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MESSAGE (standard:mystery, 3617 words)
Author: ArunodayAdded: Oct 21 2004Views/Reads: 3611/2495Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A story of mysterious 'SMS'es


“Train   arriving on platform no.7 is 9.05   fast local for Mumbai
Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus. This local will halt only at Dombivili, 

Arun was late once again.This was the third time in a week that he was
going to report late for work. Mr.Desai,his boss was a strict man.Nice 
to talk to but very particular about work.More-ever he was punctual and 
unfortunately Arun was not!!! 

“Excuse me!,excuse me please!!” Arun was pushing through the usual
morning rush for local trains in Mumbai.Most mumbaiites are suburban 
dwellers and so was Arun .Staying at Kalyan and travelling to Bandra 
was really hectic,but then that was a part of life. 

Finally Arun reached platform no.7 and was waiting in the crowd for the
local train to arrive.Some people were standing very close to  the edge 
and bending to look for the coming train.Arun always used to wonder 
that whether doing this stupidity will make the train come earlier than 
what it was supposed to be. “BEEP—BEEP” “BEEP—BEEP” SMS!!! “Oh no,not 
now for heavens sake!!” Arun hated  handling cell phones while boarding 
local trains,even if it was a message he made it a point that he read 
it immediately. 

He removed his new polyphonic ringer,colour screen phone.They were like
mushrooms in rain now a days. “DON'T  BOARD THIS TRAIN” ,said the 
message.It must be Chivda thought Arun.Chivda was Arun's childhood 
friend,and was known as a prankster of the first order.His real name 
was Chinmay Joshi,but for Arun he was Chivda!! 

Arun scrolled the message for the number and found 263819012. This was a
local landline number and generally SMSes are send via cell numbers. 
Arun was wondering whose number it was.He went ahead,a step to the 
Gents second class and was about to board the train when suddenly a 
hand pulled him back!!!Enraged he turned back to see who was it and saw 
the familiar face of Freddy Furtado. 

Arun and Freddy were colleagues.They usually used to take the same
local,but it seems today even Freddy was late. “ Arey yaar Arun,late 
for work today?”--Freddy . “ So what? Even you are late”—Arun . “No 
dude,I am on leave.I am going to meet Carroll”. Caroll.... Caroll 
Fernandes.She was that person whose mere mention would lit up Frank 
“Freddy” Furtado's face. They were engaged and supposed to get married, 
later that year. 

“You are a lucky bastard” said Arun,who was single inspite of being an
“ELIGIBLE BACHELOR” atleast this was what he felt about himself!!!!! 

In this short discussion of theirs' the local train started moving. Arun
saw this and started running to get in,so did Freddy. Unfortunately 
Arun did not make it but somehow Freddy got enough space to place a 
foot and stood on the footboard.A very dangerous thing to do but a 
routine thing for a hardcore MUMBAIKAR. 

“Arun, I am tired of this behaviour of yours.How on earth can you be so
irresponsible? This is the third time in a week that you are late.Next 
time if  this happens,you've had it from me!!!!” Mr.Desai and Arun,in 
his cabin .Arun's head down and Desai is barking.The entire office was 
used to it.As if it was an action replay of yesterday and the day 

“Get me some coffee,Rampal” Arun told the peon.He wanted a good mood
before he started work. 

He switched on the computer while sipping his coffee and casually was
going through the news,when suddenly his eyes caught this “Breaking 
News”. “BOMBLAST IN A SUBURBAN LOCAL”. Arun clicked on it to read it in 
detail. “ A bomb-blast occurred in a Mumbai CST bound  fast local this 
morning at 9.35.The local started at 9.05 from Kalyan and was entering 
the Thane platform when the bomb went off. 24 casualties have been 
reported.67 are injured.10 of the 24 dead are charred beyond 
recognition.The names of the identified dead are, Vivek Mhatre, Sunil 
Kadu, Sania Khaatoon, Mohammed Jamil Sheikh,Frank 

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