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Downfall (standard:Psychological fiction, 966 words)
Author: Richard J CobainAdded: Aug 05 2003Views/Reads: 3519/2305Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A journey through the mind of a not so average young man who is fed up with life.


It was fucking cold outside.  Not just uncomfortable cold I mean balls
freezing cold.  I really should have brought my jacket; all I was 
wearing was a shirt for Gods sake.  I was constantly doing stupid shit 
like forgetting my coat when it was cold and shit.  And I was too lazy 
to walk back up the stairs and get it. 

I lit a cigarette, the last one in the pack already.  “Fuck” I muttered,
I was smoking way too much lately.  I threw the empty pack in a bin I 
was passing but then I stopped.  It landed on top of a dirty pizza box 
and for some reason I felt sorry for it.  How would I like to be lying 
on a dirty pizza box waiting to be taken to the dump?.  How would 
anyone like that?.  I picked it back up issuing strange glances from 
passers by and put it in my left pants pocket. 

I was always doing crazy stuff like that.  Just then a really pretty
young woman passed me on the street wearing a heavy coat and a red 
scarf.  I said “hello” but she didn't reply.  I bet that in ten seconds 
she'll forget she ever saw me.  People always forget about me.  I'll 
remember her though she was really nice looking. 

As I walked I began to worry.  I lost my job two weeks ago and now I
can't afford the rent on my apartment, or box would be another word to 
describe it.  I was in trouble and had no one to turn too.  I shouldn't 
have told my boss to go fuck himself like that but he was such an 
asshole that I had too.  He never even tried to be nice to me and I 
just couldn't take his shit anymore.  Another example of the crazy shit 
I do. 

I walked past an old man who looked like he wished he wasn't on such a
bad day.  I bet he never told his boss to fuck himself.  Then I 
wondered what it would be like to be old, I was going to ask him but 
then thought better of it.  It was a bit of a rude thing to ask 

As I walked I began to smile though, sometimes you just had to look on
the bright side no matter how bad things were.  I started to think 
about the good times, there weren't many of them.  Then I saw I guy I 
knew coming towards me that I really hated.  Robert or Renfield or 
something corny like that I could never remember.  “Fuck” I cursed and 
I could see him thinking the same thing. 

“Hey Steve” he called in his stupid jock voice. 

“How's it going buddy?” I replied being careful not to mention a name. 

“Where are you off too? He asked. “Nowhere in particular” I answered
even though I knew I was going to the supermarket.  “You know how it 

“Yea” he sighed growing bored with my small talk.  “Well see you around”
he said and took off. 

“No you won't,” I mouthed with a smile. 

I was coming up to the supermarket now it wasn't far off.  Then I saw
something that really made me sad.  Just up the road lying down despite 
the cold was a homeless guy with his hand out for money.  No one was 
even looking at him.  I walked up to him and took out all the money I 
had.  It was only six bucks but i gave it to him and then entered the 

Then suddenly I changed.  That's the only way I can describe it.  I
started feeling and acting differently almost like someone had pushed a 
button in my head and a part of me that was dormant for a long time 
just woke up.  I watched the people pushing each other out of the way 
for groceries like savages and I couldn't take it anymore. 

I walked up to a woman in about her mid thirties took my gun out of my
pocket placed it to her head and blew her brains out.  They went all 
over the Spanish oranges.  People started to scream but I was only 
dimly aware of it.  I saw a guy running towards me trying to be a hero. 
 He looked like my boss.  I shot him in the stomach.  His white shirt 
turned red even before he hit the tiled floor squirming.  I had to bite 

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