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The Story Teller (standard:Inspirational stories, 777 words)
Author: ClarityAdded: Mar 08 2004Views/Reads: 3583/3Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
About a Lady who touches many people with her stories

It was her Daughter that rescued Veroniica. The older woman had been
swept away, drowning in waves of what ifs and what might of bins. Her 
Daughter Bethany's hand on her shoulder broke the inner turmoil's hold. 

" What's wrong Mum ? " her daughter had asked, the child's eyes seeming
to see into her soul. " Just regrets Loved one " she told her reaching 
out to tweak Bethany's sun kissed nose. " What regrets " her daughter 
pushed. With a sigh her mother relied, " I've always wanted to write 
stories but never got around to it, I am always to busy with something 
or someone else." " Oh Mum " her daughter begun with passion in her 
voice, " You are always telling stories, its all I hear you do ! Every 
time anyone in the neighboorhood has a problem you tell them a story 
and they listen.....understand.....and things are fixed or on the mend. 
All I can ever remember is you tellin' stories. " the serious twelve 
year old told her. Smiling, Veronioca looked into Bethany's eyes and 
then proceeded to hug her. " Well I suppose I do tell stories, I just 
always thought I would write them down and I would touch the world. " " 
You do touch the world Mum ! Just like when you told James's Mum that 
story. We all touch the world in ways we will never know. You can't not 
touch it, you can only choose what kind of touch yours' will be. " What 
do you do when your daughter throws your own words back at you. You do 
the only thing possible, hug her close and deep, then tickle her till 
she screams. 

Twelve Years Later Sunshine High School. Written in white chalk and
underlined on the blackboard was this morning's english assignment. The 
Person who most affected my life / my family's life the most. Written 
neatly underneath was a list of possibilities. Mother, Father, Grand 
Parents, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Cousin or Family Friend. The 
young female teacher split the soon to be teenagers into small groups. 
They quietly worked at their projects till one groups voices rose in 
squeals of delight. " Really " said one student. " Yes, Really. " 
anothers voice replied. " Wow." they all said in unison. The teacher 
went over and shushed them and the sheepishly returned to their talk at 
a quieter level. 

A week passed and each of the students was asked to give a presentation
on the project. The group that had been loud the week before approached 
the teacher. " Miss Rown ? " the groups leader began. " Could we all do 
it as a group ? " indicating the students gathered behind her. " You 
see....we are all talking of the same person. " the girl told her 
excitedly. Miss Rown replied, "A lot of students have choosen the same 
family member. Th girl interupted, " No MissRown you don't 
understand......its not hte samr family member. We..." she said 
indicating the others again. " We all choose a family friend, and well 
you see....each of our family friends turns out to be the same person. 
" " Well....." Miss Rown said. " That is exciting, how about you go 
first. " 

As the first child in the group began to speak of the woman her family
had known and been infuenced by, Miss Rown's suspicions began. Each 
child told of a woman known to them as The Story Teller who had always 
helped their families by telling her stories. Miss Rown was now sure. 
The children spoke of how the woman was a friend of their families and 
had always solved riddles for them and told them stories that they all 
treasured. The class erupted in applause and the Teacher had a tear in 
her eye as the last child spoke her last lines and let them linger in 
the air. " Though she always wanted to write her stories we know 
clearly she lived them. We also know ours and countless others lives 
are richer for her touch. For it was a loving touch she chose. " 

Miss Rown stood up clearing the emotion from her throat. " You all spoke
so wonderfully. " She told them as the applause died down. " It's quite 
amazing that you all know this one wonderful lady and that your lives 
have been touched by her stories. Whats even more amazing is that the 
story teller you speak of.....? She took a very deep breath and a very 
proud Bethany Rown said clearly, " Your Story Teller is my mother. " 


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