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Hitching a ride (standard:Inspirational stories, 614 words)
Author: EuphoriatAdded: Jul 28 2004Views/Reads: 3270/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Inspirational story about me meeting a woman who reinstated my beliefs of human good.

My mother had just died from cancer, and i was a wreck. We hadnt been
very close and it had killed me that i never got to actually know who 
she is. Sometimes i feel it is worse that i didnt know her then if i 
actually did and cared for her much more. So i was on my way to the 
funeral home and suddenly my car broke down. I pulled over onto the 
shoulder and began to feel sorry for myself. It felt to me that God was 
punishing me, first my mother dying, now this! I slowly stumbled out of 
my car and checked to see what the problem was. It turned out my tire 
was flat and i did not have a spare. It seemed my luck was getting as 
worse as it could be. Then it began to rain. I quickly hopped back into 
my car and began to cry. I turned my emergencies on and just sat there 

Then it seemed out of nowhere this older woman pulled up behind me. I
got out of my car and she asked what the problem was. I told her and 
she said, "Well dear, i guess i'll just have to take you to the funeral 
myself." Then unbelievably she ushered me into her car and began 
driving. Soon i could feel the sun beaming on my face and felt my luck 
was suddenly changing. I smiled to myself. I was telling the lady the 
directions as we went and she told me she was headed to her sisters 
house for dinner the exacty opposite way. I felt bad making her go out 
of her way but she would not stand for it, she told me she wanted to 
help me. So i just went along, telling her the directions, and 
eventually we came to the funeral home. I asked her for her name and 
number. She wrote it down for me. I thanked her for her trouble and 
felt a tear roll down my cheek, not for my mother, but for the kindness 
of the stranger i had just met. 

I attended the funeral service, but always in the back of my mind was
this old lady that had helped me. I hitched a ride with my brother back 
to my house and arranged for my car to be fixed. Everything became back 
to normal for me and soon i forgot about this lady who had helped me. 
Yesterday i was looking through some old shoeboxes and stumbled upon 
her number and decided to call her. A younger woman answered and she 
said she was the older womans daughter and that her mother had recently 
passed away. I was so shocked by that, i didnt talk for a minute or 
two. Finally i asked where the funeral was and made plans to go to it. 

The funeral was sad but it really made me realize something. That you
never know when you will die, so you must do your best to help others 
in order to make your life meaningful. People look for the easiest ways 
to do things. They think money and fame is the best way to achieve a 
meaningful life. But i think the only way is to help people. I am very 
grateful to this woman whom i never really had known, because she 
changed my life. I now realize that in order for us to be truly happy, 
we all must love one another and work towards a caring world and 
society. And in order to do that we must all do our part by helping 
everyone we meet. Thank you for your time.


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