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Amber's Friend (standard:fantasy, 3550 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 19 2003Views/Reads: 3073/2132Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of Amber. She just needed love and wanted to return it to a friend.

Amber's Friend 

Amber sat at her little writing desk on this warm afternoon. She could
only think of how one's life could turn so sour in just a few short 
weeks. It seemed like just only yesterday every thing was great. She 
thought the things at home were normal.  She thought her friends were 
with her. School had started and she was a freshman. Her thoughts 
flashed back to her first day of school.  It was announced in homeroom 
20 of the 200 freshman would be picked for a special class.  This pick 
would be by a drawing and it was a four-year course.  Freshmen through 
your senior year.  You could even receive credits for it.  She couldn't 
believe her ears when they called her name out of the 200 freshmen 
enrolled at her school. 

The very next morning those 20 freshmen would meet after homeroom and
the second class would be Chance period.  She sat with tears in hers 
eyes and asked what happen, “My life as gone to hell in a hay basket. 
Dad was in jail for a ticket he received. Mom was to worried about 
brother and sister to even give her the time of day.  Her so-called 
friends got pissed because she was picked for Chance classes and not 
any of them were.  In fact the other 19 would hardly give her the time 
of day either. She wasn't pretty enough to hang out with them. 

Her teacher Mrs. Turner was nice.  If things wasn't bad enough she found
out that morning in class at the last week of school they were suppose 
to invite their Dad, or Guardian to school for the class to see. They 
were to tell the class what they expected out of this class and give a 
brief description of what by chance meant.  Amber was called on first.  
She stood in front of the class and smiled and said, “Hi, my name is 
Amber and chance means to me just what it says.  I mean, take a chance 
on a friend or love one.  Don't live your life just for yourself. Treat 
each and everyone like you want to be treated and chances are that love 
will be returned.  Live your whole life based on this ideal”. Amber 
smiled at the class and took her seat. 

She closed her eyes and thought, “What Dad!  What family! What friends!
I could take my Dad's bottle but I couldn't get into school with that.  
I could put all my friends in my pocket and still be room for my hand. 
Than Amber lay her head on her desk and softly wept.  She thought “Yes 
Amber set here and feel sorry for your self”. Than she thought, “Why 
the hell not, no one else will. If I want a hug I have to put my arms 
around my self and hug. 

The next morning Amber was ready for school and anxious for Chance class
to get started. Amber would get one more stab of the knife through the 
heart that day. Mrs. Turner announced to the class to search for a gift 
for the love ones that would accompany them to school the last day. 
They were to tell that love one to bring a gift with them and they 
would exchange gifts that day. Remember the gift you buy will be for 
your escort or love one and their gift will be for you. It's not the 
expense that is important here; it's just what the gifts mean to each 

Mrs. Turner said “Than last of all” I am proud to tell you the Chance
classes are doing great. If you remember on the first day of this class 
you were given an envelope. Each of you were given a number and told 
not to share that number with anyone. You dropped that number in that 
envelope and signed your name on the out side and turned it into me. I 
have them locked away and now you sign all your work with that number 
when it is turned in. Each assignment you complete is read aloud to the 
class.  I want you to answer the questions truthful and not be 
embarrassed with your answers.  Not one knows in this class who gets 
what grade or who they are. Not even my self knows. We comment and I 
grade that number. At the end of the year I will open the envelope and 
put the names with the numbers”. 

Mrs. Turner said, ”This program is running all over this state with over
150 high schools enrolled in this program.  At the end of this school 
year all 150 schools name will be entered for a drawing.  The winner 
will have the honor of seeing and hearing Mr. Scott Wiggleworth speak. 
Just in case you don't know who this gentleman is let me tell you?  He 
is the founder of this program and he is a multi billionaire that made 
his fortune my taking a chance on a stranger.  There was also a lot of 
hard work went into his fortune also.  This is the most sought after 
person I can think of. If we win, the security around this town will 

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