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The Princess (standard:fantasy, 902 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 12 2003Views/Reads: 3164/4Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a young teenager who lost her boyfriend. She was ready to give up on life. She needed help.

The Princess 

When someone mentions a Princess a good Fairytale comes to my mind. Snow
White may be a Princess to a few, but this is a story about a Princess 
that lived today.  She was born in Maine had had a regular family just 
like all the families in Maine. This Princess was the third child of a 
very loving and caring family like so many in her town.  She would be 
labeled Ann Marie. That seems not to bother her at all when she was 
brought home from the hospital. In fact, it was ok until she hit that 
old age of about 13 or 14.  Neither Ann Marie nor any of her folks were 
aware she was a Princess. She asked her Mom one day,” How many 
teenagers do you know that are called Ann Marie?  Mom gives one of 
those Mom looks and says, “ummm none but that is what makes you unique” 
Why not George, or Harvey or Annie,” this sweet little Angel sighed”?  
That settled it. The teenager law prevailed. It would be Annie. Mom 
knew there was two things you didn't argue with.  Teenagers were both 
of them. Oh! How the Princess Rescuer had his work cut out for him. 

It started one day when Annie met a guy on the Internet. Soon this young
Princess would get dreams in her head.  Dreams as real as night and 
day. This sweet Princess would fall in love and the love in her heart 
effected her eyes. Kirk made promises that would end up tearing the 
heart out of Princess Annie.  One of the most painful hurts is a broken 
heart.  There is no medicine or no Dr. that can heal it.  It cannot be 
bandaged or splinted. There is only two cures known to exist. Time will 
heal it but for a 15-year-old Princess time takes to long.  It has to 
be Princess Dust applied as soon as possible.  The Princess rescuer was 
the only hope for Annie. 

Annie's Mom and Dad didn't know about the Princess Rescuer and their
heart broke for her.  Mom's and Dad's are completely inorganic for the 
first 20 years of a child's life. They know nothing. But from 20 to 21 
it is a miracle how smart they can become. Annie couldn't wait. If she 
couldn't have Kirk she would rather die. The Princess Rescuer couldn't 
let this happen. 

Just a few days later Annie was on the Internet and read a story. This
story touched her heart. She e-mailed the Author and told him how much 
it met to her. Annie was unaware that the Author was the Princess 
Rescuer. He replied back to her message and thanked her for the things 
she said to him. Annie didn't know why but she was drawn to him. He was 
old and wise and he listened and he understood. Annie didn't realize 
the miracle that was about to happen. This strange being told her he 
was The Princess Rescuer and she was a Princess. She wanted to laugh 
but there was still something different about him.  His honesty, his 
words made her feel so much better.  Annie would find out he was more 
than just a Princess Rescuer was. 

The very next day Annie was at her computer and a message pop-up came up
on her screen.  It was from someone she never heard off.  It read: Hi 
Princess...She knew immediately who it was. She typed Hi. How are 
you...She didn't understand how, why he did this so she asked?  He said 
I care about you and I am the Princess Rescuer. Annie felt a little 
better with each entry she received from this stranger.  She was 
unaware the Princess Dust came with those messages. She promised she 
would give life one more chance. 

The Princess Rescuer said his good-byes that day and promised Annie
tomorrow we will talk again. Annie felt something different in her 
heart that night when she got ready for bed. Her Princess Rescuer was 
actually her Guardian Angel. He was on his knees with his father for 
hours that night.  He was afraid of losing his Annie and he needed 
help. He pleaded that he may convince her what was just a short way 
ahead. A person that would sweep her off her feet. A young man right 
under her nose but he was too close for Annie to see. Someone that 
would care for her when she was sick. Love her when she needed love. Be 
her best friend until death did them part. 

God answered that prayer that night. Soon the days turned to weeks and
the weeks turned to years. One evening just before Christmas Annie was 
watching her two beautiful boys playing with their Dad. Her thoughts 
went back to the Christmas of 2002. Oh what if the stranger that called 
himself the Princess Rescuer hadn't saved me. I can't picture my life 
without my family. Than on her computer screen a message popped up.  It 
said, ”Hi Princess” Annie with tears in her eyes said where have you 
been. I missed you.  He whispered, “I was by your side always” I cried 
with you during the hard times. I laughed with you during the happy 
times. Princess, ”Always be aware.  You never know when an Angel will 
entertain you.  I love you Annie. 

Written especially for Annie. By her Princess Rescuer 


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