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An Open Letter (standard:other, 466 words)
Author: Rattan MannAdded: Jul 21 2004Views/Reads: 3562/2Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A voice against Norwegian racism

An Open Letter 

In its May 04 issue Hobart Journal ( ) has posted my
story " The Unread Story" .But for me what is more important is the 
courage Hobart Journal has shown by including the following paragraph 
in the bio. 

Rattan has a BSc in electronics, another BSc in physics, and a MSc in
physics, all from Norway. He has passed a total of 50 exams in 
mathematics, physics, and computers from Norwegian colleges and 
universities with a total of 150 credit points - all without attending 
a single lecture or having a guide or supervisor for his Masters thesis 
in Superstring theory. But Norwegian universities and institutions 
found him and his acheivements" to much below average" to let him 
proceed with a Phd in superstring theory or give him any other job. So 
he is living in a limbo, either on dole, or eking out a living as "an 
incompetent person with very below average qualities." 

With my autobiography "Silence With The Storm" appearing at Oracular
Tree( ) from march onwards and now this paragraph 
in Hobart, finally, after decades of suppression, my side of the story 
has started leaking out of the four walls of my bedroom ( my prison, I 
should call it) into the world wide web, thanks to the courage of a new 
and young breed of women and men born in cyberspace who are not afraid 
to catch the bull of establishment by the horn. I appeal to these and 
other websites, including, where my work has appeared 
not to remove my work even under pressure. 

In Norway, people like me who know major portions of pure
mathematics,theoretical physics, philosophy, psychology, history, and 
literature backwards are regarded as "very below average" and " very 
incompetent" and relegated to the status of permanent pariahs and 
outcastes just because we are non-whites. And people who have just five 
classes of primary school education are rectors and directors of major 
institutions just because they are white. I myself have served under 
bosses who had just 5 classes of primary school education. And they 
were regarded as "universal geniuses". 

The time has come for me to search for souls in cyberspace who have the
courage to protest against this racial discrimination, not with loud 
words, but at least in the silence of their hearts, because in my 
opinion, when man loses the capacity and the courage to protest even in 
the silence of his heart, I personally see no hope for mankind. 

I am a Gandhian, and I will be more than satisfied if you demonstrate
this silent protest by forwarding this letter to a few of your 
courageous friends in cyberspace. 

Rattan Mann 


Sun cerified java programmer/Web component developer/Enterprise

Oracle certified PL/SQl programmer (OCA) 

Oslo, Norway 


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