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Sorry has never been so hard to say... (standard:poetry, 178 words)
Author: Mark BaileyAdded: May 11 2003Views/Reads: 3048/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
If you were to see the love that you have lost, what would you say? Hi? I love you? Or maybe, just maybe nothing at all. When you are the cause of a break up, which you have after years found out was a mistake, 'sorry' will have never been so hard to

Constant beating, 

slow receeding. 

One mind wanting, 

two eyes meeting. 

Pride has stopped the man from pleading, 

but, finally...that which he's needing. 

One armed hugs 

and formal greetings, 

conversations so misleading, 

'sorry for the mean mistreatings...' 

it's too late, she's gone away. 

Instead I uttered, muttered, stumbled, 

stupidly I simply bumbled, 

pride I should have grasped and crumbled 

like I'd planned so many times. 

Sometimes beauty is breathtaking, 

leaving any words forsaken. 

Now I sit...sit contemplating, 

how to ask her to my side. 

Long ago we were together, 

should have loved her... 

should have kept her... 

Never will I find one better 

then the one which plagues my dreams. 

Missed you when sent overseas, 

kissed you when in times of need, 

kept your picture always near 

because you stayed so dear to me. 

Sometimes when times wheels are turning, 

we can feel an ache, a burning. 

Sometimes it takes years of learning 

the hole that someones left behind. 

Its a hole thats slow receeding 

heart is racing, constant beating, 

finally...that which he's needing!'s too late...she's gone away...


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