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To Death Do Us Part (standard:fantasy, 6731 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Jan 19 2003Views/Reads: 2992/2086Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Final chapter of September 11th. This chapter is also like Chapter two. It is a Fantasy story and not any of these events are real or happened. Please remember the boy and girl I called Joe and Aleshia are real and did escape the building alive.

Till Death Do Us Part 

This is the final chapter of September 11th.  Please remember Joe and
Aleshia are real people.  Joe did carry her from the building.  Aleshia 
was the only person in her work area that escaped alive.  All the rest 
tried to go down on the elevators.  If Joe hadn't pulled her off she 
would have been lost also.  That is the only portion of this story is 
actual facts.  Joe and Aleshia are not their real names nor are any of 
the families real. 

Joe & Aleshia lay together for hours that day.  It was the most
difficult thing Jack & Alice had ever been through.  One minute Joe 
would hold her and say, “Its OK Sunshine, As long as I know you are 
near I will be fine”. 

A few minutes later the Heartache would be too much for Joe. Jack &
Alice would hear Aleshia say, “We will get through this my Love, Let it 
all out, I will always be here for you”. 

Soon Jack broke down and left the room.  Alice was right behind him. 
When they were out the door he stopped and Alice took him in her arms.  
He said,  “I am sorry, this hurts so much, I can't let the kids see me 
like this.  This is the first time in 23 years I can't fix my little 
girl's problem and I don't know what to do”. 

Alice said, “I know Dear, I have cried so much for them two kids I have
no more tears left and my heart aches so much. It will be better 
tomorrow; we have enough faith in God he will get us all through this.  
It will hurt and it may get worse before it gets better but it will get 

Than Alice said, “Would you like to buy a lonely girl some coffee”? 

Jack half smiled and asked her, “ Will you help me find a lonely girl”? 
That brought a big grin to Alice's face, she said, “My Jack is back”. 

About 45 minutes had passed and Alice said, “We better go check on the
kids”.  They got to the room and very quietly opened the door.  The 
biggest smile came over both their faces.  Joe and Aleshia had fallen 
asleep in each other's arms. Very quietly they covered them and Jack 
pointed to the door.  They stepped outside and took a seat.  Jack hung 
his home made sign on the door.  PLEASE DO NOT DISTRUB. 

Jack asked Alice, “ Would you like to run home and freshen up”? 

She said, “That would be nice”. 

They found the head Nurse and ask her, “Do you think the Doctor would
mind if we bought Jack some clothes and we will bring Aleshia a 
outfit”? “Do you think he would let them wear them for a couple of 

The Nurse said, “Bring them back with you we will insist on it.  I will
make sure no one bother's the kids”. 

Jack & Alice found them selves shopping for Joe.  Jack guessed at his
pants and shirt size. They found socks, shorts & tee shirts.  They 
guessed at his shoe size and checked out.  They drove back home and 
went to Aleshia's apartment to find her an outfit. 

Alice said, “You will think I'm crazy but would you mind if I found the
sexiest out fit that Aleshia has to wear for Joe”? 

Jack said, “I would not mind at all.  In fact I know the one we need if
I can find it.  It's the one she wore on her last model shoot”. 

Alice said, “You mean the one you had a fit because she wore it?  If I
remember you said it didn't have enough material to make you a collar 
and a shirt pocket for you a shirt”. 

Jack said, “Yes, but she will be wearing it for Joe this time”. 

When Jack & Alice arrived back at the hospital and approached the door,
they both heard something they hadn't heard for days.  They heard a 
little bit of laughter coming from the kid's room.  When they entered 

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