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Spirit journey (standard:Creative non-fiction, 618 words)
Author: AlixinderAdded: Sep 17 2005Views/Reads: 2950/0Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
This story is the thinking of a man obliviously lost in the wilderness.

The forest beyond the trees is plenty green compared to the one I'm
in... I shall journey to a more lush environment. So, so many trees... 
I have been walking for days and my wheels are tired. So far everything 
looks the same as it did before, except for the river lying ahead of 
me. 'Tis a large river, and I am without a boat. I shall make a bridge; 
and a cottage. right at the end on the other side. It will be 
magnificent! I must replenish my body with nutrition before all this, 
of course. The river is black, so there can't be any flourishing life 
there... Maybe if I find an antelope, I can slice it open and eat its 
intestines. Better to waste energy on progress then trying to find an 
antelope, so instead I will gather wood for the bridge. Damn, there 
i'snt any trees around here... What the hell happened to them?!?! Maybe 
a bridge with a little cottage is out of the question. No! I must forge 
ahead and complete this matter. I will go back the way I came and 
gather wood there; I know some trees back there that can help me out. 

After walking several hours, the perfect tree appeared in front of me.
It is beautiful... At least a hundred stories high, and as big around 
as a shopping mall. Now I will uproot this future bridge and carry it 
back to the river. (grunt)(grunt) Well, this one is stuck somehow. 
There aren't any others around... This one has to be it. 
(huuuuuuum,ahh) Alright, I can't get this out. Unless, if I had some 
antlers. That would do it. Where's all the *ucking antelope? I am 
getting really hungry and really tired. This is sorta ridiculous that 
there aint no food, or oysters, or wood. Who's in charge of this place? 
Whoa, its getting dark fast; time for rest. HEY SOMEBODY! I NEED A 
*UCKING PILLOW!! {bastards...} I fricken hate this place and I'm still 

Sleep, sleep. (new day) Yawn, ow! My back hurts. Hello, sun. How are you
today? What the blazes was I doing last night? Thinking... Man, I 
dunno. Forget it. Oh, what time is it? Breakfast time! Yes! The best 
part of the day is starting it off right with a large, plentiful, 
delicious breakfast. I can't find a denny's or a taco bell anywhere, 
but there are like four more trees here than yesterday. They grow 
pretty fast around here... I am going to find my truck and plow these 
over so I can finish that bridge. Ok, let's see... My truck is...   T h 
i s   w a y   . . . Couldn't hurt to try. Ow! Maybe I'll find another 
back that I can switch mine out with on the way, because mine really 
hurts. And where's the damn antelopes?!? Walking, walking, (cigarette) 
walking, walking, hey! Look at this weird bush... It is incredible upon 
closer observation... Astonishing. I don't know what it is, but I kinda 
want to smoke it. I have a lighter in my truck; I will break a portion 
of this bush off and bring it with me so I can smoke it in my truck. It 
sure smells good. (hours of walking) Man, these clothes are hindering 
my walking speed; If I was to remove them, it would be easier to walk. 
Done. Suddenly, I feel closer to the wilderness around me than I ever 
have before... Time to go. Wait, I can't forget Michaelangelo, the 
small bush portion. I will just carry it with my hand, I guess. Walk, 
walk, it is the middle of the day, and yet, I want sleep. ----------


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