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Twilight, My Reflection (standard:other, 1383 words)
Author: JenkisAdded: Nov 10 2000Views/Reads: 3553/2004Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Midnight is when the Night begins. **FEEDBACK APPRECIATED**

As soon as Twilight walked into the room, the smell of clove cigarettes
and artificial fog greeted her. The dark, pounding music added to the 
obscure yet ethereally sensual atmosphere. She brought her 
vanilla-flavored clove to her lush lips and took a deliciously long 
drag, closing her eyes s the smoke rolled down her tongue and out her 
mouth. She made her way down through the scattered, mostly empty tables 
and the staring eyes of their few occupants to a deserted one, almost 
in the back of the place, then sat down after checking that the front 
door was semi-visible from her point of view. A woman with short blonde 
hair a couple of chairs away almost ate Twilight up with her eyes. 
Twilight glanced at her for a moment then looked away with a bored 
sigh. The woman seemed like everyone else. Twilight couldn’t blame the 
woman for staring at her, however. She was 5’6” tall with a gorgeously 
voluptuous body, clad in a childishly enticing white lace dress with 
puffed sleeves that reached just above her mid-thigh, snow-like lace 
thigh-high stockings, ebony stiletto-heeled boots and a long black 
velvet cape. The outfit was completed by finger-less lace gloves that 
resembled her very pale complexion. , showing off her long digits with 
long and shiny black nails. Her face was serene yet detached, with 
arched dark eyebrows, luxuriantly long lashes, and big jet-black eyes 
that could be as vibrant as fire or as cold as ice. Her nose was rather 
small, yet well-proportioned to her delicate features, but her lips 
were her most noticeable asset; luscious and a ripe pink, they gave her 
face the most sensual air . She was a vision, and she knew it. 

Twilight tapped her nails lightly on the table as she continued to
smoke, the image of her lips wrapping around the cigarette making those 
who stared at her almost tremble with desire. She tossed an unruly 
black curl of her very long, glossy hair aside, and proceeded to look 
around at the people inside the club. There were few people seated in 
tables, yet the bar and the dance floor, which was large, seemed 
completely filled. She cocked her head slightly to the side and closed 
her eyes to enjoy the music. Rampant outbursts of luscious keyboards 
and emotion-filled lyrics sang by booming deep vocals were accompanied 
by dark drumbeats. Ah, the beauty of Joy Division. She smiled, humming 
along to the unforgettable beat of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and licked 
her lips, savoring the faint aftertaste of her now finished clove, 
which lay crumpled on the ashtray beside her hand. The woman who’d been 
staring at her, was now engaged in random conversation with a girl 
who’d sat beside her. “Excuse me, Miss?” she heard a voice and looked 
up to find the waitress standing before her, with a tall and slim body 
clad in a skin-tight short black dress, and chin-length dyed black hair 
brushed to the side.. “Would you like something to drink?” the waitress 
asked her. “Please, a glass of white wine,” Twilight responded, 
butterscotch voice both soothing and low. “Just a moment, then,” the 
waitress, who looked like her name should be Krys, said and walked 
away, leaving Twilight to her thoughts. 

It was ten past midnight and the night was just beginning. She was
looking for that special “Someone.” The man or woman who would walk in 
that door to make her insides jitter and her skin tingle. The one whose 
eyes and movements would silently call out her name. The one who would 
make her feel Alive. She waited. Krys came back with her drink and 
smiled as Twilight insisted on paying her right away and giving her a 
good tip, then Krys walked away. Twilight, now sipping her wine, 
contemplated the thought if dancing, then shook her head. Tonight, she 
had a mission. So, she waited. 

“The One” came in not long after that, his long and silky straight red
hair tied back with a black ribbon while the rest of his lean body was 
covered by a gorgeous black leather trench-coat, silken ebony shirt and 
pants. She watched his every move carefully, crossing her legs under 
the table, in anticipation of what would happen later. He stopped by 
the bar, said hello to some people, then started making his way to the 
tables. She immediately leaned her face on one of her hand and tried to 
look nonchalant as she stared at him and sipped her wine. He finally 
saw her and they made eye contact for a few seconds, his eyes were 
bright blue, and then he came over to her table, taking a seat directly 
in front of her. “Hello,” his voice was deep and sumptuous, his eyes 
never left hers as he raised his right arm to summon Krys, the 
waitress. “Hi,” Twilight smiled, which she didn’t do often, tilting her 
head to the side and watching silently as he ordered his drink, cold 
bourbon, and then turned towards her again. “My name is Gabriel, and 
who might you be?” his eyes were down-right sexual, and they penetrated 
hers with such an intensity she felt every little hair on her body rise 

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