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Energy Performer :Multiplier saga (standard:fantasy, 4748 words)
Author: strikemode14Added: Aug 19 2003Views/Reads: 3217/2298Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About the adventures of the hero Energy Performer and his friends going against the villian Mulitplier

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you can beat the Multiplier.” Fire Gear shoots a fire ball knocking the 
Multiplier through some grates. Fire Gear thinks “That was easy.” 
However the Multiplier was behind him. Fire Gear says “I am impressed 
but, your fast but, not fast enough.” He fires a bomb hitting him 
knocking through the wall. However on the side of him The multiplier is 
there laughing. 

The Multiplier says “You don't get it.” Fire Gear asks “Get what.” All
of a sudden 20 clones of the Multiplier come out. The original says 
“You can't beat all of us.” Fire Gear punches one another throws a kick 
Fire Gear is hit and is knocked back. Fire Gear gets up and starts to 
fire bombs. He begins to kick and beat them up. The Multiplier begins 
to make more to about 100 of them are there. Fire Gear finds a pole and 
starts to fight them. He knocks one out of the warehouse. He begins to 
beat them with the pole but, the numbers start to overwhelm him. 
FireGear is surrounded when 20 year old Brian shows up. Brian is 
dressed in a blue pants, blue shirt, and a blue sunglasses. (Height 6'5 
Weight:225 Sex: M Race: African American )Brian says “I am the Energy 
Performer bad guy wait bad guys.” Fire Gear thinks “Who is this guy?” 
Energy Performer starts to fire energy bombs knocking down the clones. 
Fire Gear starts to join in with fire bombs. 

After all the dust clouds from the explosion all the clones are gone
leaving Fire Gear alone. The Energy Performer is gone. Fire Gear thinks 
“I will find that vigilante and bring him in for questioning. The 
lieutenant says “Good work Will.” William Gear says “Thanks.” Brian is 
flying home just as Will is flying home from work. Brian still has his 
costume on. William says “I am Fire Gear I demand you stop and come 
with me for questioning.” Brian replies “Nah no thanks.” Brian flies at 
fast speed with William in pursuit. 

Episode 3 

Energy Performer's escape Energy Performer is speeding off giving a blue
trail. Fire Gear determined is chasing close. Energy Performer thinks 
“Let me kick in the after bunners.” Energy Performer starts to fly so 
fast cars and other objects are coming behind him. Fire Gear stops and 
thinks “He's fast but, not fast for my footwork.” Fire Gear begins to 
run with a flame trail he has almost got up with Energy Performer. The 
Energy Performer looks down and thinks “Wow he's faster on ground then 
in air.” 

Fire Gear is running around the debris that Energy Performer is picking
up. Fire Gear jumps on a pole that's in the air and grabs Energy 
Performer bringing him down. Energy Performer throws Fire Gear off him 
and says “Wow I see why the SPD paid you all that money.” “I guess I 
will have to fight you.” Fire Gear replies “Just give up now and come 
down for questioning.” Energy Performer says “How about we talk over a 
game of chess.” Fire Gear has a frown on his face and fires some fire 
balls. Energy Performer is hit and says “I guess that is a no.” 

Energy Performer flies toward Fire Gear and starts to throw punches Fire
Gear catches his arm and throws him into a building. Energy Performer 
gets up and fire a blue energy bomb. Fire Gear dodges but, not a 
lighting fast punch. Fire Gear is sent into the air and Energy 
Performer says “It's been fun but, I gotta go bye.” Energy Performer 
shoots some more bombs at Fire Gear. Fire Gear is blinded by all the 
bombs and when the light is gone from the night sky so had Energy 

Fire Gear thinks “Darn I will get him.” Fire Gear flies off in an angry
mood. Energy Performer is behind a building and thinks “Good he is 
finally gone sheesh I try to help and instead of thank you he tries to 
arrest me.” Energy Performer looks at his watch and thinks “It is 8:45 
I am suppose to meet the guys at the movies at 9:00” Energy Performer 
flies to Savanta College. He goes in his dorm with lighting speed 
changes clothes and meets his friends at the door. On the highway a 
police truck is turned over. The men that were driving call in. An 
officer listens to the men's story about what happen. The lieutenant is 
shocked to hear the news. He tells the police chief. The police chief 
picks up a red phone. He dials William Gear's phone number. William 
Gear just getting home from fighting with Energy Perform and the chief 
tells him some chilling words they are “The Multiplier has escaped and 
he has a new partner.” 

Episode 4 

Blue Lighting and Lady Blast are born. Brian is awaken by one of his
roommates Brittany Blast. (Height 5'9 Weight:153 Sex: F Race: African 
American) She yells “Where were you last night we almost missed the 
movie!!!!” Before Brian could say anything another roommate Billy 
Lighting adds “Yeah lucky we didn't are I would have killed you.” 
(Height 6'6 Weight: Sex: F Race: Caucasian) Brian replies “What happen 
was see.. I.. forget... sorry. Brittany says “Let me guess you were 
playing hero again.” Brian asks “How do you know?” Billy replies “It is 
all over the news.” Billy throws him a paper and in big bold letters it 
reads “Masked hero fights Fire Gear.” “Multiplier escapes with new 
partner.” Brian says “”I have to stop them.” Brittany replies “Well you 
might have some help.” Brian replies “What your power is being really 
smart no offense but, what you going to do think them to death.” Brian 
starts to laugh then says “You can't be talking about Billy sure he is 
good in martial arts but, that does not mean he can help me fight 

Brittany says “Yeah but, with my invention we can.” Brittany has a black
watch and presses a blue button. All of a sudden little machines form 
around her body.” It is a blue metal suit with white letters that have 
LB however there is a mask instead of a helmet. Brian is in shock and 
says “What...who..” Brittany explains “Well this is my suit made up of 
mini machines” “It gives me basically your powers but, I am less 
vulnerable to pain than you are seeing it is metal and stronger plus my 
suit is better looking.” “However you kill me in speed.” Billy says “My 
turn.” Brian replies “You too.” Billy nods then pushes a button and a 
suit of machines form around him.” His suit is blue and has a helmet on 
the chest it has BL.” Brian says “What can you do.” Billy replies 
“Generate electric attacks.” Brian asks “What are your superhero 
names.” Billy says “Blue lighting.” Brittany says “Lady Blast.” Brian 
replies “Not as cool as me but, not bad.” Billy asks “Well it is a 
Saturday what can we do?” Brittany and Billy turn on the tv and there 
is a emergency message. 

A news anchor is yelling “Clones of the Multiplier with laser pistols
are attacking the city stay in your houses and pray Fire Gear gets 
here!!!!!!” Some clones break into the studio and the anchor is yelling 
“Fire Gear sa....!!!” The transmission goes out. Brian says “How about 
save the city.” Billy and Brittany nod and they begin to leave. At the 
police station officers are coming back beaten up as they are 
outnumbered. Fire Gear is bringing some officers back and says “I guess 
I am alone chief.” The chief replies “Listen I would understand if you 
don't want to go back.” Fire Gear says “If I don't who will?” Fire Gear 
flies off and the chief yells “Good luck!!!!” 

Episode 5 

Time to fight the original Brian now in costume is with Lady Blast
(Brittany) and Blue Lightning (Billy) The began to fly in downtown area 
and land where Fire Gear is fighting. Fire Gear is blasting them with 
fireballs but, there is thousands of them. Energy Performer (Brian) 
blasts one of the multipliers and asks, “Need help?” Fire Gear replies 
“You know maybe you are not so bad what the heck.” Lady Blast punches 
one of the multipliers knocking them out. Energy Performer says, “Wow 
you are stronger than me.” 

Lady Blast smiles and replies “It's the metal.” She starts to kick and
punch them knocking them out. Blue Lightning starts to use roundhouse 
kicks knocking out multiplier clones. Blue Lightning asks, “Hey Blast 
how do I use my lightning bombs?” Lady Blast replies “Just open your 
palms and think about it however this is the first time using them so 
it may electrocute you.” Blue Lightning says “Ahh..Okay.” Blue 
Lightning holds out his palm and electric bombs start coming knocking 
out the clones they started to crash into cars. The streets are lit 
with fire and clouds of smoke are in the air making the sky dark and 
gloomy. Energy Performer is blasting away with energy bombs knocking 
back the clones. Lady Blast holds out her palm and begins to shoot 
energy bombs like Energy Performer. After a good 5 minutes of shooting 
more smoke is in the air and the clones keep multiplying. 

Lady Blast yells “There is too many!!!” FireGear says “There is one way
to get rid of them.” “If you take out the original multiplier the rest 
will disappear.” Blue Lightning says “So let's leave and take down the 
original.” Fire Gear yells “Are you crazy and leave the people to the 
mercy of the clones!!!” Energy Performer says “I will go alone and take 
him down.” FireGear yells “No I will go!!!” Energy Performer replies 
“No way I am faster it will not take long to get there plus it would 
help to get people out of here with you here.” FireGear replies “Okay 
but, if any funny business and I will hunt you down.” Energy Performer 
says “Right.” Blue Lightning says “Good luck” and Lady Blast adds 
“Please come back in one piece.” She is blushing a little and Energy 
Performer says “Don't worry.” Energy Performer takes off in search of 
the original Multiplier.” The clones pull out their guns and begin to 
fire as FireGear, Lady Blast and Blue Lightning shoot a counter fire. 

After awhile Energy Performer sees the same warehouse him and FireGear
captured him first. Energy Performer thinks “Nah no one is that dumb.” 
Energy Performer flies in and the lights come on. The original 
Multiplier is on a platform and says “I am glad you came I wanted you 
here now I will destroy you.” Energy Performer replies “I am surprise 
you are this dumb one for coming to the same hideout twice and two for 
think you can beat me.” From the shadows a deep voice says “Don't fail 
me again Multiplier or you will die.” Multiplier says “Yes sir I 
won't.” Energy Performer thinks “Man I wonder who is the mystery man.” 
The Multiplier jumps down and has on some gloves. He forms a green bomb 
out of them and shoots it at Energy Performer. Energy Performer barely 
dodges and The Multiplier yells “With these gloves I have the firepower 
to kill you!!!” Energy Performer replies “ Does gloves will not matter 
I will win.” Then he thinks “Darn it this guy has gloves come on and 
who in the world is in those shadows. 

Back where the three fighters are fighting the clones Lady Blast looks
in the air and thinks “Please Brian come back to me.” She punches a 
clone in the face and starts to fire some bombs. FireGear thinks “That 
vigilante better take down Multiplier because if he can't we are 
doomed.” FireGear flies and dodges laser gun fire and blast from in the 
air. Billy thinks “Brian I know you can do it now do it already.” Billy 
begins to electrocute the clones and thinks “Well you can't wait 
blasting these clones is sorta fun.” Back at the warehouse Multiplier 
and Energy Performer begin to charge at each other. In the shadows the 
mystery man thinks “I am impress I would like to fight him myself too 
bad my henchmen will kill him.” 

Episode 6 

The mystery man revealed Energy Performer throws a punch knocking the
Multiplier back. Energy Performer begins to throw a barrage of blue 
bombs where the Multiplier landed. Multiplier is staggering and Energy 
Performer punches him in the gut then in the head knocking him into the 
ground. The man in the shadow thinks “This is pathetic.” Multiplier 
gets up and fires some bombs Energy Performer knocks them away with 
ease. Energy Performer says “Surrender now.” Multiplier thinks “I must 
find a way to....of course.” He then yells “Fool you are finish!!!!” 
Multiplier raises his hand and energy starts to come to him. Back where 
the others are fighting the clones start to turn into energy and is 
going to the warehouse. FireGear says “I am glad that is ov....” Fire 
Gear falls to the ground badly injured. Blue Lightning says “My suit is 
damage I can't form electric bombs what about you.” Lady Blast replies 
“I am fine your suit will repair itself but, it will probably take an 
hour or two.” Blue Lightning says “If I am right Brian is going to need 
help go help him I will take this guy to a hospital.” Lady Blast 
replies “Okay.” Blue Lightning replies “Be careful.” Lady Blast nods as 
she flies off. 

Multiplier is getting healed and says “When I clone myself I lose power
but, all together I am invincible.” Energy Performer replies “We will 
see about that.” Energy Performer starts to fire energy bombs. 
Multiplier is deflecting them with ease and knocks them through the 
roof. Multiplier punches Energy Performer in the face then roundhouse 
kicks him to the ground. Energy Performer is on the ground and 
Multiplier puts his foot on Energy Performer's chest. Multiplier says 

He begins to form a huge green bomb he is laughing an evil laugh. Just
as he is about to unleash it a blue bomb knocks him off of Energy 
Performer. Energy Performer a little dazed and looks to see Lady Blast. 
Lady Blast flies where Energy Performer is at and asks “Are you okay?” 
Energy Performer gets up and asks “I'm fine how about you, Billy, and 
Fire Gear?” Lady Blast says “I am fine but, Billy's suit got damaged 
and Fire Gear is injured.” Multiplier interrupts and says “How a 
touching reunion but, this is the part where you die.” Multiplier 
gloves start to generate a massive amount of power. Lady Blast says 
“Let's combine our attacks.” Energy Performer nods in agreement. 
Multiplier fires his green energy attack and Energy Performer and Lady 
Blast fire a combined blue energy beams. The beams hits and Multiplier 
is winning then Energy Performer yells “I will not let you win!!!!” The 
double beam overtakes Multiplier's beam and there is a huge explosion. 

From the smoke Multiplier is bloody and bruised he tries to run but, a
green beam hits him from behind killing him instantly. Energy Performer 
looks around to see where the attack came from. Lady Blast yells “From 
the shadow!!!!” The mystery man says “How pathetic he could not kill 
two wannabe heroes.” “Even though to over power those gloves is 
impressive.” “The person who gave me and everyone their power built 
them for me then unfortunately had a horrible brake problem with his 
Camaro.” Energy Performer yells “Show yourself!!!!!” Lady Blast adds in 
“If you are not a coward!!!” The mystery man says “You fools I am what 
you inferior people called the original SP.” “The first and the 

I got the most energy.” Energy Performer asks “What do you mean?” The
mystery man replies “Remember a green wave well it was an accident the 
gov't had a machine to make people young but, it blew up giving people 
powers and since I absorbed the most I am the strongest.” Energy 
Performer yells “Come down here and prove it!!!!!” The mystery man 
laughs and replies “So eager to die then fine I will.” From the shadow 
the man jumps down in front of Energy Performer. Energy Performer reads 
on his chest EM. He asks “What does EM mean?” The man replies “Energy 
Madness are for you Emergency room.” The two men stare at each other as 
they prepare to battle each other in combat. 

Episode 7 

Hidden Power Energy Madness punches Energy Performer knocking him back a
few feet. Energy Performer responds with a kick to the face then a 
barrage of punches. They have little effect and Energy Performer thinks 
“No way.” Lady Blast comes and tries to throws kicks and punches but, 
Energy Madness is dodging them with ease. He hits her in the gut 
knocking her to the ground. Energy Performer starts to fire blue bombs 
at him. 

Energy Madness is blocking them with ease and fires a green bomb of his
own. Energy Performer barely dodges leaving a huge crater. Energy 
Madness asks, “Is this the best you could do?” Energy Performer replies 
“This is only the beginning.” Energy Performer fires a blue beam at 
Energy Madness. Energy Madness goes into the air as the beam takes out 
a wall. Energy Madness says, “Not bad if it had actually hit then maybe 
I would have had a little cut.” Then he begins to laugh. Energy 
Performer has an angry look on his face. Energy Madness says, “Don't be 
mad I will show you had to shoot a beam.” In mid-air Energy Madness 
starts to form a huge beam and fires it. Energy Performer thinks “With 
that power he could blow the building up.” He looks to see Lady Blast 
has a hole in the middle of her suit. As Energy Madness fires the beam 
Energy Performer grabs Lady Blast and gets out of the building. 

When outside the building is in flames and Energy Madness says “I am
really impressed you got out in time and saved the girl.” Energy 
Performer replies “If you like that then you will love this.” Energy 
Performer charges him with punches and kicks Energy Madness is blocking 
them and catches his arm then knocks him to the ground. He starts to 
fire green bombs forming a crater. Energy Performer is down and almost 
knocked out. Energy Madness says “Well do you hear that the fat lady 
has just sung.” “If it make you feel better you lasted longer than 
anyone before.” Energy Performer bleeding and covered with bruises says 
“It isn't....over...yet.” 

Energy Madness powers up his final attack a huge green bomb Energy
Performer covers his face with his arm for the attack. Just as it is 
about to be released Lady Blast fires some energy bombs. Energy Madness 
turns around and says “I see your suit is damage this should finish you 
off.” He throws the bomb and it hits. As Energy Performer lays on the 
ground he could hear Lady Blast scream. Energy Performer gets up and 
flies over where a huge crater with her body is at. The majority of her 
suit is destroyed with only a little bit here are there. Then the watch 
says “Suit damage 85% must repair.” The remaining robots go back to the 
watch. Brittany is left badly injured and in a very weaken voice says 
“You must.. beat...him.” Energy Performer in tears says “I am going to 
get you to a hospital.” Brittany replies “No ....fight....him.” Energy 
Performer says “I won't lose you you.” Brittany replies “I ..too...if ...he ...can ...never....hurt...anyone...aga.....” 
Brittany passes out. Energy Performer screams in rage. 

Energy Performer stands up and Energy Madness says “How touching I love
you.” He begins to laugh. Energy Performer has cold look on his face 
and says very angrily “You have sealed your fate you will pay.” “I will 
never forgive you never.” Energy Performer begins to scream and has a 
blue aura around him he charges him knocking Energy Madness through 
another building. Energy Madness comes out rubbing his chin and says “I 
have never had someone do that before this hidden power is impressive I 
might actually have some fun.” Energy Performer yells “Trust me what I 
am going to do will not be fun.” Energy Performer charges toward Energy 
Madness and to the final battle 

Episode 8 

The Final Battle? Energy Performer hits Energy Madness with a powerful
kick to the jaw. Energy Performer hits him in the gut then another 
powerful knee to the face. Energy Madness is staggering and fires an 
energy bomb. Energy Performer fires a bomb of his own and the two bombs 
cancel. Energy Madness hits him in the face knocking him down. Energy 
Performer is getting up and Madness says “Yes that is it show me more 
of this power.” Energy Performer replies “With pleasure.” Energy 
Performer starts to fire bombs at Energy Madness. Energy 

Madness with all his might is trying to dodge but, can't and is hit.
Energy Performer fires a beam and it knocks Energy Madness to the 
ground covered in smoke. He has bruises and is bleeding from the lip. 
Energy Performer says “Admit defeat I am superior.” Energy Madness gets 
up and yells “No one is superior to me!!!!” “There is more than one way 
to kill you!!!” 

Energy Madness flies at a tremendous speed. Energy Performer looks back
at Brittany and thinks “This is for you.” Energy Performer flies off he 
sees Energy Madness in the middle of downtown still air board. Energy 
Performer lands and Energy Madness says “Let's play a game I am going 
to form a huge energy ball and if it drops the city will be destroyed 
along with you.” A camera crew is filming the conversation while in the 
hospital FireGear and Blue Lightning are looking at it on tv. 

Fire Gear says “Let me...go.” Blue Lightning replies “You are injured I
am going alone.” Fire Gear says “I must pro...” Just before he could 
finish Blue Lightning punched him knocking him out. Blue Lightning 
thinks “Sorry but, I can't risk you coming after I leave.” Blue 
Lightning flies off to the scene. A few minutes later he lands to see 
Energy Performer. Energy Performer says “Go to the warehouse where I 
originally fought Multiplier you will find Brittany take her to the 

Blue Lightning says “What about you and what has happen to Brittany.”
Energy Performer with a very serious look says “Please just do as I 
say.” Blue Lightning could sense the seriousness and left. Energy 
Performer looks up and see that Energy Madness had formed his energy 
bomb. Energy Madness says “Don't drop the ball.” Energy Madness flings 
it down Energy Performer puts his arms out and catches it but, he is 
beginning to sink down. The concrete is melting under the sheer heat. 
Energy Madness has a smile but, quickly it begins to turn to a frown as 
Energy Performer is using his energy to blast the ball back at Energy 

Energy Madness is caught by the ball and is blasted into space where him
and the ball blow up. Energy Performer looks to see Blue Lightning 
carrying Brittany. Blue Lightning lands and says “She will be fine I am 
going to take her to the hospital.” Energy Performer aura disappears 
and then he says “Could you do one more thing.” Blue Lightning asks 
“What?” Energy Performer says “Take me there too.” He passes out and 
Blue Lightning thinks “Sure you deserve it you saved the city.” As Blue 
Lightning takes them to the hospital something white is in the river. 
It is an emblem of some kind in bold white letters had EM. Then 
someone's hand grabs from underwater 


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