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THE PASSION OF THE SHADOWS (standard:Flash, 6106 words)
Author: THELORDOFTHELOVE-CMCCAdded: Aug 29 2005Views/Reads: 3060/2079Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
Some times humanity requests for hope and they never know the reason why the world is inside out, the fear, scary movies and dark thoughts get finally combiend in one story thanks to my version of my story "the passion of the shadows " where th


In these moments dear readers you are wondering how much passion can
exist in something that necessarily is not so shiny . 

What I mean with the Words  passion of the darkness? 

Many people is always looking and seeking the way to express the most
deep feelings  in their hearts , some can do this goal a reality but 
some just keep trying. In this version of my story I will express a 
storm where everybody not only me can take part. 

Sometimes , often or maybe always many people feel so weak as if life
was a great thing that means nothing, some of us feel the power enough 
to fix things and is because we have the power to stop the storm of 
darkness when we really want, it is said that human being is a 
masochist mystery.   We prefer to suffer in stead to face the 
situations , we prefer to do nothing in stead to fight and a very sure 
victory. Most of the problems are created by the human being who is  
just looking and thinking in new methods to amuse the brain  and mind 
out the reality of time. Many people can free their feelings crying or 
getting into a state where the mind  travels millions of thoughts by 
second and reality does not exist anymore ant time stops for a second 
and once we are in this deep storm we find a relaxing feelin that 
mysteriously comes to us. Hope my friends exists everywhere in the 
park, in the city, in the movies in everywhere but hope can only be 
found for the people who wants to see it.   Sometimes  ten years of 
hard pain can not be erased in one night or one week mut meanwhile hope 
has a name ( your name)   you can go on until the end of the times. 

Some say that life is an stupid waste of time and the best way to keep
this time is putting this time in the bank of suicide, dying with style 
.. is it an art?   Exist the chance to die with gallantly style and 
nothing of pain ?    there is not art  to dying  but it does feel like 
hell to feel as thought you want to die. Like hell. Like  hell truly 
Like hell, like hell truly it is...I knew too well. I suffer yes and 
yet I live still with pain inside. At odds with myself, my thoughts, 
and my mind. How I want to give in and keep myself away from everything 
if only to heal myself. I cannot live with such self-hatred, it kills 
everything happy and it is slowly doing me in. Why do I always feel so 
alone? To think of death so longingly--such hell that feeling brings to 
me again and again. Inside in the Changes in the full moon's pull  Will 
everybody  fall for lust and be the fool.  Paths to circles, and stuck 
in a maze Roads to nowhere, and thick with haze Will the dreams become 
reality in the night? Will they  find their  way and be all right? 

A man appears to us, and that man heart fills with fear the  turns
around quickly, and flees Not knowing what he leaves  Caught in a 
labyrinth, without a breeze Running endlessly, catching his forces 

Sadness fills my heart today  Shall I ignore it or runaway? The ache in
my heart is not for me It's for a few friends that are like me   We 
live as humans aching to be kept But do we have to watch our every 

Inside our emotions from deep within I wonder when it started and where
it begins I search my heart, my soul deep inside me I ask the 
questions, over and over you see Yet there are no true answers to the 
questions I asI wish I could help them with this task I wish I could 
free them of wearing appearance ,I look around me, and I feel covered 
in a shroud of darkness. 

I mourn the the loss of so many lives, I mourn the loss of our values in
society, the loss of innocent days and child hood dreams. 

Nor can I truly explain this rhyme Of ghost and fears,Of sadness and
tears ,Hard to express in the light of day .Wonder why these feeling do 
stay  When I was small I feared the night. Wondering to myself, were 
these things right? 

Time goes by, the fears and ghost still appear. Can I forgive someone so
close to me so dear? 

You can not go back in time.Nor can I truly explain this rhymeNor can
you change the past . Shall I forgive him? I ask Who took away 

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