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The Devil and the Musician (standard:fantasy, 679 words)
Author: DangerZoneAdded: Nov 20 2000Views/Reads: 3183/1Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A musician recieves a gold guitar from the devil and tries to cheat the devil.

THE DEVIL AND THE MUSICIAN Hi, my name is Tim, I have beaten the devil
at his own game twice in my life, and when my time comes to die, I plan 
on cheating him again and going to heaven.  My two experiences against 
the devil both consumed large quantities of time of my life, the first 
taking a full ten years to complete, the second 5 years with a span of 
5 years in between the two episodes. When the first episode I was a 15 
year old with dreams of becoming the greatest guitar player that ever 
lived.  So, when the Devil approached me with this beautiful gold 
guitar the he claimed would make me a star, I didn'te even ask if there 
was a catch, not knowing at the time who I was talking to.  Well, the 
guitar did its trick and for 10 years I lived like the King of Rock and 
Roll that I thought myself to be.  At the end of 10 years I had managed 
to put away over 40 million dollars and was ready to expire, when the 
man that had given me the guitar that changed my life appeared and 
requested his payment for the guitar.  When I asked him what he meant, 
he told me that in return for the guitar I needed to give him my soul.  
I weaseled my way out of this first deal by telling him that when I 
retired from the music business I wouldn't only give him my soul, but 
also the souls of all the band members at the time of retirement.  With 
this in mind, I dispatched my band at the time and went solo for the 
remaining years of my career.  For the rest of my playing days I 
thought I had beaten the Devil for good and then I decided to retire 
from the music business. Well, just as can be expected the Devil, 
showed up at my doorstep demanding I give him exactly what I had 
promised.  Well, at this time, I had forgotten about the band members, 
but was soon reminded by the Devil.  I told him I had gone solo and the 
rest of the band took off for Australia to escape some gang members 
they managed to piss of during their time as my band.  He then gave me 
two choices:  he took my family and me now or he let me live for 
another ten years to get another band together.  I told him I wasn't 
going to take either one of the deals and he had no power over me as I 
had destroyed his guitar after he met with me the second time and had 
become a very religious Christian man.  He thus left my dwelling and 
headed to who knows where looking very well defeated. That was my last 
battle of wits against the devil until my untimely death due to heart 
attack.  As I reached the pearly gates of Heaven, I saw a young looking 
man all dressed in black standing in wait for me.  As I approached I 
realized it was a younger form of the Devil.  I quickly ran past him 
and to the pearly gates and yelled for help, thats when I heard the 
Voice of God come booming down from far above: Son, all contracts that 
are signed by blood must be fulfilled, I cannot allow you to pass 
through these gates due to the contract you signed in blood with the 
Devil when you were fifteen years of age. Well, as far as I can tell, 
that was about a year ago up on Earth, for all of you that say that I 
never truly beat the devil, I say this:  to this day, I have not 
stopped my fight against the Devil, and until I stop I consider myself 
to be a living human being, even though I am trapped in Hell.  Never 
give up your hopes of stardom, freedom, or happiness.  As long as you 
keep fighting for it, you will achieve it. 


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