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The Dragonson Saga - The Prelude (standard:fantasy, 717 words)
Author: StodgyAdded: Feb 03 2003Views/Reads: 3019/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A Realm in trouble turns to the only hope they have

Prelude - The Dragonson Saga 

The woman screamed in agony. The sound was enough to make it from the
birthing chamber to the exercise yard, where the Duke of Nocane was 
trying to keep a lid on his anger.  She had been trying to tell him for 
weeks, he new she was trying to tell him something, but he always had 
one matter to attend to or another and his young wife never usually had 
anything important to say before.  Especially not this important,.  But 
then she went into labour and just blurted it out in front of his 
court. "The child's not yours" It hit him like a thunder clap.  If 
standing he would have collapsed and as it was a page had to stop him 
from swaying off his chair. 'Mmm, good lad that one.' Was the thought 
that briefly parted his anger. The Duchess screamed once more. 'Why 
does that bitch have to let everyone know' he thought as his mind was 
bought back to now.  "I mean it's not like she couldn't ask for a 
private word" he muttered under his breath. Another scream pierced the 
castle. BOOM.  A white flash of energy moved out from the birthing 
chamber consuming everything in its path.  The Castle was gone.  The 
City was gone.  The people and everything living were gone.  Only a 
large creator rested where one of the most powerful Duchies of Mestor 
had once rested, and at the centre was a naked woman and her baby son. 
The boy had a slight gold tinge to his skin and tiny dragon wings all 
wet and crumpled along his back.  His fathers son. 


Saraleth managed to find her wits about her and found shelter.  Later
still she decided that no one would believe her when she told them she 
was the only survivor and even more she feared for her son, Michale.  
So she travelled until Michale's fifth birthday, where in a temper 
tantrum over some sweets, he vaporised his mother with a burst of 
magical power. It was not long after this that an evil wizard found him 
and decided to use this poor lost child.  After another five years his 
abusive guardian was destroyed by his own magic, a small mistake, 
sabotage.  For now he had his masters library. After two years he 
conquered the nearby city and installed a harsh rule.  Three years 
later he hunted down his father and enslaved him.  He was now the most 
powerful mortal on the planet, and he was only fifteen years old.  
Michale Dragonson wanted to conquer, he wanted slaves for his biding, 
women to use, but most of all to cause pain and suffering because he 


"We need Heroes" the wizard said with a sigh. "Where are weee going to
get heroes.  We're it people.  The last of the strong.  And we can't do 
it.  The world is in ruin and there is nothing we can do." Said the 
Dwarven king. "What about the prophecy" asked the Elvan Lord.  "The 
prophecy said beings of power would fight the darkness.  Where are 
they?" The wizard sighed once more, "This world doesn't have these 
beings of power.  They are a combination of this world and another.  
Children born into this world when their Parents come from elsewhere.  
I've studied it.  There is a way but..." "but what mage" said the Dwarf 
King with apprehension. "For it to work we need to use the life force 
of those races that we want as these beings of power.  But they have to 
be powerful amongst there race already." "You mean us don't you.  You 
will have to use us to cast this spell of yours won't you." Asked the 
Halfling. "Yes, it's the only way.  We wont live through it but it will 
save our world." The wizard replied sadly. "Well what's it gona do" 
asked the Dwarven King. "I'm going to send my apprentice back in time 
to this other world.  He will find people and send them here or more to 
the point into our past." "Ahh thus enforcing the prophecy will happen 
by making it happen" said the Elf Lord, his voice thick with 
admiration. "Michael, come here lad" the wizard called out.  "We have a 
job for you to do". 


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