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synapses gone wild (standard:humor, 909 words)
Author: crazyAdded: Jul 18 2003Views/Reads: 2975/1943Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Random thoughts. What's the future of video games? What TV spinoffs can we expect?

-Tetris is so unrealistic- 


had the feeling 

you're in a 

computer game? 



that your life 

is controlled 

from above somehow? 



why there are 

so many falling 



Yeah, me neither. But seriously, aren't the computer games getting more
and more realistic? It's only a matter of time before we can't tell 
apart reality from virtual reality. And that will be the day when 
reality will be virtually indistinguishible from virtual reality, which 
in turn will be virtually similar to reality. It will be the day when 
you will have to sneak around as a Delta Force soldier, which may 
generate a cultural clash with the local police force. Or you may get 
an urge to do a loop around the golden gate bridge, under-over-under... 
oh come on, I know you've tried that in your flight simulator! And then 
when you're tired of doing these things, you might just run off to a 
huge green field to build a city from scratch, or perhaps you decide to 
declare war against the romans, only because you screwed up and they 
built the great library first. But think about this: what will you 

...when the 

first colored cubes 

start falling down? 

Now, how will you handle that? 


-Enhanced Basketball- 

Yes, this is a proposition for a new sport. It will revolutionize sport
as we know it. Consider basketball. It's an ok sport, but you know... 
eeh... Now consider basketball on a court perhaps three times as large 
and the baskets a few feet higher up. And then you're asking, 'hey, a 
game for giants?' and i would go 'no, Bosco, you got it all wrong'. 
Since this game is not invented yet, it will have to be played in the 
future. So i leave it up to the future scientists to come up with 
materials that makes it possible to make basket shoes which makes you 
jump several feet higher with ease. Or we can play this in a huge hall 
on the moon. Either way it's in the future. You can see it now, can't 
you? The players running and jumping higher than before. What speed, 
what high jumps! Weee! But it doesn't end there. Imagine now that we 
remove most of the rules in this game. Anything goes, the players can 
do anything. In fact, combine this game with some martial arts or 
something. You can just see the high kicks, the cool roundkicks and the 
midair mayhem, can't you! Now that's a sport. 

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