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Alluria: Enter the Land of Lost (standard:adventure, 5585 words)
Author: Mark BaileyAdded: May 11 2003Views/Reads: 3432/2288Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A young boy seeks to find the keeper of the voice in his dreams. A voice so beautiful he is forced to believe she is true, and she is who she says she is...The Beautiful Dreamer. The question is, what devastating truths will be revealed once she is foun


Once more the darkness surrounded him, and he believed that the answers
to his questions lay in the midst of this darkness.  He had traveled 
this cloaked path many times in the past two weeks, and he realized 
that soon she would come whispering with a voice as sweet as that of 
music and softer then the gentle breath of the wind. You must come to 
Alluria. Why? You will find the answer... How will I? You must come to 
Alluria, it said again; this time it's voice began to fade. He ran 
forth refusing to let her leave. I don't know the way!  He called out 
to the choking blackness. Silence. Tell me the way! You must walk the 
“Forbidden Path”...the voice uttered from what seemed like miles away.  
He spun frantically in the darkness. Where are you? If you journey you 
shall find me... Who are you? He called. I whispered faintly. 
Don't leave me!  Who are you? ...The Beautiful Dreamer... 

Alex awoke in a cold sweat gasping loudly for air.  As the dream quickly
began to fade from his mind the memory of her words continued to linger 
and echo, their meaning once more slipping from his grasp.  Though the 
night was warm, chills ran up and down Alex's spine.  This marked the 
tenth time that he had this dream, but the first time that it had ever 
gone this far. The Forbidden Path? The...Beautiful Dreamer? Davey would 
never believe this one. With his heart still beating like the hooves of 
a thousand Stallions, and a smile pasted upon his face, he once more 
laid his head upon his pillow and wished to dream more of the Beautiful 
Dreamer.  But, this time his wishes went unanswered, his sleep was soft 
and dreamless. 

“That's crazy!”  Davey said loudly, the small piece of notepaper held
firmly in his hand.  Alex jumped in his seat and quickly snapped his 
eyes to the front of the classroom; that of Mrs. Delving, his sixth 
grade English teacher, met his gaze. “Mr. Randolph and Mr. Arnold!”  
She snapped. “Y-yes mam?”  He and Davey stuttered in unison. “Could you 
please tell us all why you have interrupted my class?” All heads turned 
and focused on them, Davey nervously pushed his glasses onto his nose 
with his free hand; in his other hand he absent-mindedly held the piece 
of notebook paper.  Alex glanced at Daveys hand then into his eyes and 
then backs at his hand again.  Davey followed Alex's eyes and then his 
jaw suddenly dropped.  Slowly Davey tried to slide the note from view 
but once more Mrs. Delving eyesight proved to be keener then he 
expected. “No, no Mr. Arnold!  Bring that to the front of the class, 
I'm sure everyone is interested to find out what was so important that 
warranted the two of you to interrupt our reading!”  Davey looked 
questioningly at Alex. “Nice going!” he whispered.  Davey shrugged 
sorely at his friend. “Mr. Arnold!” Davey leapt quickly from his seat 
spilling his books and papers onto the floor.  The class giggled while 
he clumsily bent down to pick them up and hit his head on the side of 
his desk, which made them, roar with laughter. “Silence!”  Mrs. Delving 
screeched, and the laughter ceased quicker then it had started. “Mr. 
Arnold worry about cleaning up your garbage later.  The paper, Mr. 
Arnold.  Now!” Paper in his left hand and his right hand slowly rubbing 
his forehead Davey made his way to the front of the class.  After only 
a few moments he stood timidly in front of Mrs. Delving his thick 
glasses magnifying her until she seemed to tower like a castle before 
him.  Shyly he bowed his head and thrust his left hand forward offering 
his teacher the sheet of paper.  She yanked it from his hand and then 
shooed him away with a flick of her wrist.  Davey walked back o his 
desk and began gathering his papers from the pile on the floor while 
consciously avoiding Alex's stare.  He flinched slightly as Mrs. 
Delving cleared her throat. “The dreams are from...The Beautiful 
Dreamer.”  She read.  Her eyes stared at the paper for several moments 
before she looked up. “Did you write this Mr. Randolph?”  Alex shifted 
uncomfortably in his seat before nodding his head.  Mrs. Delving 
gripped the small piece of paper in both hands and ripped it into 
several small pieces before throwing the remains into the garbage. 
“Rubbish!”  She exclaimed.  “There is no Beautiful Dreamer, no Alluria! 
 It is a myth, a fairies tale!” “But I didn't say anything about 
Alluria.”  Alex said and Mrs. Delvings anger became a sweltering 
inferno. “You will not waste anymore of your classmates time Mr. 
Randolph, detention for the both of you!  You will stay after school 
writing on my chalkboard ‘There is no Beautiful Dreamer', and you will 
not stop until it gets dark.  I will be notifying both of your parents, 
do you understand?” “Y-yes mam.”  They both agreed. “Now finish your 
assignments, all of you!” Alex let his gaze drift to his open English 
textbook, and though his eyes skimmed across the words on each page his 

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