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Rage (standard:horror, 2530 words)
Author: KittykatAdded: Oct 28 2005Views/Reads: 3324/2035Story vote: 0.00 (0 votes)
A creature is created in a deep dark lab. Will its creator regret what they have done. Only time will tell.

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turned towards him, emitting a low gutteral sound.  Yanking her arm 
from his grasp, she slowly began to advance on him.  At that moment, 
Mr. Wolber saw her eyes and was suddenly struck with fear. 

'Wh.. Who are you?" he stuttered as she grabbed the front of his shirt,
easily lifting him from the ground. 

'The doctor used to call me Rage, before he angered me," she replied. 
"But he soon realized that someone named Rage was uncapable of mercy, 
even though he died begging for it." 

"What are you? Are you crazy?" Mr. Wolber managed to gasp.  His breath
was coming is short gasps and he was finding it hard to breath. 

"I suppose you could say that," Rage answered.  "But, I believe the good
doctor was crazier for creating me without thinking of the 

"What do you want, money, jewels, anything?" Mr. Wolber squeaked.  "I
will give you whatever you want." 

"I want blood," Rage said, drawing him towards her, opening her mouth. 
He could she her fangs and smell the sweet metallic scent of blood on 
her breath.  Fear finally overcame him and he fainted, going limp in 
her arms. 

Christian walked into his father's shop at a quarter to midnight.  He
was concerned since his father was supposed to have been home a couple 
of hours ago when the store closed at nine.  The first thing he saw was 
the dark red stain that covered the wall behind the counter and the 
pool of liquid on the floor.  His heart skipped a beat as he cautiously 
approached the counter.  It was then that he saw his father's arm 
stretched out from behind the counter.  He followed the arm with his 
eyes to his father's prone body.  He could see more stains of the 
mysterious red liquid on his father's shirt and he suddenly feared the 
worse.  He rushed to his father's side, feeling for a pulse.  As he 
knelt beside him, his father began to stir and his eyes fluttered open. 

"Where am I?" his father asked, sitting up shakily. 

"You are at the store,dad," Christian answered.  "What happened here." 

"I don't remember," Mr. Wolber said, shaking his head.  "I truly don't

"Well, lets get you home," Christian said, helping his father to his
feet.  "Maybe you will remember in the morning." 

"I don't know why, but, I have the feeling that I really won't want to
remember,"  Mr. Wolber answered, locking the cash register drawer and 
heading for the door.  He had almost reached the door when he noticed 
the dark red stain Christian had noticed earlier and the memories of 
what had happened came flooding back, causing him to cry out and fall 
to his knees. 

"What is wrong," Christian yelled, rushing to his father's side. 

"Just had a quick moment of light headedness," Mr. Wolber answered,
vowing to never tell anyone what had happened.  Everyone would think he 
was crazy anyways.  Silently he followed Christian out of the store, 
locking the door behind him.  Making a mental note to clean up the red 
wine mess in the morning. 

Rage wandered aimlessly upon the dark city streets.  She was hungry
again and knew she would have to eat soon.  She was wary of allowing 
herself to be seen in the light.  As she approached a dark alley she 
noticed a group of men start to move towards her in the dark. 

"Hey, hey, what do we have here boys," one of the men scowled.  "Looks
like someone is lost.  Where are you going little girly?"  Rage ignored 
his taunts and kept on walking.  She could feel her anger begin to 
rise.  She had only walked a few feet when she felt his hand close on 
her arm.  She turned to find him smiling evily at her. 

"Where are you going so fast?" he asked.  "We just wanted to have little
fun.  Don't we boys?"  He was answered by a couple of snickers and 
whistles from the crowd. 

"Let me go," Rage said coldly. 

"What you don't want to stay here with us?" he asked, his eyes going
cold.  "I don't think you have much of a choice."  There was a sudden 
flash of steel as he raised a knife in his other hand.  Rage quickly 
pulled away from him and grabbed the knife blade from his hand, before 
he had time to react.  The knife blade sunk deep into her palm causing 
black drops of blood to fall on her white dress.  He stared at the 
blood in horror and started to back away.  His horror grew as she bent 
the knife blade in half, throwing it aside, licking the blood from her 
hand.  He turned to run but was stopped by her cold hand on the back of 
his neck.  Her touch felt like icy daggers digging deep into his soul.  
He felt more drops of her blood dripping down his neck, the liquid 
burning as it touched his skin.  Desperately he lashed out, hitting 
Rage in the face.  This only angered her more.  Letting out a 
horrifying scream, she threw him to the ground and pounced on him, 
raking her nails across his cheek.  He winced and tried to roll away, 
looking around desperately for his friends to help him.  They were long 
gone, leaving only a stain where one of them had peed his pants.  He 
was left to defend himself.  He struggled weakly as Rage grabbed his 
shirt and started to drag him towards the dark alley.  Suddenly he felt 
himself lifting from the ground and he looked around in horror as her 
realized that he was flying high above the city in her grasp.  When 
they finally landed he saw that they were in a graveyard.  He noticed a 
young couple rushing by the cemetary gates and opened his mouth to 
scream for help.  He was quickly silenced by Rage's hand over his 

Rage slowly raised her prey to her and with a quick flick of her nail
opened a vain on the side of his neck.  Hungerily she began to feed on 
the blood that was beginning to flow freely.  His screams turned to 
whimpers and then silence as he went limp in her arms. 

Over the next few days, Rage fed only at night and on unsuspecting
victims that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  
Since she never actually killed her victims, besides Dr. Morgan and the 
punk Cory from the alley, her victims began to tell their story and 
soon the city was on high alert, searching for the monster that was 
terrorizing their citizens.  Rage was finding it harder and harder to 
find food.  People were staying in at night and avoiding dark places.  
Even the street walkers had gone on vacation until this monster was 
caught.  What little blood she could get from the animals that were 
roaming the city was sustaining her, but, she knew she would have to 
move on or else face being destroyed. 

Christian walked quickly beside his friend Jamie, not really listening
to what Jamie was saying.  He was thinking about the story his father 
finally told him about what had happened that night.  At first he 
hadn't believed his father, but, once he heard the newscast about the 
monster that was terrorizing the city, her knew his father was telling 
the truth.  Suddenly he heard a rustly of wings and the moonlight was 
blocked by a large figure flying above him.  Remembering his dream he 
looked up in horror and saw that is was indeed a young woman with wings 
flying above him.  Jamie has also noticed the creature flying above 
them and had begun to run, letting out a gutteral scream.  Christian 
found that he couldn't move, he was frozen in place with fear.  Soon 
the creature landed and started to walk towards him slowly.  Christian 
suddenly did not feel any fear for the creature that was approaching 
him.  He just felt a deep sense of pity and excrutiating sadness.  It 
seemed that he was feeling some of the creatures emotions.  Before she 
reached him he raised his hand and motioned for her to stop. 

"Rage, that is your name right," Christian said, shaking slightly,
realizing all his fear had not left him.  Rage was surprised that this 
boy knew her name and did not seem to be as afraid of her as the others 
had been.  He had peaked her curiosity and she wanted to know what he 

Christian really didn't know what he wanted from Rage.  Perhaps he was
just keeping her from making him his next meal, or maybe it was the 
feeling that he knew her.  Not just knew her through the stories he had 
heard, but, really knew her.  He never did find out what compelled him 
to stop her.  Shots suddenly exploded from the darkness and there was a 
blood curdling scream as the bullets ripped into Rage, dark stains 
beginning to form on the front of her white dress.  With a final 
scream, Rage raised her wings and flew into the air, her attackers in 
hot pursuit on the ground.  Christian was left standing, bewildered on 
the street below.  Determined to see this to the end, he followed the 
ones in pursuit of Rage. 

Rage flew high above the city, aware that her attackers were close on
her tail.  She felt the excrutiating pains in her side and chest and 
could feel her blood raining down on the streets below, her strength 
weakening.  Before her loomed the cemetary she had brought Cory to.  
Quickly she swooped down and landed among the headstones.  Stumbling 
she ran among the tombstones, searching.  She could feel her strength 
draining from her body as she took a couple of more steps and collapsed 
to the ground.  She slowly reached her hand across the grave she had 
fallen on.  Her breath soon became softer and soon eluded her body 
completely and she lay still. 

When her pursuers found her and few minutes later, they dragged her body
off to a labratory to be studied.  Once everyone had left the cemetary, 
Christian knelt and read the inscription of the tombstone on the grave 
Rage died on.  It read: 

Here lies Amy Morgan.  Born March 31, 1962.  Died October 31, 1996. 
Loving mother and wife to the end. 

Christian now realized where he recognized Rage from.  The story had
been in the papers ten years earlier of the disappearance of Dr. Peter 
Morgan and his daughter Salem and the suicide of his wife Amy.  
Christian realized that Rage had once been a normal little girl.  
Actually, she had been his next door neighbour and childhood playmate, 
Salem Morgan.


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