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Dave the Prophet (standard:Psychological fiction, 2331 words)
Author: echoesmyronAdded: Jan 07 2005Views/Reads: 3290/2204Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Recieving an email from God, Dave becomes an unlikely messenger.The story is narrated by Jack (a dog).

Dave the Prophet (Part 1) 

After much deliberation, I have set out to place my thoughts in some
sort of chronological order. I cannot promise that the sequence of 
events that I am about to share with you is exact, despite my efforts 
to keep the facts organized. A major fault of mine has always been 
relaying information in a way that is accurate to the actual events 
that have taken place. My mind has a tendency to wander and reorganize 
things so that I can easily access and assign significant meaning to 
them. But you can be assured that the tale that I am about to relay to 
you is of major importance. Feel free to dispel any triviality that you 
may find in my text. The following story is absolutely true. The 
bizarre occurrences that I have chosen to write down are stone cold 
fact. Your job as the reader is to have the utmost faith in my 
storytelling ability. You are in good hands, I am trustworthy and 
loyal. I have to be because I'm a dog. 

The message had been received via email from God, and Dave believed it
to be true. There it was, clear as day on his fifteen-inch flat screen 
monitor. It stared at him with cold indifference. The electronic 
correspondence read, "Dave, the end of the world will arrive promptly 
at 9 A.M. today." Dave made a mental note of the information and 
vocalized the communiqué to me. His exact words were, "Hey Jack, the 
end of the world is comin' at nine, we better go tell everybody." Yes, 
we should tell everyone indeed. And yes, Jack is my name. It was only 6 
A.M. and we only had three hours to let the world know that life as 
they knew it would soon be over. 

I had gotten all caught up in the excitement (as dogs often do) and
forgot to ask Dave if anyone else had received the message. Looking 
back it seems peculiar that Dave was the only recipient of the most 
important news ever, and from God no less. Anyway, Dave and I set out 
for downtown. Dave communicated to me that we should warn our friends 
at the rescue mission first and foremost. We had an agenda and we would 
dutifully carry it out. 

We arrived at the rescue mission around 6:30. I barked frantically to
the homeless men sleeping in their cots as Dave shouted about 
Armageddon like a lunatic. Meanwhile Oscar, a regular patron of the 
mission, informed us that if we didn't cease and desist in our attempts 
to rally the faithful, he would slap the taste out of Dave's mouth and 
proceed to kick me like a football. The other residents seemed to share 
Oscar's sentiments about our early wake up call. We were abruptly 
removed from the premises by force. I had the feeling that we were 
going about this the wrong way and even barked at Dave to convey my 

I was personally appalled at having been assaulted by the very people
that we were trying to save. Dave picked himself up from the sidewalk 
dejected, but not deterred. We made our way down the block and came 
upon a skinny elderly lady who appeared to be searching for something 
on the sidewalk. She was down on all fours when we walked up to her. 

Dave was the first to speak, for she hadn't noticed us just yet. "Hey
lady, the world's gonna end at nine today." 

Startled, she looked up from her view of the sidewalk and said, "That's
an odd time for the man upstairs to pull the plug ain't it?" 

"The Lord works in mysterious ways," Dave replied. I barked in total
agreement with Dave. 

"Whatcha doin' down there?" Dave inquired. I have to admit that I was a
bit curious myself. 

"Oh, I like to super glue quarters to the sidewalk and watch the freaks
from the mission try and pry 'em loose," she replied. 

I could tell that Dave thought that this was wrong but considered it
justice due to our recent expulsion from their ranks. "Yeah," Dave said 
in a slow drawn out way that suggested that the old lady might be a bit 
insane. I just glanced around to notice that there must have been five 
hundred dollars in change securely fastened to the sidewalk in strange 
sporadic patterns. 

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