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A Rollie's Decision (youngsters:science fiction, 1493 words)
Author: D. L. MorganAdded: Feb 17 2004Views/Reads: 4390/2408Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
‘A Rollie’s Decision’ is part of ‘Children of a Dark Sky.’ A deferent view of the same event. Comments, critique, and editing help are always welcome. Dale

A Rollie's Decision 

The rollie look over at its partner in life, his sister, changing from
the camouflage green day time color to the pink of the night. He had 
also changed his fur to a dull blue. They both had left the hut of the 
human that had save both their lives. 

Half a season ago the human had assumed that they were both capture in a
net, the way wild rollies a caught. That female human had planed to 
cook both rollies in a stew. The woman had bargained an old pare of 
chamois pants for them. She had every intentioned of cooking them, but 
was pondering weather to changed her mind after watching them together, 
each grooming each other, she assumed they were unaware that their 
deaths would becoming soon. 

“I can't believe that Ga-rule has the ambition to catch you two, Jabone,
now he would have the persistence to lie still on the ground until you 
two crossed a net. I wonder where Jabone got a net.” 

She was talking to the rollies as if they under stood her. 

"You two seem calm, I guess you don't know that you're going into a stew
pot," She said. 

They gave her no reaction. Too tried from fear and being traded from
human to human. 

The truth was that Jabone had traded a sling shot he had made to get the
pair away from the traveler who had brought them to the village in a 
small hand carry cage. 

'I can always make another,' he told himself. 

Unfortunately for him, his master, Ga-rule took the rollies away from
him, claming that he gave him food all the time, now it is his turn to 
give food to his master. 

"Unfair!" Jabone cried. 

"Too bad. Maybe I should take you to the big city and look for a new

Jabone said nothing more. Ga-rule would make him work but he was the
first person that did not beat him. At only 12 summers old he could not 
work on his own. 

The woman looked into the rollies big brown eyes, wondering what the
round little creatures were thinking. The rollies stared back. 

"Well sister, I think we will finally end up as dinner for a human," the
blue rollie thought to the pink one. 

"Nasty human, why can't they eat insects like us," she replied in a
thought to her brother. 

"It's the way of the world. We were raised on the farm to be eaten.
There is nothing we can do, sister." 

"I know brother." 

The pink rollie started to cry. 

The blue rollie groomed his sister with his snake like tong. 

"I don't think I'll eat you tonight," She said. "I don't feel like
killing anything tonight." 

She opened the door to the cage and let them out. 

That was a half a summer ago. 

The night was just like any other night. No moon or stars could be seen
in the sky. The night air got cold fast. So fast that any humans got 
caught out did not live very long with out the warmth of a fire in 
their huts. 

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