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Neverending story (standard:Suspense, 1163 words)
Author: veraelaineAdded: May 09 2004Views/Reads: 3243/1944Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Someone is trying to save his sister from a life of prostitution. There is only one way to do this-kill the pimp.

There is someone executing the pimps on the east coast.  There is a
rumor that the  brother of  one of the  'ladies' is out for revenge.  
No knows who the 'lady' is or was. 

The first to be executed was'Cutie Pie,' a real nice follow.  He would 
never get angry with his women.  He would never hit or smack them 
around...unless one of them messed up his money...unless one of them 
refused to service a client...unless they forgot to greet him as 
"Master Pie" on bended knee each and every morning and night.  Poor 
Cutie Pie was really cute one evening-dapper grey business suit, grey 
derby with silver band around it, oak walking stick with silver tip.  
He had just finished berating "Sugar" for not doing her best for one of 
her clients.  "Not your personal best.  I don't care how bad you feel, 
your job is to make these men feel great.  I'll deal with you later."  
Sugar knew what the deal would be as she turned the corner.  She still 
wasn't used to the pain.  Cutie Pie became "poor" Cutie Pie the moment 
he turned around (with a smirk on his fact) just in time for the first 
bullet between the eyes.  The next one leading a straight line from the 
nose to the throat, to the chest, to the stomach, to the last place a 
man would ever want shot.  It would seem that circumstances had 
prevented Cutie Pie (asa Jesse Naudlin) from ever becoming a good man, 
or a grown man period.  Jesse was only sixteen years old. 

Moses Williams and Alan 'King' Arthur were discussing bulletproof vests
and bodyguards over drinks, in the back of Sidney's bar.  They spoke in 
low tones so as not to be heard in case they hit on a good idea.  
Suddenly 'King' got up, shrugged his  shoulders and strolled out the 
door, leaving MOses to swallow 1/3rd  glass of cognac.  It had  just  
taken effect when the first BAM, BAM, BAM was heard, followed by the 
screams.  Well the king is dead, long lived the king. 

All the ladies were questioned.  There were runaways, and kids thrown
out of the home.  No brothers or fathers for that matter looking for 
them.  The pimps ranged in age from 16 to 42 years old.  A few 
inherited the business.  (There had been a few females, but they 
quickly bowed to their "betters" when the men moved in). 

So the pimps decided to have a meeting, talking in low tones.  There was
trouble.  Four pimps from neighboring counties were dead... straight 
line hollow points from  between the eyes to the neck on down to the 
man hood.  There was a note sent to one of the young men that said, "My 
sister's life for yours."  A few were panicky, the police weren't doing 
anything.  Who would be next?  As the meeting broke up there were 
hushed whispers by the door.  NO one wanted to be the first to walk out 
the door.  Who was waiting to kill them?  One by one they trickled out. 
 Ducking behind cars, trees, trying to be careful, one man was in his 
car and halfway down the street when the first explosion happened.  No 
warning, just BOOM.  His name was Jesus Himmenez.  As a crowd gathered, 
someone yelled out "Jesus still couldn't save himself from death." 

"Papa" Joe and his guards talked in hushed tones.  These men were  hand
picked by Papa Joe, himself.  Those few with sisters made sure they 
were not in this business.  These were big, beefy guys, with fully 
loaded .357 magnums.  They formed a circle around Papa Joe everywhere 
he went.  Before he went to the men's room, Papa Joe kept his back to 
the wall while two guards checked out the room and stalls.  Every man 
was searched then kicked out so that Papa would have privacy.  Papa had 
unzipped and settled comfortably in front of the urinal when he heard 
"Papa, honey."  On reflex, Papa turned...directly into a bullet to the 
forehead and all the way down.  That's the way he was found, pants 
down.  (He came, he wet, he went). 

Moses  took much better care.  He also had big beefy bodyguards-women. 
The meanest, ugliest, muscular types (just  happy that someone like 
"handsome' Moses would even look at them) encircled him.  He wore a 
bulletproof vest, carried a fully loaded .357 magnum and so did his 
bodyguards (mommas).  Walking no more than two steps in front of him, 
MOses had one sharp eyed momma (aka Alma) walk in  front of him and the 
rest.  Tina and Louise were on either side of him.  Every morning, and 
every night these women swore to protect and follow MOses as long as 
they lived.  At night, they circled his bed, sleeping beside him and at 
the foot (like guard dogs).  Yes, they vowed to love and protect him.  
They had taken that vow as usual Tuesday morning and re-affirmed it 
after Moses read the headlines about Papa Joe.  As they stepped out of 
the front door of his lavishly furnished home, the guards  took their 

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