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Lo Mejor Amegia (standard:fantasy, 2754 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 19 2003Views/Reads: 3006/2160Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a young boy confined to a wheelchair and his words were so much misunderstood.

Lo Mejor Amegia 

It was a cool afternoon in the fall of the year when Banjo saw a big
white car stop in front of the little three-room house him and his Mom 
called home.  This was the only home Banjo had every known in his short 
8 years on this earth. Banjo was a very sick little boy that was 
confined to a wheel chair.  On the outside he looked like a normal 
little black haired boy.  Banjo enjoyed so much the days that the farm 
hands worked the fields close to his house.  He would watch all day and 
dream that he was beside his Mom working every day. 

Mr. Majors owned the big farm and little house him and his Mom lived in.
 Banjo knew very little about him except he was a very kind man and his 
Mom and Granddad had always lived and worked there until his Granddad 
had died a year earlier. Now it was only Banjo and his Mom. 

Banjo knew very little English so he never talked around anyone except
his Mom.  She told Banjo a lot of the English words were bad and to be 
very careful what comes out of your lips. Banjo was very well taken 
care of but he spent his days alone while his mother worked in the 
fields. His days was spent alone just looking outside dreaming of 
running and playing in the fields.  He kept beside him a little box 
that contained possessions more valuable to him than if it were to have 
been Gold. 

There were three little objects that would have meant nothing to anyone
except Banjo. He also held on to his Granddaddy's Banjo.  That was 
where he got his name.  He had been playing it since he was 4 years 
old.  His Granddad had modified the neck so his little fingers could 
cord.  He made music just as if it came right out of heaven itself. 

A little tear formed in Banjo's eyes as he watched Mr. Majors and the
young lady get closer to the house.  Banjo could remember when his 
Granddaddy died Mr. Majors and a young lady made their way to the door. 
 Than his Mom stayed home with him.  He didn't understand the words 
they spook but Oh how he could remember the tears of his Mom as they 
helped her to the chair.  Little Banjo's heart ached that day but he 
didn't know why until later his Mom said Granddad would not be coming 

Banjo watched as they got closer than he picked up his box and removed
one of the items and clutched it to his heart.  He could remember that 
day as if it was yesterday.  His Mom taken out his little bible and 
read to him. Than there was a gentle knock on the door and it opened 
and Mr. Majors and the lady entered.  They talked to each other very 
softly but Banjo couldn't understand.  It didn't matter, he knew his 
Mom was not coming home. 

Mr. Majors kneeled down in front of him and Banjo saw a tear in his eyes
as he gently spoke.  Banjo didn't understand but he could tell his 
heart was not the only broken one that day.  Banjo handed Mr. Majors 
his little bible for him to read to him.  He taken it and opened it up 
to read but it was written in Spanish. Mr. Majors gave it back. 

Banjo felt more alone now than anytime in his short 8 years on this
earth.  Banjo heard the words that were spoken to the lady with Mr. 
Majors but he didn't understand.  He told her he would have someone 
from the farm stay at night with Banjo and take care of him. They both 
watched as Banjo opened his little box and put away his bible.  Inside 
were two small pictures.  One was his Mom and the other was a very 
beautiful young lady. 

For the first time Mr. Majors heard the three words that anyone except
Banjo's Mom and the girl in the picture come from his lips.  He held to 
the picture of the young lady and said, “Lo Mejor Amiga”.  Those words 
seem to make Mr. Majors angry.  The lady with him became red faced.  
Banjo's Mom didn't like for him to speak those words because they seem 
to brother everyone.  Banjo's Mom had told him a long time ago if you 
can't speak kind words say nothing at all.  Banjo chose to say nothing 
because he didn't know what was wrong with those words. 

His Mom had promised to tell him when he was older but that day would
never come now.  The phrase that Banjo spoke while he had that picture 
in his hand sounded to English speaking folks was “MY WHORE AMIGA”. 

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