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Energy Performer :Multiplier saga (standard:fantasy, 4748 words)
Author: strikemode14Added: Aug 19 2003Views/Reads: 3187/2277Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About the adventures of the hero Energy Performer and his friends going against the villian Mulitplier

The Multiplier 

Episode 1 

The Accident January 5, 1998 in a lab in a remote place in Texas. There
was a gigantic lab in the middle of a desert. Inside everything seemed 
normal. What you would expect Bunsen burners, scientists conducting 
experiments the usual. Well except a unusual sealed of room that read 
"Authorized Personnel Only." Inside this mini fortress there was 3 
scientists all white and a telephone looking unit with an elderly white 
male. He was 6'5, about 180 pounds and time had not been good to him as 
he seemed feeble and helpless looking. He was trying to yell but, of 
his old age could not hardly get up a good scream. One of the 
scientists the main one (could tell by he had a red badge and the other 
two had only blue badges.) says "Pull it." One of the scientists pulled 
a silver lever that was on the unit and the last one went to a station 
with a machine that monitor levels of pressure. 

The unit started to fill with a green light and the main scientists says
"This is going to be revolutionary a machine that makes you young and 
strong." The second scientists replies "A fountain of youth." The main 
scientists says "Yes and with this technology we will become extremely 
wealthy." The third scientist adds "All is good with the nuclear wave." 
The main scientists replies "Good with this we will be rich and we can 
continue to improve science and our bank accounts." The three 
scientists smile. 

The old man begins to regrow hair and is getting younger. As the three
scientists celebrate their triumph the gauge goes from green to red. 
The chamber begin to shake and the third scientists yells "Stop 
it!!!!!" However it was too late the machine exploded and the green 
wave was sent all around the world. The old man comes out but, is no 
longer old he is 7'2 20 years old, 350 pounds of muscles plus he has 
blonde hair and blue eyes. 

The new man smiles and says "Thanks" The man's facial expression changes
to a mad look and fires a green beam at the two blue badge scientists. 
The main scientists runs for his life hitting an alarm on his way out. 
The other scientists pull out every gun imaginable and fire but, the 
new man makes a shield that melts the bullets away. The man fires green 
bombs and kills all the scientists. 

The main scientists gets into his 91 Camaro in fear and floors it on the
dirt road. The new man walks out the lab and destroys it with a green 
beam leaving a fire in the desert night sky. The new man says "I will 
kill that fool later but, for now let all fear Max Madness no...Energy 
Madness yeah that is good Energy Madness." He starts to laugh a venoms 
laugh and flies off. Around the world people are finding that they 
could do things like fly or run fast that they would become to be 
called SP (Special People). Not all but some including Brian 
Performance a (15 year old boy black male with black hair and eyes 5'6 
and 145 pounds.), he could fly and shoot blue energy bombs (his 
favorite color). 

At night Brian starts to fly when he sees a robbery. An old woman is
being robbed. Brian says “Stop.” The robber is 6'5 256 pounds of muscle 
with black pants and shirt and boots. He breaks out with laughter when 
he sees the black male 5'6 145 pound black Brian. The robber charges 
him but, Brian fires an energy bomb knocking the guy out. Brian flies 
off as the old woman waves to him goodbye. Brian thinks “Maybe I should 
do this all the time.” 


The Energy Performer appears 5 years after the wave hit the location is
the city of Savanta at a old warehouse. Police cars are everywhere 
there are officers with guns ready to fire. The swat team is there. A 
man dressed in a police uniform walks up. (white male, blond hair, blue 
eyes, 6'3 235 pounds.) The other officers are in cheer. The lieutenant 
comes up to him and says “He is in there Officer Gear.” Gear replies “I 
will get him.” Gear blasts the door with a fire ball. A man about 6'1 
white male black hair, brown eyes with black pants and black shirt says 
“Hello William Gear or should I say Fire Gear.” 

Fire Gear says “Give me the jewels” The man replies “Why do you think

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