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Corky's Shoes (standard:fantasy, 11165 words)
Author: PeachiePieAdded: Mar 16 2003Views/Reads: 3382/2427Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of a homless boy and a storekeeper that befriended him

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don't be mad at all of us for something I did.  I will leave.  Just let 
the others stay”. 

Mr. Morgan said, “Mad, you were guarding my property and you were
serious about it”.  He asked, “What's your name son”? 

He replied back, “Billy”. 

Mr. Morgan said, “It's a pleasure to meet you Billy, my name is Vern
Morgan.  I will remember to carry my badge with me the next time”.  Mr. 
Morgan asked, “Lynn, how much money are we spending on a door”? 

Lynn answered,  “$300.00 Sir”. 

Mr. Morgan asked, “Can we cancel the door and put about 25 cots in here?
We don't need a locked door up here”. 

Than all noticed a small little boy standing quietly beside them.  Billy
squatted down and asked,  “What you need Corky”? 

The little bare foot boy said, “Miss Alexander wanted us to draw a
picture of a house and draw our family standing out front.  We have to 
write a little story about our family.  I don't have a Mommy or Daddy, 
can I draw you beside me as my friend”? 

Billy gave him a hug and said, “That would make me very proud”. 

Than Corky ran back to his bucket he used as a desk.  Mr. Morgan had
that puzzled look on his face again.  Billy said, “A few weeks ago his 
Mom & Dad were out looking for work and they didn't return.  They were 
found a few weeks later murdered. After that we made the women stay 
here. We didn't let any of them go with us”. 

Mr. Morgan said, “I'm so sorry”. 

Than Mr. Morgan asked Billy, “If I may, I would like to go through the
warehouse if you will accompany Lynn & me”? 

Billy answered, “My pleasure Sir”. 

When they walked through that door Mr. Morgan couldn't believe his eyes.
 It was cleaned and everything was labeled and put in rows.  Billy 
said, “Lynn gave Miss Alexander the labels and the kids printed them 
and he had them put on”. 

Mr. Morgan said, “”I am impressed.  He asked Lynn, “Why we can't hire
Billy as a security guard”?  He than turned to Billy and asked him, 
“Would you consider working for me”?  He said, “All I can pay right now 
is minimum wage with uniforms and benefits”. 

Billy couldn't believe it.  He said, “Of course Sir when can I start”? 

Mr. Morgan said, “Three weeks ago, at the end of the week I will owe you
a month's wages”.  They turned and entered back into the living 
quarters and Mr. Morgan asked, “Where is your bath room”? 

Billy said, “There is none on this end of the building but the City put
up a portable at the end of the block.  We have to go down there”. 

Mr. Morgan said, “We will have to fix that.  I will get into trouble
with the City.  Lynn, arrange for a bathroom in the corner up from the 
class room.  I want a wall up by the classroom.  Just go ahead and mark 
off ten rooms and put walls up for them also.  I want another gas 
heater mounted into the ceiling like the one on the other end of the 
building”.  He looked at Billy and replied, “I wish I could do more but 
I just can't afford it”. 

Billy asked, “Sir what more could we ask for than you have just giving

In just a few short weeks all was completed.  Every family there was so
thankful.  Each and every family gave as much and did as much as they 
could for Corky.  He got as much food as any one there.  He didn't have 
a family member that contributed but he got he same as all. 

One afternoon in the first part of Oct. Corky would walk down the street
a few blocks to the shoe store. He did this about every day now as soon 
as his classes were over.  He liked to look through the window at all 
the shoes.  On this day Corky bowed his head and he prayed silently, 
“God if only you would give me a pair of shoes before it gets so cold.  
I know my little dumb old bare feet will freeze”, Corky said, “I have 
been practicing on how to tie just in case I ever got a pair”, but 
before he could raise his head he felt a hand on his shoulder. 

A very beautiful young lady smiled and asked, “What you looking at Son”?

Corky looked into her very sad eyes and he said, “The shoes, I wasn't
going to bother them I just like to look”. 

She noticed his little bare feet.  She asked. “My name is Donna, what'

He said, “Corky”. 

She asked, “How old are you Corky”? 

Corky said, “I'm ten”. 

She asked, “Is your Mom & Dad close by”? 

Corky replied, “No they are in heaven”. Than with all the manners his
Mom had taught him, he said, “You are very pretty, do you have a little 

Than she knelt down beside him where they were at the same level. Corky
noticed a tear on her cheek. It was so hard for her words to come out 
but she said; “Not now, my little Jake went to heaven last week”. 

Corky said, “I am so sorry, my Mom would say now you need a hug but my
shirt is too dirty”. 

She wrapped her arms around that little boy and said, “No Corky it's
never to dirty, please hug me”. 

Than Donna raised to her feet and taken Corky by the hand.  She led him
into that store and the first clerk she saw she said, “I need 12 pair 
of socks”. She led him to the back of the store and got a pan and 
filled it with fresh warm water.  She had Corky set down and she washed 
his feet.  She dried them and than she said to the clerk, ”Please get 
me a foot measure”. 

She measured Cork's foot and she said, “Get me a size 5 just like the
ones in the window” 

The clerk returned and Donna slipped on Corky's new shoes and tied them
for him.  She looked at the big smile on his face and than he asked, 
“Are you God's wife”? 

She replied back, “No Corky, I just own this store”.  She asked him,
“You don't sleep in the street do you”? 

Corky answered her, “No; I get to stay with some friends in the big
warehouse down the street”. 

Donna asked him, “Can I see you room”? 

Corky smiled and said, “Please come with me and I will show you”. 

Donna said, “Ok, but first we have to stop some place. Donna said, “We
can't have you walking around with new shoes and those old clothes.  We 
need to stop and buy you some new ones”. 

Later on that afternoon Donna and Corky entered the warehouse hand in
hand.  They couldn't believe their eyes.  Corky was so handsome.  Billy 
spotted them and come to them immediately.  He smiled at Corky and 
asked, “Are you bringing your date's home already”? 

Corky smiled and said, “No Billy, this is Donna, and she is my friend. 
Look what she bought me”. 

Corky was so proud of all his new things.  Than Billy looked at Donna
and said, “I know you, you own the big store down the street.  You're 
Donna Cassidy”. 

She smiled and said, “Yes, Corky has brought me to see his room”. 

Billy said,  “Corky is real proud of his little spot”.  He said, “Go on
Corky, show off your room”. 

Corky led her over to a little cot between two walls.  All it was beside
the cot was a box with his clothes.  There were two changes of clothes 
and on the wall was the picture he had drawn of him and Billy.  Corky 
was so proud of what he owned. 

Soon Billy was standing there and he smiled and said, “Some people would
kill for a paradise like this. Than Billy looked at Donna and said, 
“I'm so sorry to hear about your little boy”. 

She did smile and she said, “Thank you, it will be hard for awhile not
having him around”.  Donna looked at Billy and she saw his eyes try to 
direct her toward Corky.  She than realized what he wanted. 

She asked, “Would it be ok if Corky came home and visited me if he would

Corky picked up on this right away and he said, “Please Billy, let me

Donna said, “Please Billy, let him come”? 

Billy said, “I'm out numbered, I guess you will have too”. 

Donna asked, “If we can get here before school starts tomorrow can Corky
spend the night”? 

Billy said, “I don't think there will be classes tomorrow, they are
suppose to finish up the gas furnace and the kids will have to stay out 
side or I will let them in the front warehouse”. 

Corky said, “I could stay all day if you like.  You could find me
something to do to pay for my room and board”. 

Donna said, “You are right.  You will just have to work at the store for
me all day tomorrow”. 

Corky had a smile from ear to ear.  Than Donna said, “Now that Jake is
gone I will have to find someone to take over his job.  He dumped 
trashcans for me all day.  Corky do you know of a little boy looking 
for work”? 

Corky grinned and said, “This is your lucky day.  I just happened to be
a little boy looking for work”. 

She said, “Corky you may want to think about it because at night you
will have to return home with me to dump all my trash cans.  Than if 
you go to school during the day you will have to spend every night with 
me.  You have to go to school so you can't be at the store on school 

Corky put his arms around her and hugged her.  Donna looked at Billy and
whispered, “God Bless you”. 

Donna and Corky walked back to the store and she told the girls, “This
is Corky.  He will be working for us starting today.  He will keep all 
the trashcans emptied and then he will have to go home with me and keep 
them dumped also.  He will go to school during the day and work here 
every afternoon. When the store is closed he will work at my house.  
His pay will be $20.00 a week plus room and board”. 

The old Donna was back.  Jake would never be back but Corky would fill
the void in her heart.  As each day passed Donna and Corky got a little 
closer.  One afternoon Donna and Corky were in Jake's room.  Corky was 
dusting while she vacuumed. Corky accidentally knocked off a little 
plate and it broke. 

He cried out, “Oh Mommy, I'm sorry I broke it”. 

He knelt down and was picking it up.  The next thing he knew she had him
in her arms. He laid his head on her shoulder and whispered, “I'm 
sorry, I broke Jake's plate”. 

Donna said, “It was an accident Corky, you didn't mean too”. 

Corky said, “But it was Jake's plate”. 

Donna said, “But this is your room sugar.  All this belongs to you now. 
I have Jake's memory now and I will have that for the rest of my life.  
I put a couple of his things away with his father's things.  Corky they 
are both gone to heaven now and it's only you and I”. 

Donna took his little face in her hands and whispered, “You called me

Corky said, “I'm sorry, it just slipped out”. 

Donna said, “That was the sweetest words you have said since we met”. 

Corky said, “I love you Mommy I love you”. 

She said, “I love you son”. 

The next morning Donna brought Corky back to the warehouse for school.
Billy watched as she gave him a kiss and told him to walk to the store 
after school.  She said, “Please be careful.  I will have your snack 
ready when you get there”. 

Billy walked over where they were standing.  Donna was thinking, than
she asked, “How many kids in class today”? 

Billy said , “There are 10 kids like every day”. 

She asked, “May I drop off cheeseburgers and drinks for each of them
around 11:30”? 

Billy said, “That would be so nice of you”. 

She bent over and gave Corky a kiss and said, “See you later son. I love

Corky replied back, “I love you Mom”. 

Billy walked to the door with Donna.  When they were at a distance where
Corky couldn't hear Billy said, “Donna did you know that Corky is an 
orphan.  He could be adopted if the right person wanted him. If you 
know of anyone wanting a small little homeless child let me know.  We 
will not turn him over just to anyone; it has to be a special person, a 
person like you”. 

Donna put her arms around Billy and whispered, “Thank you Billy”.  Donna
said, “I will make the calls today”. 

Billy said, “He will be here when you are ready”. 

Billy smiled at her and said, “He just goes to school here, he has been
yours for weeks.  I won't say anything about it that will be yours and 
Corky's time to celebrate ever how you wish”. 

Donna had a tear in her eye and she looked up to heaven and said, “Thank
you Father for that pair of shoes that was in my window”. 

Billy & Corky           Chapter two 

The weeks passed by quickly for Corky and Donna.  Some way they seemed
to get a little closer as each day passed.  One evening after dinner 
Corky cleaned off the table and placed all the dishes in the sink.  Mom 
said, “Corky if you want to set there and do your home work I will wash 
and dry all the dishes”? 

Corky replied, “Mom I have just a little I can do it after I dry the
dishes for you”. 

She comes over where he was setting and kissed his forehead.  She smiled
and said, “My little man works to hard.  I want you to be a little boy 
for a while”. 

He said, “Oh Mom, I'm your little boy, I will always be your little
boy”.  Corky said to his Mom, “You are the one that works so hard.  You 
work all day at the store and half the night when you get home. I just 
so I get to see your smile”. 

She smiled and kissed his little lips.  Than she asked, “You mean a
smile like this”? 

Corky replied, “Yes Mom.  I love you”. 

Donna finished all the dishes and she set down by Corky.  She said, “Did
you know we had apple pie and ice cream in the refrigerator”? 

His eyes lit up.  He said, “That is my favorite”. 

Mom said, “I know, that's why we have it”. 

She cut both of them a piece of pie and warmed it up.  She put a dip of
ice cream on each of them and set down by Corky. She smiled at him and 
than she asked, “Son how long have you known Billy”? 

Corky said, “As long as I can remember.  Once my Dad told me he didn't
have any family.  I remember he was a bouncer at some club.  It closed 
down and he lost his job.  He just worked from night to night.  He lost 
all he had and my Dad asks him to stay with us in the alley.  When my 
first Mom and Dad were killed it was Billy that watched over me.  He 
would give me food and go without if he thought I was hungry.  Mom he 
didn't think I knew this but I did.  Mom Billy is the kindest sweetest 
and strongest guy I ever met.  I remember one night in the alley 4 men 
was hurting Cara.  When Billy got to them he hit and all four men fell. 
 He told them to leave while they could and never come back in our 
house.  Cara was a lot older than I was, maybe 19 or 20 I don't know.  
They tore her top off her and she cried.  Billy hugged her and said 
don't cry Cara I won't let anyone hurt any of you again. He took off 
his shirt and put it on her.  He buttoned it up and told her to keep 
it. Than the next day my other Mom and Dad didn't come back home.  I 
remember Billy cried and he got on his knees and asked God to help him 
watch over us.  He promised he would stay there with us and he would 
eat out of the trashcans if he had to.  Mom I think God heard him 
because not any of us has been bothered since that.  Billy would let 
people in our alley house but he watched them.  I think they knew he 
would hurt them if he had too”. 

Mom asked Corky, “Do you know how old he is”? 

Corky said, “Yes he is 26, the same age as you.  Did you know he asked
questions about you too.  Did you know tomorrow is his birthday?  I 
made him a card and I put all the money I made last week in with it.  
Mom if I will pay for it will you ask him to come to our house and we 
can fix him dinner.  I have no homework the rest of this week so I can 
do most of it my self”. 

Donna said, “Corky, invite your friend over any time, I will fix all
three of us dinner tomorrow night.  Tell him 6: o'clock”. 

Corky said, “I will give him my card than, thank you Mom”.  Corky than
asked, “May I go to my room for just a little awhile and than come back 
and watch tv with you until bedtime”? 

She smiled at him and said, “You have a date little man”. 

Corky smiled and off he ran.  When he got to his room he knelt to his
knees and he looked into heaven.  He asked, “Please forgive me Jesus 
forgive me for saying I didn't have homework because I do. Amen”. 

Than Corky ran back down stairs.  Donna opened her arms and asked, “Will
you set with me and watch”? 

Corky grinned and snuggled against her.  In five minutes he was sound
asleep.  Corky wasn't worried about TV.  He got what he wanted and so 
did Mom.  They stayed that way until 9:30 that evening.  Than Mom 
gently kissed his head and softly said, “Wake up son and I will tuck 
you into bed”. 

Early the next morning Donna was up and almost ready to put on her
makeup when she heard a knock at the door.  Mom said, “Come in son I am 
dressed.  She set down at her big dresser and started with make up.  
While looking in the mirror and brushing powder on her face she asked, 
“Are we out of juice and cereal”? 

Corky said, “No Mom I have had breakfast and cleaned the table.  I just
want to watch you put on makeup”.  Corky said. “You don't need makeup 
you are pretty with or without it” 

Donna said, “Bless your heart, what are you after a raise, talk like
that will get it for you”? 

Corky said, “No Mom I just like to be close to you and watch a pretty
face become even prettier”. 

Donna smiled at her little boy and she said, “One day When I am off work
and you don't go to school I will teach you how to apply make up.  Than 
when you graduate college you can get a job with a movie studio and put 
makeup on pretty ladies all day like on TV”. 

Corky said, “Thank you Mom, I will wait before I cut your hair if that's

Mom smiled and said,  “Yes, maybe if you think so”. 

That evening at 6:00 o'clock there was a knock at the door.  Corky
shouted, “I would get it Mom”.  It was Billy he thought.  Billy wore a 
coat and tie.  That was the first thing Billy bought with his first 

Corky said, “Come on in Billy Mom is in the kitchen”.  They went through
the door and when Billy saw Donna it almost took his breath away.  She 
had to be the most beautiful girl in the whole world.  He was 
speechless.  She turned to greet him and her breath was taken away.  
She had never seen Billy in a coat and tie and as hansom as he looked. 

Corky said, “Mom Billy cleans up pretty good doesn't he”? 

Billy and Donna just laughed at him.  Corky broke the ice, he knew what
he was doing.  The first thing Mom asked, “Corky have you set the 

Corky said, “Yes Mom, can I give Billy his card now”? 

“Yes son, I know you have waited all day for this”. 

Corky hands it to him.  He opens it and read the lines Corky wrote.  He
looked at the money and said, “Thank you Corky for the card but you 
should have kept your money.  The card is priceless to me.  Thank you 
can I have a hug also”? 

Corky and Billy hugged and when Billy arose there stood Donna with a
gift in her hands.  She smiled and said, “Happy birthday Billy”. 

He took it and tore open the little box.  It was a very expensive
wristwatch. Billy didn't have a watch and Donna knew it.  He looked 
into her beautiful eyes and said, “Thank you”. 

Donna said, “I hope you are hungry I have prepared a special meal for
all three of us”. 

The three of them walked to the dinning room and when Donna and Billy
saw the table they were confused.  Corky had set it for two settings.  
Mom looked at him but before she could speak Corky said, “I forgot Mom, 
I have a lot of homework.  I will have to start now if I get done by 
9:30.  If you don't mind will you bring me a plate to my room at 9:00 
o'clock and when I finish it will be bedtime”? 

He asked Billy,  “is it ok if I wish you happy birthday and say good
night now?  If I am going to be a makeup artist after college I have to 
study hard”. 

He hugged and kissed Billy goodnight and hugged Mom and kissed Donna
goodnight.  He whispered in her ear, “Mom next week is your birthday, I 
gave you part of yours a week early.  I love you.  Please come to my 
room at nine because I won't be out of there until morning”. 

She kissed and hugged and said to him, “I promise and I love you”. 

That was the best time Billy ever had in is life.  He wished that night
would never end. That was the closest thing to a date that Donna had 
since her Donnie had died. They finished their meal and went to the den 
to watch TV. They just forgot to turn it on. Both were enjoying their 
self so well.  Soon Billy looked at his new watch and it was 8:30. 

He looked at Donna and said, “We better do the dishes.  We promised
Corky you would be up stairs at 9:00 o'clock”. 

Either wanted this night to end.  Donna said, “I can do them after you

He took her hand and kissed the back and asked, “Please let me help”? 

She smiled the perfect smile and said, “OK I will wash and you dry”. 

Donna would wash a piece and pass it to Billy. He would take it and dry
it off.  Donna than would pass another.  Each time their hands got a 
little closer.  Than the last plate she looked at Billy and he looked 
back into her eyes.  He placed his hand over hers and just held.  
Before either knew what was happening they were in each other's arms.  
Billy kissed her and held her so tight.  Than they were cheek to cheek 
with each other in their arms in a warm and tight embrace. 

Billy whispered, “I am sorry, you are so beautiful”. 

She said, “That's OK, you will just have to come back one night and we
will try it again”.  Than she kissed him. 

Billy smiled at her and asked, “Where did we do with that plate”? 

She smiled and replied, “Who cares, we got more plates”. 

Billy just didn't want to release her or she release him.  She asked.
“Do you want to go up stairs and sit with Corky and I until he finished 
his dinner.  You could tuck him in with me if you like”. 

Billy said, “Thank you it would be a honor”. 

Donna looked over the leftovers and than she pulled out of the freezer
two little cheese burgers.  Billy poured him a drink and Donna said, 
“He loves these burgers”.  She asked, Could you stay until 10:00 
o'clock with us?  I will let him stay up late tonight if you can”? 

Billy said. “It would be a honor”. 

Donna said, “Bring three drinks”. 

When they walked into Corky's room he raised his head out of his books
and he couldn't believe his eyes.  His best friend and his Mom were 

Donna asked him, “Haven't you studied enough tonight?  Please stop and
eat and Billy and I will set with you until 10:00 o'clock if you don't 

Corky said, “Please do”? 

As Corky eats his burgers he noticed Donna and Billy were holding hands.
 He looked at his Mom and she snuffed her nose and smiled at him. Corky 
snuffed his and returned the smile. 

The weeks passed by and Donna wanted so much for Billy to ask her out or
just drop by but he didn't.  He would walk Corky to work about every 
day and make a point to talk to her but that's all that happened.  
Billy was so confused.  He loved Donna and Corky more than his own 
life.  He thought he wasn't good enough for them.  He had found out on 
the street that Donna had a lot of stores.  She also had a lot of 
money.  People would tease him about moving in on a poor little rich 
girl down on her luck.  Her hubby was killed in Desert Storm and Daddy 
died and left her all that money.  She hadn't even seen a man since the 
war was over and Billy was in the right place at the right time.  That 
wasn't true.  He loved her and Corky and wanted to spend the rest of 
his life with them.  He just had to make some money and be someone.  He 
couldn't ask her to marry a street person making minimum wage.  Donna 
didn't care.  If only Billy would talk to her about that she could have 
told him. 

Billy still treated Corky as if he was his son.  Donna had made up her
mind.  That day when Billy and Corky came into the store she was going 
to tell him. 

That day she would ask, “Please marry me Billy and be a legal father to
Corky like I am his legal Mom.  I need you so bad to run my stores.  I 
know you can do it.  I need you even more in my life at nights to hold 
and love me”. 

Donna would pray this prayer each night since they had Billy's birthday
dinner.  She prayed until she was exhausted each night.  She asked God 
to do anything he had to do to wake Billy up.  She wanted and needed 
him so bad.  Even more than Corky needed him but no one knew only her 
and God. So today she would ask him.  She had made up her mind.  She 
needed a man and Corky needed a real Father.  He was it. 

Donna had decided she would arrange for Billy to become a millionaire.
Than he would have no excuse.  God answered her prayer that day.  She 
wouldn't have to give him a million dollars or ask him to marry her.  
Unaware to anyone but God himself Donna would not exchange words with 
Billy or Corky for months.  Beware of what you pray because you may 
receive it like Donna did that day. 

It was time for Corky and Billy so Donna was behind the first register
when you enter the store.  She was going to make sure Billy didn't get 
away before she could talk to him.  Just minutes before they entered 
the store a robbery would occur or today it would be an attempted 
robbery.  A man entered the store and put a gun to Donna's head. 

He said, ”Give me  all the money or he would kill”. 

She did take out all the money in the drawer and put it in the bag he
gave her.  No one in the store was aware of what was happening. 

She hands him the money and asked, “Please don't hurt me just leave with
the money”? 

He took the bag and pointed the gun to her head.  She closed her eyes
and said, “Please God take care of my Corky”. 

The man didn't shoot but he raised his gun and hit her in the head as
hard as he could.  She fell to the floor and started to run out.  He 
ran face to face with Billy.  The first mistake that man made that day 
was picking that store to rob.  The second was pointing a gun in 
Billy's face.  For the first time that bandit tasted the barrel of a 38 
special.  Billy shoved it down his throat before he hit him.  One of 
the girls in the store heard all this and when she realized what was 
happening she called 911. 

Billy rushed toward the rear of the store and he said too all the girls,
“Get behind the counters and don't speak”. 

Billy was searching for another person but there was none. 

He asked, “Where is Donna”? 

They said, “Behind the first register”. 

He told all the girls all was clear to come out and than they heard
sirens in the back ground.  Billy rushed back as fast as he could to 
the front of the store and he put his cuffs on the unconscious robber.  
Billy couldn't imagine where Donna could be.  He didn't see her behind 
the counter. 

Than he heard Corky crying.  He ran behind the counter and there lay
Donna.  She had blood on her head and Corky was pleading, “Mom wake up, 
please wake up”! 

Billy rushed to him and took him in his arms.  The little boy just cling
to him.  Billy had his hand on the side of Donna's neck and he did feel 
a weak pulse. 

Corky said, “Billy, Mom is dead, both of my Mommies are in heaven now
what will I do”? 

Billy cried tears with him and he said to Corky, “She is alive son, she
is not dead”. 

A few seconds later a policeman entered with his gun drawn.  He saw the
masked man unconscious on the floor with cuffs on.  Than the officer 
saw Billy in uniform.  He asked him, “Is all clear sir”? 

Billy said, “Yes sir, his gun in on the counter, please get us a

The officer was on his radio immediately.  He said, “All is clear we
need paramedics”. 

In seconds they were there and were checking Donna.  Billy just held on
to Corky and tried to comfort him.  He tried to dry his tears but 
Billy's tears were just as bad. 

Corky asked, “What will we do with out Mom”? 

.  Billy put his head on Corky's shoulder and his heart broke. The
officer told the paramedics hurry I will drop off the family behind 
you.  The officer put his hand on Billy's shoulder and he asked, “Son 
is this your wife”? 

Billy could hardly speak but he said, “No Sir, it could have been but I
am too stupid to have a wife like her”. 

Corky said, “No Billy, Mom would be mad if she heard you say that”. 

Billy pulled Corky in his arms again and just held him. Billy asked,
“Will you drop us off Sir so we can be with Mom”? 

The officer said yes, “We can make out the reports there”. 

Another officer had the robber.  He was starting to regain conscious. 
The guy had a mouth full of blood.  The officer noticed the 38 on the 
counter with blood all over the barrel. 

The officer said, “Man you better get you a gun with a chocolate barrel.
 There is a few people you don't put a gun in their face.  You just met 
one.  Remember that face”. 

It would be hours later that evening before Billy and Corky would learn
of Donna's condition. Billy did get Corky to drink a little and eat a 
few bites but he was just too upset to eat.  Billy knew exactly how he 
felt.  Billy wouldn't let Corky out of his sight that night.  He knew 
that was the most precious gift in all Donna's life and when she came 
to he wanted him safe for her. 

The Doctor did come to them that evening and he said, “She is in a coma.
 All her vital signs are good we just have to wait for her to wake up”. 
He said, “She has a concussion and it could be days or weeks even 
months.  We will just have to wait and see”. 

He told them they could set with her as long as they liked.  He said,
“Talk to her, she may hear you”. 

The doctor left and Billy wasted any time.  Billy took her hand and
kissed it.  He said, “Darling, Corky is here and I will take care of 
him until you can. The little guy is exhausted now and is sound asleep. 
 I would like to help Corky take care of you if you don't mind.  In the 
morning I will go to your store and make sure everything is like you 
usually do it.  I will get Corky to help me.  We will never do the job 
you do but with him and I and all the girls we will get by.  I want to 
awake Corky now, he has been waiting for hours to talk to you”. 

Billy softly called Corky's name and he woke up.  Billy said, “Mom is
asleep but we can talk to her.  She just can't answer right now”. 

Corky slowly approached her.  Very softly he kissed the bandage on her
head.  He said, “Mom I love you.  I will take care of you until you 
wake up.  I will ask Billy to help me.  I know you would like that.  I 
won't stay at home alone because I know you wouldn't like that.  If you 
don't care I will ask Billy to stay with me some.  I want to stay here 
as much as I can.  I will make sure our house is neat and clean just 
like you keep it.  Mom I still will work and do my job at the store.  
Just let me stay here with you as much as I can.  I will do what Billy 
tells me.  I am going to lay down now.  I will be just a few feet away 
so if you wake up and want something you tell me and I will get it.  
Good night Mom, I love you.  Do you care if Billy stays the night with 
us.  I haven't asked him yet, I wanted to ask you first but I know you 
would like that if he can”. 

Corky very gently kissed her lips and said. “Sleep as long as you need
Mommy, we will be here for you”. 

It was so hard for Billy to hold back his tears that night but he had to
be strong for Corky.  Corky stood in front of him on that couch and he 
asked, “Billy, am I to big now to get hugs”? 

Billy put his arms around him and said, “No Corky, I'm a lot bigger than
you and I still want and need them.  Son you are never too big for a 
hug from Mom or Dad” 

Corky looked at him and smiled.  Billy asked, “Would you  mind if I was
your Dad”? 

Corky couldn't believe his ears.  He asked, “You mean you Mom and I in
the same house all the time”? 

Billy said, “Yes son, but first I have to ask your Mom to marry me.  She
may not want to marry a stupid guy”. 

Corky said, “No Billy, I mean Dad.  I heard her tell Jesus one night she
didn't care if you were stupid.  He! He! She just wants to marry you”. 

Billy smiled and said, “I had that one coming”.  He said, “You better
get some sleep, we have a big day tomorrow”. 

Corky went back to the sofa and kneel down and silently said his
prayers.  Billy just watched and in a few minutes Corky lay down and 
closed his eyes.  Billy pulled off Corky's shoes and said, “Good night 

Corky said, “Goodnight Dad, I love you”. 

Billy kissed his forehead and said, “I love you son”.  In minutes he was
fast asleep. 

Billy went back to Donna's side and he knelt on his knees.  He took her
hand and he prayed, “Father we have done all we can for her.  It is up 
to you now.  Please allow us to keep her.  Allow her to laugh and cry, 
love and be loved.  I understand why you need someone in heaven like 
her.  Just look at her.  She looks like a princess asleep.  I promise I 
will be at her side as longs as it takes.  I promise I will watch over 
Corky for her until she is able to take over for her self.  Allow me 
one more chance to take care of them both”. 

Than very quietly Billy held her hand and buried his face in the sheets
beside her and cried tears until there were no more in him.  If only he 
knew what was beside him.  He had no ideal or could he see the angel 
that looked just like Donna beside him.  She had her arm around him and 
held him and cried with him.  A few minutes later she helped him to his 
feet and held on to him as he very softly kissed Donna's lips and then 
helped him back to the floor.  Billy lay there beside her and slept. 
When he was asleep the angel slowly vanished but first she gave Corky a 
little kiss and than she was gone. 

Billy lay beside Donna's bed all night long.  A few times he did get up
and check on her and Corky.  Corky never moved.  Donna never either.  
About 6:00 A.M. a Dr did come in and checked on her.  She still lay 
like a Princess fast asleep. Corky woke up and he walked to the side of 
her bed. 

He said, “Mom, I love you.  You rest as long as you like.  I will take
care of you”. 

Corky asked the Dr.  “How will we feed her”? 

The Dr. said, “Son the I.V. in her arm will take care of that”.  He told
Corky and Billy how lucky we were that she didn't need machines to keep 
her alive. 

He said, “Today we will remove everything but the little red clip on her
finger.  This will tell us all we need to know.  A nurse will check her 
vital signs every two hours.  For one hour a day she will have the IV.  
While the IV is in there will be a catcher to drain her bladder.  We 
may need to do that two or three times a day.  We will just have to 
wait and see.  All the rest of the time she will be like a princess 

Corky said, “Dr. Mom has to brush her teeth two or three times a day. 
How can I do that for her”? 

He said, “Sure Son, we will set up a suction tube beside the bed.  I
will get a nurse to show you and Billy how to do that and you can brush 
as often as you like.  We will turn her a couple times a day.  She will 
have to have therapy on all her joint so they won't freeze up”. 

The Dr. left and Billy wet a rag and gently washed her face.  Corky
asked Billy, “Could we get a nurse to give Mom a bath”? 

Billy said, “Ring the buzzer”. 

Corky did and a nurse entered and she told them she would be right back
and do it. 

Billy said, “Corky and I will leave now and be back in a hour.  He
asked, “Will you be finished by than”? 

The nurse assured them she would.  Billy and corky went back to the
warehouse and Mr. Morgan and Lynn were waiting for them.  They told 
them how sorry they were and for Billy to spend as much time as the 
hospital as he liked. 

Than Mr. Morgan said, “Billy, Donna's lawyer called and wants to talk to
you.  He will stop by here first and if you are not here he will go the 
hospital.  Corky's teacher said to take Corky with him tomorrow.  She 
said his mind would be with his Mom so I will excuse him”. 

Lynn asked Billy, “Can I drive you and Corky to Donna's house and Corky
could change clothes”.  He said, “Billy, take a change with you and you 
can grab a shower while you are there”.  Then he took Billy's arm and 
said, “Take all your possessions Billy, Corky will need you to stay 
with him”.  He said, “I am going to call Donna's lawyer now and tell 
him to meet you at the house.  Corky needs to hear what he has to say 

Lynn drove them the short distance but before they got there Lynn asked
Billy, “Do you drive any”? 

Billy said, “I have license I just don't have anything to drive”. 

Lynn said, “Donna's lawyer will explain.  That was all I was told”. 

Lynn looked at him very serious and than he said, ”You love her very
much don't you Billy”? 

Billy answered, “Yes, What am I going to do.  I can't expect someone
like her to love me”? 

Lynn placed a hand on his shoulder and he said, “I know for a fact she
loves you and Corky very much.  From what little Mr. Morgan told me you 
will find out just how much when you talk to her lawyer”. 

About 30 minutes later the doorbell rang.  Corky said, “I'll get Billy”.

He opened the door to a well dress middle aged man.  He put out his hand
and said, “You must be Corky.  I have heard a lot about you from your 
Mom.  Son she is really proud of you”. 

Corky little sad eyes locked into his and he said, “She is the best Mom
in the hold world”. 

The lawyer said, “I know for a fact you are correct.  My name is Chris
Ford.  I am your mom's attorney.  Is Billy here”? 

Billy entered the room about that time. He said, “Yes Sir, that would be

Mr. Ford put out his hand and said, “I have heard a lot of good things
about you also.  I told Corky my name is Chris Ford and I am your mom's 
attorney.  I guess I am yours now”.  He asked,  “May we set down.  We 
have a lot to discuss. First I have a sealed letter from Donna.  He 
passed it to Billy and it had his name on it.  It was dated 3-8-02”. 

Billy looked puzzled.  He looked at Mr. Ford and he said, “She did this
just last week”. 

Mr. Ford said, “You may want to read it before we go on.  It will help
explain a lot”. 

Billy opened it very slowly.  As he unfolded the paper it was as if
Donna was in the room.  He could smell her perfume on that paper.  The 
first line read, Dear Sweetheart, If you are reading these lines, it 
means something is wrong.  The first thing I want to tell you is how 
much I love you and always will.  I long so much to be your wife.  I 
long for you to hold me in your arms all night long.  I want so much to 
be Mrs. Donna Ray.  I want Corky to be Corky Ray.  That would make him 
so happy.  I guess we had better get down to business”. 

Billy closed his eyes and a tear ran down his cheek.  Mr. Ford was aware
of what was going on so he asked Corky,  “Would you show me where the 
kitchen is and I may have some ice water”. 

Corky sadly said, “Ok, if you don't mind we will stay in the kitchen for
a while and let Mom and Dad have some private time together”. 

Billy looked up and said, “Thank you Son”. 

Mr. Ford said, “Now I know why Donna thinks so much of this little man”.
He placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “I'm read for that water if 
you are”? 

Corky said, “Yes”.  He looked back and said, “Dad, I mean Billy, call us
when you are ready”.  He whispered, “I'm sorry I called you Dad,  I 
don't know why”? 

Billy said, “Dad is just fine.  It would make me proud if you called me
that all time, especially in public”. 

That brought a smile to Corky's face. Billy went back to the lines where
he left off.  Billy I hope this is just a temporary leave of absent.  
If it is temporary I need you to take care of Corky and all by 
business.  Chris will help you and he will inform the girls at the 
store that you call the shots.  My salary is $1000.00 a week so I want 
you to have that.  Chris will take care of all that for you. When you 
sign these papers Chris knows what is mine will be yours.  If I return 
you have to marry me and take us as your own.  I know you feel bad 
about asking for my hand because of your background.  I am asking for 
yours.  I know that in your heart you love Corky and me very much.  The 
cars, the house, and my little boy are yours today if you will sign.  
If I am gone from this world please take all I have and find someone to 
be a Mom to my little boy.  If this is just a temporary absence, you 
take care of OUR PROPERTY I return.  I love you”.  It was signed Donna 

Billy put his face in his hands and wept.  Corky and Mr. Ford heard him
so Corky slowed approached the door.  He stopped and he asked, “Dad, 
May I come in”? 

Billy raised his head and opened his arms to him. 

Corky said, “Dad, Mom will be home soon and I will take care of you
both, I promise”. 

Either of the three could see the angel dressed in all white with her
arms around Corky.  It was the Angel that looked just like Donna. 

Mr. Ford said, “If I didn't know better I would say someone is watching
over all three of you”.  Once more the angel kissed Corky and than 
Billy.  Slowly she vanished away. 

Mr. Ford opens his brief case and asked, “Are you ready to start
signing, we have a lot”. 

Billy said, “Yes, but I just don't feel right about this”. 

Mr. Ford said, “Billy I promise you she would have it no other way”.  He
signed all the papers and Mr. Ford said, “How does it feel to be a 

Billy said, “There is three of us in this family share that gift.  Billy
asked, “What is the next step to adopt Corky”. 

Mr. Ford said, “Marry Donna and he is your son”. 

Billy asked Corky, “May I ask for your Mom's hand in marriage”? 

Corky said, “Yes Dad”. 

Billy said, “Let's go see Mom”. 

Mr. Ford shook his hand again and Billy said, “I have one question
before you leave”. 

Mr. Ford said, “Yes what is it”? 

Billy said, “I want Corky to have a $80.00 dollar raise per week.  Raise
him to $100.00.  Take it out of my salary”. 

Mr. Ford just grinned and said, “That is amazing”. 

Billy said, “I don't understand”. 

He replied, “Donna said that would be your first action you would take. 
She even had me fill out the papers for it.  All you need to do is 
sign”.  He said, “Billy get used to writing your name you will be doing 
a lot of it from now on”. He said, “Your car is in the garage. Corky 
can show you where the entire keys are.  If you have ant question 
please call.  Your check will be at the store with all the others.  You 
need to sign them on a Wednesday.  Your PCA will help you with all of 
that.  Corky can introduce you to him at the store”. 

Mr. Ford left and Billy asked, “Are you ready to see Mom son”? 

He said, “Yes, but first I need some things”. 

Corky went to the bathroom and got Donna's tooth brush and paste and all
her personal affects.  Corky said, “Iif we don't use this stuff on her 
we both are dead when she wakes up”. 

Billy asked, “Did you get that perfume she always wears”? 

Corky said, “That was the first thing I picked up” 

He pitched Billy the key and said, “I guess we are ready Dad”. 

They got in the car and started.  They hadn't went a mile until they
seen a policeman behind them.  He turned on his lights and Billy pulled 
over.  The officer very cautiously approached the door.  When he seen 
it was Billy he said, “I'm sorry Sir, I didn't know it was you.  How is 

.  Billy said, “She is still in a coma but she is alive.  We are on our
way there now”. 

The officer said, “Don't let me delay you, you two be careful”. 

Soon they parked and entered into Donna's room.  Billy just stopped and
admired her beauty.  She looked even more like a princess.  Corky 
stopped by Billy's side.  He looked up at him and Billy said, “Go on, 
give Mom a kiss”. 

Very gently he did. Like always we said, “I love you Mom”. 

She had a little clip on her finger.  That was the only thing about her.
 Beside her was a suction device.  Corky asked, “Can I ring the buzzer 
and get a nurse to show us how to brush her teeth”? 

Billy said, “Yes”. 

Soon the nurse was there and she showed them how to turn her head to the
side.  Very gently they brushed and kept the vacuum tube in her mouth 
just like in the dentist office.  She showed them how to drop her jaw 
and her mouth opened just a little.  She placed a little rubber screw 
that looked more like a carrot than a screw and slowly opened her 
mouth.  They brushed the inside and then she used a little squirt 
bottle and put a small amount in her mouth.  The vacuum tube sucked it 
all right back out. The nurse slowly backed out the little rubber 
carrot and than she wiped her face clean. 

Corky said, “Dad and I can do that”. 

The nurse said, “It's time now for the therapist to work her joints”. 
She said, “You two can watch and do this anytime you like”. 

Billy watched for one hour and said, “I can do that”. He asked the head
nurse, ”Would be OK if Donna wore a bikini while they worked her 

Corky said, “Mom would like that.  I believe she would be embarrassed if
she knew all she wore was that little gown”. 

The nurse said, “Sure that would be fine”. 

Billy said, “We would bring it tomorrow if you will put it on her”? 

The nurse smiled and said, “Sure I will.  Donna is one lucky girl to
have two guys in her life like you”. 

Billy said, “No, we are the lucky ones” 

Than they noticed Corky had all Donna's makeup out on a tray.  He
started applying it like it had done it for years.  He fixed her eyes, 
her lips and cheeks.  She was beautiful.  The nurse came back and she 
couldn't believe it. 

She asked, “Corky, where did you learn to do that”? 

He said, “Mom taught me”. 

The nurse left and in five minutes she was back with four more nurses. 
They just couldn't get over how professional Corky was.  Each asked him 
for an appointment.  They said, “We pay $20.00 for that and it don't 
look near that good.  We will bring all the stuff if you will apply 

Corky was tickled too death.  He knew he wanted to do this after he got
out of college. 

Billy just couldn't get over how beautiful she was. He took her foot in
his hand and moved each and every toe for an hour.  Than he moved to 
the other foot.  He did this to her arms, fingers and elbows.  Before 
he knew it, it was 9:00 PM. He gave Donna a kiss on the lips and he 
noticed Corky was sounding asleep on the couch.  He gently awoke him 
and asked, “Are you ready to go home son”? 

He asked, “Can we stay here Dad”? 

Billy said, “Sure”.  He said, “Kiss Mom good night and you can sleep on
the couch”. 

Corky gently kissed her lips and he knelled down on his knees.  He took
her hand in his.  He prayed, “Please Father let us have Mom back for 
just a while.  Keep her beautiful just like she is now.  In Jesus name 

He raised up and walked back toward the sofa.  Billy noticed this little
boy was turning into a little man.  Corky lay down and Billy asked, 
“Are you to big for a goodnight kiss from Dad”? 

Corky said, “Never in a hundred years”. 

Billy kissed his cheek and said, “Good night Son, I love you”. 

Corky smiled and said, “I love you Dad, Goodnight”. Corky closed his
eyes and in minutes he was asleep. Billy went back beside Donna, He 
took her hand and on his knees he asked, “Father give me one more 
chance, just one more”.  He kissed her lips again and said, “Sleep 
princess, I will be here for you when you awake.  I will wait for as 
many years as it takes. I love you. Good night”.  Billy lay on the 
floor beside her and went to sleep. 

Corky was the first one up the next morning.  He had Donna's toothbrush
and was brushing away before Billy rose up.  He did it just as good as 
the nurse.  Billy was moving toes ankles, knees and every joint in her 
body when the nurse came in. 

Billy asked, “If we run home and freshen up will you drain her bladder
and we will return with her bikini, if you will put it on her for us”? 

She said, “Sure bring it back”.  Corky asked, “Can I wash and roll Mom's
hair when we return”? 

The nurse said, “Of course.  You two take care of your sleeping beauty. 
I will help any way I can”. 

Billy and corky left for home.  They grabbed a bite and a shower.  Corky
was finding and gathering up all they needed while Billy showered.  
Soon they were ready to go. 

Corky said, “I got it all Dad.  Mom will be awesome when we are

Billy grinned and said, “Mom is awesome now”. 

Corky said, “Yes”. 

Billy asked, “Can we stop by the store just for a minute?  I should try
to earn some of the salary I am getting”.  He said, “Just 10 minutes 
and we will be on our way to see mom”. 

They entered that store and it was sir this and sir that.  Billy said,
“Please call me Billy and not Sir”. 

One of the girls hand him a cell phone.  She gave him all the numbers. 
Billy asked her, “Aren't you usually in charge when Donna is gone”? 

She said. “Yes Sir”. 

Billy said, “You keep that position until Donna is back.  You instruct
me on what to do”. 

She said, “Yes sir, but you are the boss”. Minutes later corky and Billy
were entering the room.  They always would each talk to her for awhile 
when they entered the room.  The nurse seen them and come right in. 

She said, “I have her all ready”.  She asked, “Do you have her bikini”? 

Corky pulled out a snow whit two piece suit.  They left the room and in
minutes the nurse said, “She is beautiful. I would kill for a body like 
that”.  She said I hope she wakes up soon and not loose any muscle”. 

Corky said, “She won't loose any muscle. Fix her an extra dinner.  She
is going to get a work out all this day”. 

When Billy seen her it almost took his breath away.  He didn't realize
that just how this 26-year-old girl looked. 

The first thing Corky asked, “Dad, help me pull mom's head to the side
of the bed. I want to wash her hair”. 

Billy slid Donna around so her head was at the edge of the bed.  Corky
had his pan of water.  He wet her hair and rubbed the shampoo in. He 
massaged her scalp and than he asked Billy to help him rinse it out.  
He put a towel on it and partially rubbed it dry.  Corky rolled it 
while Billy worked every joint in her body.  He did this for hours.  
Corky blow-dried her hair.  He left it up in rollers while he put on 
her makeup.  He did here eyes. 

One of the nurses came in and said, “Corky when you are finished will
you do mine for me”? 

Corky said, “Sure, just let me finish Mom first”? 

She said,  “When I get off work I will be back”. 

When Corky finished Billy was still working.  The last thing Corky did
was put on Donna's perfume.  Than Billy rubbed oil all over Donna's 
body.  This became a everyday thing for the next three months.  Every 
day there was always two or three girls waiting on Corky for a hair and 
make over.  Every night at bedtime Corky and Billy took their time on 
their knees beside Donna.  It was after 3 month of her coma.  They had 
finished Donna's' make up and Billy had spent the last 4 hours moving 
and working her joints and muscles.  They were on the couch admiring 
her beauty. The Angel that was with them so many times before appeared 
just once more.  They couldn't see or hear her.  She walked to Donna's 
side and gently called her name.  Donna answered but to Billy and Corky 
she was still asleep and they could hear or see no one. 

The Angel asked her, “Are you ready to wake up and take care of you two

Donna said, “Yes please”.  Donna asked, “Why can't they hear or see us”?

She said, “I'm a angel.  Only you can see or hear me”.  The angel said,
“Look at yourself”. 

Donna looked down at her body.  She wore a white bikini. She said, “That
is not my body, I would kill for a body like that”. 

The Angel said, “Look in the mirror at your face and hair”. 

Donna couldn't believe her eyes. She asked, “Did Corky do this”? 

She said, “Yes and he has to turn women down for make over because by
the time he goes to school and does yours and a couple more it is bed 
time. They have missed you so much.  They have stayed ever night here 
since your accident.  Corky sleeps on the couch and Billy beside you on 
the floor”. 

Donna asked, “When can I wake up and hold and love them”? 

The Angel said, “When ever you call their name they will hear you”. 

She softly said, “Corky, Billy, please come here”. 

They couldn't believe it.  Both were in tears.  Both had their arms
around her.  The nurses heard this and they came as fast as they could. 
She hugged and kissed Corky and she said, “I love you”. 

He just couldn't hold back his tears.  These were happy tears.  Than she
put her arms around Billy and they kissed and just held each other. 

Billy asked while the tears streamed down his face, “Will you marry a
stupid guy like me”? 

“Yes, a thousand times if it's you”, she cried.  She asked them, “What
have you two done to my hair and my body.  It's not mine but I'm not 
giving it up”? 

.  Billy stood her up and stepped back and said, “My princess woke up”. 

She wrapped her arms around them both and said, “I am the luckiest girl
in the world to have two like you”.  She said, “Please tell me what 
each of you have been doing.  Who fed and taken care of you”? 

Corky said, “Mom we had to care for our self so we could care for you”. 

She hugged him again and said, “Now it's my time to take care of each
one of you” She smiled and looked into heaven and said, “Thank you 
Father.  The last things I remember are I closed my eyes and ask you to 
take care of Corky.  I thought I was going to be killed.  Thank you for 
not taking me”. 

She turned to Billy and took his and Corky's hand and she asked Billy,
“Please say Billy, Donna and Corky Ray”? 

He smiled and said, ”Mr. & Mrs. Billy and Donna Ray and their son Corky

She said, “Let's go home.  I want all three of us home tonight please”. 


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