 
apartment.  You can stay with us as long as you like,” he insisted 

“Thank you for being there for me” Melanie said. 

“We will always be here for you.  You are the Daughter now we never
had,” he insisted. “I love you and we will see you in a few hours,” he 

“I love you and please hurry but be careful,” Melanie sighed. 

A few hours later Uncle Bob and Aunt Kay parked their oversized pickup
out front of Melanie's apartment.  They had much more been out of the 
truck and Melanie was in the arms of her Uncle.  He was the only Dad 
she had now.  In her prayers she talked to her mom and Dad each day but 
today she needed a Daddy to hold her.  She felt so safe when he was 
around her and she loved him so very much. 

Aunt Kay had her turn with all the hugs and kisses.  “Have you eat
regular meals, do you get enough sleep, do you need money,” Aunt Kay 

Melanie hugged her again, “yes-----yes----and no Mommy,” she said with
that loving smile. 

“You must not eat, you can't weigh much over 100 lbs.,” she pleaded. 

“I promise I eat than I have to work out just so the scales will not
read over 125,” replied Melanie. 

“I know,” said Aunt Kay, “That's why you got so many offers from all the
model agencies”. 

“Model's have to travel on planes and ships and Melanie is a big
chicken,” replied Melanie. 

“Uncle Bob took her hand, please sit down sugar,” he asked?  Open your
letter and read what it says.  Don't make a decision just to please 
Aunt Kay and my self.  Jim Kelly and I were in the war together and he 
thinks he owes me for carrying him out of a war zone.  With the grace 

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