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After the Rain (standard:poetry, 457 words)
Author: IcarusAdded: May 28 2005Views/Reads: 2972/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A reflective poem about the rain, the symbolic purification of the world, the soul with metaphorical references.

After the Rain 

I woke up to the sweet sound of the pouring rain, The horizon was dark
and the morning soft, The chill in the air was as thrilling as a cold 
summer bath, A new day was born, someday, somewhere, someway. 

The sun was a halo in the indeterminate east, The sky was amber, then a
shade blue, The river rippled away in a newfound glory, Singing the 
welcome song for the long-forgotten visitor. 

Little drops splashed on leaves, waking them to an incredulous shock;
The weary dried leaves sighed in relief, that life would continue in 
rich splendour; The fading yellow grass weaved gently, hypnotically in 
the wind; Scarely believing a hard day's end. 

The crickets chirped their protest to the new phenomenon, The slithery
slippery life in the bowels of life ventured out, In style, expectant 
and relishing a new adventure; Dead leaves finally got nirvana, as they 
were washed, and absolved from life. 

The winds ripped through the landscape like a giant, invisible scythe
Cutting through the thirst and yearning of the world for a few drops 
The dark fearsome clouds belched sparks and showered gifts Of 
overpowering showers that ripped through the land with a rumble 

And then the heavens stopped the gift, now giving something more The
sweet afterglow after the rain, sweeter than the elixir of life 
Everywhere, life was springing out again, shaking off hard times As 
game as ever, not to give in, but to continue to the last. 

I walked out to the chilling air heralding the return of good times I
closed my eyes to the damp, green, flush beauty of life I opened my 
lips to the sweet taste of the rain I opened my heart to the spirit of 

'Tis one of life's greatest ironies that goodness can never last long
But open your heart and mind to it, while it lasts Let it pervade 
through you, Let it seep through every vein, every sinew, flesh and 

Remember every detail of the moment, inhale every smell of paradise Run
your greedy eyes over the thriving world, drink its pleasure Seek every 
little impulse that gives pleasure, treasure it For it is your life, 
part of you, part of the world, part of life itself 

When it is over, as it invariably will be, be patient Wait for it to
come again, for come it will Let the memory of good times keep you from 
losing hope Let the good times fade away, for if they don't, life 
ceases to be a gift. 

There can be no goodness without evil There can be no gift without
inconstancy There can be no pleasure without goodness There can be no 
life without hope. 



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