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do you know how i feel, friend? (youngsters:other, 597 words)
Author: homeyddAdded: Mar 15 2004Views/Reads: 4902/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
portrays the feelings hidden in my heart that my friend still doesn't know...been trying to let her know about it a few times, but i don't think i have the courage to break it to her.

I didn't get to know her till my second or third day in the polytechnic,
where I'd just started my tertiary education. But when I finally did, 
oh gosh, she was such a sweet and quiet girl, a little shy too. I still 
remember my first words to her: "Is your name wen2 qing1 or wen2 qing4 
(that's in 'hanyu pinyin'/mandarin)?". 

Well, for the first two months or so, she seemed to me a really nice
girl - went home straight after school mostly. A good girl. I thought 
I'd found the "perfect" friend after all, having been shy, quiet girl 
back in secondary school. I found someone who is just like me. She was 
probably one of the best of the best kinda friend that ever stepped 
into my life, and I thank God for this wonderful friend. ;) 

Time flew by, and things changed. Almost totally changed. And that was
kinda like a blow to me in a way. She became outspoken "all of a 
sudden". Think of a bomb. It was because of that that I started to feel 
down more often. Another classmate of mine just simply, I'd say, stole 
her away from me. Oh that almost tore me apart! Things weren't the same 
as they were when we first met, and I wished time would always stay at 
that period where nobody had to "steal" her from me. I know this might 
sound selfish, but hey, you wouldn't feel good too if someone snatches 
your best friend away. How I felt like punching that girl who upset our 
relationship! That idiot. 

Nevertheless, I want Wenqing to be happy - true friends will want you to
be happy, right. That was why I didn't want to make her unhappy even 
though how sad I was. So, almost everyday, I'll just watch and listen 
to her and that classmate joking around like crazy girls, etc. 

I don't blame her at all, though I may be a little upset with her for
not understanding how I felt. She IS a nice girl, until that stupid 
classmate lay pressure on her. What was worse was that she pressurized 
Wenqing change the way she dresses and all that. That b**** controlled 
her and my poor friend was totally oblivious to it! It was like if she 
told Wenqing to eat shit, the latter just obeyed. She didn't even have 
her own stand. How stupid and foolish! sigh... I just couldn't stand 
her! I mean, everyone has his or her own style, which portrays their 
uniqueness. And even if Wenqing were to change her dressing sense, I 
won't mind, but just let her change it slowly. You can't expect 
everything to change in a twink of the eye. That's totally absurd. 
Forcing people to change for your own benefit really urks me. F*** that 
classmate of mine. 

God, I just wish that Wenqing will know about my feelings. Take off the
blindfold that my classmate has placed around her...most of all, I just 
pray that Wenqing will have the wisdom to differentiate what's right 
and what's not. Don't let her be a fool, God. Make her really THINK 
clearly about what's going on. Don't ever let her be so clueless 

ps *Wenqing, if you're ever reading this, I just wanna let u noe that
i'm sorry if i kinda used crude language for this. Didn't mean it at 
all. Just hope that you'll "come to your senses" one day...for your own 
gd, fren. Really don't wanna see you end up being tossed here and there 
by others. 


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