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The Mice Of Modseep (standard:fantasy, 30730 words)
Author: Finn YoungerAdded: Jun 27 2004Views/Reads: 3560/2265Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Times are dark.This is a legend about animals.The race of rats have found thier new leader. They will stop at nothing to drive the mice off the planet. So war breaks out, the fate of mice depends on just two mice who follow destiny, its the age of death

The times were dark. Rats were trying to conquer the lands. In this very
year an Army of Rats was trying to take over the Grand city. The city 
was home of the squirrels. The squirrels had a small army but on the 
first few days of the siege their army had no more than eighty 
squirrels in it. The siege had been going on for two weeks. An army of 
mice who acted as international warriors was going to arriving in back 
up in four days. Many innocent animals died and a few Rats have been 

It was one day before the mice would arrive. The rats sent in a wave of
twenty Rats. They had bombs strapped to their backs. They ran into the 
wall of the city, where another Rat would shoot the explosives on their 
back. And the wall would be gone. Boom!! A hole appeared in the wall. 
Twenty Rats charged in. This move was unexpected and one of the 
squirrels on guard organized a squad of to go and investigate. 

They killed or chased out all the rats. But as one squirrel turned a
corner, he saw a hooded figure put something in a bucket of a well, and 
then the person lowered the bucket into the well. 

The cloaked figure was walking away. Then he stopped. Turned around.
Produced a small knife from his belt. And then hurled it at the 
squirrel. The squirrel dropped down dead. Soon the mice arrived on the 
scene. Already the Rat army had retreated back to their country: 

The city was saved.  From then on all creatures remained allies. Except,
the Rats. Suprisingly, The Rats did not try launch any more attacks. 
They kept to themselves. Little did any one know the Rats had won the 
War against the squirrels. 

So they didn't invade any other countries. Secretly they where saving
troops, and weapons for another time, soon to come. 

One thousand years passed after the Battle of The Grand city. Rook, a
mouse with a chestnut coloured coat had finished his day of work. He 
and twenty other mice headed back to their cave. The lords of the sky, 
the eagles, had captured the mice. They were enslaved and made to dig 
holes in solid rock for the eagles to store food in in winter. Life was 
tough. Rook was a very young mouse; he had been working for the Eagles 
with his mother for many years. One of the baby eagles    called 
Golski, felt   sorry for the mice. One day when his parents were out 
hunting, Golski put as many mice as would fit on his back and flew the 
mice to safety. It took many trips but all the mice got down 
eventually. “SILENCE” yelled the oldest mouse. The speaker, the oldest 
mouse stood on a tree stump, his shinning white coat made him look like 
a king. “It is fortunate, yet spectacular to be in the outside world” 
said Snowy, and then his voice grew more serious. “It may be a dream 
for some of you, a nightmare or an adventure for others, but as leader 
I have to warn you the outside world is very dangerous indeed. So we 
must be very care”- his voice was no longer heard. “Ahh!!” “No!!!” The 
crow dived in and grabbed a mouse with its sharp knife like talons. It 
then ate another in one quick action. All the mice fled into the long 
grass only to find another hungry animal lurking in. Rook managed to 
find his mother through al the chaos. “Go, run my dear, I was once told 
head towards the sun to find safety, go!!” “Mum I really need you”. 
Rook said lying in a small hole he had found. `Please come back' Rook 
sobbed to him-self. The incident with the monstrous creatures had 
happened about three hours ago. Rook was tired, dirty, soaked with his 
own tears, and scratched. Sadly, Rook remained in that hole for about 
two more days, till one morning, (or it could have been the night, Rook 
was in a small hole deep under ground) Rook started to think of    
something   his mother used to say to him when he was a small baby 
mouse.   “ Young Rook, you are very lucky to have life, and you must 
always thank God, the creator of mice”. Rook stood up on his two hind 
legs and thought, “ I now know what I am to do, I must enjoy life, it 
is not yet my time to join my mother.” Rook jumped up and ran out of 
the small burrow into daylight. “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!” Gwen yelled but then 
stopped. He would have to be more carefully. He was out in the wild it 
was not safe. Follow the sun. Rook started running into the grass. He 
ran and ran, only stopping to examine a strange object. Rook finally 
reached sand. It was endless sand. This was what Eagles had called a 
beet, or a beach or something. Rook peered at it for a few seconds, 
unsure on what he should to. Rook plucked up his courage and leapt on 
to the sand. It was boiling! Rook ran and leapt and rolled his way 

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